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May 31, 2023, 06:41:52 PM

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Show us your shoreline/seaport

Started by Rayden, December 12, 2006, 01:02:40 PM

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Exactly! Great to see your fantastic work over here Matt.  :thumbsup:



HI, I think "show us your..." threads can be bumped right? Anyway, I was happy with this shot, and in particular the tool by xanepann (which was just introduced to me by mgb). I am starting a new region and was determined to have some realistic looking sand hills:


^^That is a nicely done beach area! may I know how do you create the sandy hills?


Thanks Nanami, glad you liked it.  ;)

I'm over the moon with this sand effect - it has limitations but has filled in a huge gap in my usually coastal oriented regions. It is one of many effects within the pack (most of which I'm yet to experiment with). They appear in your water menu - read the readme:




I agree.. looks amazing.. very realistic  &apls &apls
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The town center of Karuizawa on a foggy rainy day.

(Right click the picture to see it in full size)

Wealthy houses along the lake shore.

(Right click the picture to see it in full size)
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How about some fun coastlines for a change?


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This harbor is realy nice, may i ask you where you find it ?


My apologies!

For the harbor, I used the NBVC Marina set, posted over at Simtropolis (several files from this author):

This set brings the marina piers, small watercraft and sea walls (ortho, diagonal and smooth curves). They're quite versatile, and can also be used overland for other creative visual effects.

In the meantime, gonna bring more seaport goodies!

Unnamed cay with a single wooden pier for campers, SamanĂ¡, Kingdom of Borike:

Marina de Anaiboa, Anaiboa, Kingdom of Borike

Baramaya Seaport, Kingdom of Borike:

Lake Crystal Lakeside Resort, Drent, Kingdom of Rota:

Dolodon River Port, Kingdom of Rota


Some wealthy homes and condos along the shore of Enoshima. (Right click view image for full size)

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Here's an oil refinery I put together to process the region's offshore drilling. I like to think of the modernist tower in the top part of the picture as being the oil company's HQ.

Ulisse Wolf

Tropical Beach (City under construction. Many have already seen this image because of the streams I usually do on Saturday night on SC4DEVOTION Discord Server)

Ulisse Wolf

Ulisse Wolf

Here is the port of Sarasota. (You can see the construction of the port here)

Ulisse Wolf

Finally the Port of Sarasota is Complete. If you want to see the final part of the construction just go here


A very clearly structured harbor - even if it is a bit too "clean" for my taste. ;)  It also seems to me a little unprotected against stormy weather - perhaps a breakwater would be a good addition.