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I am having problems downloading a file... file corrupted ?¿

Started by Fledgeling, January 24, 2008, 12:06:13 PM

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I have always had flawless performance from the BSC exchange, so this is the first problem i have encountered with it. Isn't it odd how that makes it even more annoying, in a way? 

! am having problems downloading jeronij's Diagonal Dirty Streets (Simplified). I downloaded it once but the download halted about halfway through, and stayed for 10 minuets before i closed the window and tried again. Next time i tried, i got no response, no indication that it was downloading, and seemed as if nothing was happening. It said i had downloaded the thing again even though no window had opened containing the files. I know thats not normal for this site. I even went on and downloaded a different structure no problems. I tried again, same thing. I cant find anything in my temporary files, and now it tells me my download quota has been exceeded even though i never successfully downloaded the program. Whats frustratingly is the the extended version of the same mod works fine. But its not what i want.

(The System Quality Controller  ... is having problems with the data you entered...)

Is there a problem with that download, the exchange, or is there something else going on? Help!



Sometimes when the site is slow it will say you downloaded the file when in reality it never did... This happens to me from time to time.

And I think the way the download quota works is that if the download link is clicked a certain number of times you can't download the file anymore that day, even though the download may have not been successful.

-- John
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When the download fails for whatever reason, please clear the browser cache before the second attempt. If you don't clear it, the browser might just pick the faulty/partially downloaded file again, which obviously isn't desired. If you get the "over quota" message, just try it again tomorrow. :)


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