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June 30th, 2023 - Current Status of Forums

Started by Tarkus, June 30, 2023, 03:37:16 AM

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As mentioned on our interim homepage, the forums are back in a limited capacity after the full kick-in of the host-mandated PHP 8.1 upgrade caused them to become inoperable, due to some of the older plugins being incompatible.

To briefly sum up the current status:
  • The forums are presently operating in a "semi-archived" manner, and are read-only to guests and regular members, who, at present, cannot post or send private messages (PMs).  New account registration has also been closed.
  • Staff members and members of custom content teams who have used the forums' private boards to organize their developmental activities (i.e. NAM and RTMT) can still post and send PMs.
  • We are considering keeping this "semi-archived" state indefinitelyLack of activity on public boards, image link rot, the ongoing struggles with forum software upgrades breaking attachments, the desire to avoid a spambot outbreak, and the possibility to replicate forum-like functionality with Discord's "thread channels" are the main reasons.



Quote from: Tarkus on June 30, 2023, 03:37:16 AMthe possibility to replicate forum-like functionality with Discord's "thread channels"
Please post an update with link if/when that happens  :)
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