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December 04, 2022, 08:51:02 PM

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Dependencies Download Corrupted

Started by SC4Devotion670, November 26, 2019, 04:20:07 AM

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I'm currently trying to get the CAM Residential Building pack from the LEX which requires dependencies. When i try to extract the zip that contains the dependencies using WinRar, it says Unexpected end of archive which means that all the files can't be extracted. Any help please?


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Apparently, the problem is that the files won't complete the installation no matter how many times I try to restart it.


I just attempted a download via the Dependency Tracker--a set of files that ended up running 154MB.  None of the files ended up corrupt, and I had no issues opening them with either 7-zip or Windows' own unzipping capabilities.

There are three possibilities at play here:

(1) You caught our server at a bad time traffic-wise.  The possible solution here would be to try downloading it at a different time of day.
(2) Your internet connection to the site may not have been reliable.  Again, trying it at a different time of day may impact this.
(3) One of the files that ended up being included in that dependency ZIP might actually be corrupt--even if it isn't part of a bundled dependency download.  This would require a little further investigation.
(4) WinRAR messed up.  It is worth noting that the vast majority of the "corrupt ZIP" complaints I've seen throughout the SC4 community over the years  have been from WinRAR users. Try using Windows' own built-in unzipping utilities, or pick up 7-zip.  Both are more reliable.



OK, I'll try to download it at a different time of day. If that doesn't work, I'll try 7-Zip or the built in Windows unzipping capabilities.


Got it working now! I had to download it multiple times in order for it to fully install correctly.