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October 03, 2022, 12:54:08 AM

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Please, read before posting your request.

Started by jeronij, January 28, 2007, 07:31:36 AM

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Dear SC4D members

I know that many times you see in another player's picture, a determinate piece, or buiding or mod that you'd like to test. Sometimes you can contact the author of the picture and get a satisfactory answers, and sometimes not.
So I have created this board to allow an easy way to ask for these pieces and buildings.
I please you to read first the existing topics before posting yours. Maybe your request has been already fulfilled. I also please you to be as much specific as posible when naming your request. Rememeber that another member can also be searching the same thing and a "Where to find this?" alone does not help much.

  • So everytime you post a request here, you must specify something about the piece or building you are looking for, at the post's subject. It does not take a long time, and it may be very helpfull in many aspects.

  • Please, post all new requests in the Open Requests boards - not in the main WCIFT Board. Thank you! (added by CasperVg - 11/29/09)

Thanks for your understanding. ;D

I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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