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LEX question

Started by deanva, October 23, 2020, 05:11:26 PM

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Why does the LEX not show everything I have downloaded in the past? I know I have downloaded something in the past, but it says I have never downloaded it.


I know that the LEX may use a separate login account versus what you use on the forums. Check and see that you are using your LEX login and not the forum login in the case that they are not the same.
Call me Warren.


I am logged in using my LEX account information.


Looking at my own download history, I can see that I have entries going back to he beginning of 2007 (I didn't go any further than the first few pages out of 40+), so the LEX is in fact keeping a record of things downloaded.

Perhaps you have accidentally clicked on 'remove entire download history' at the bottom of the page at some point in the past which wiped the slate clean.


I found out what I have downloaded using the LEX, have like ten pages.