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Pedestrian Revolution Mod (PRM, PedRev) - Development and Support

Started by LucarioBoricua, March 15, 2023, 07:05:19 PM

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Pedestrian Revolution Mod

With this thread, the NAM Team is providing a dedicated space for technical support and development updates on the new generation of pedestrian and active transportation features!
For the run-down of the current features, make sure to consult the NAM documentation, namely the Pedestrian Revolution Mod Feature Guide! (still in the old documentation)

Players who are interested in transportation features for active transportation, pedestrianized and multimodal environments should follow this thread closely. We have a lot of goodies planned for the next NAM versions! At the time of this writing, the Pedestrian Revolution Mod working group within the NAM team includes these members:

  • @LucarioBoricua as the lead developer and @Ulisse Wolf as the main co-developer
  • Development support from @Tarkus @flann and @Ryan B.
  • Testing support from @b22rian and @Ramona Brie

As of NAM 46, the only PedRev features available for players are the Mid-Block Crosswalks, the first phase of which were introduced with NAM 45. The currently supported content is shown below:

A. Roster of FLEX pieces for mid-block crosswalks: there are 9 pieces, supporting overrides for all the bidirectional (2-way) surface road networks. Due to their use of the Avenue and Street RUL1 programming, these crosswalks support full wealthing textures, even in situations when they aren't in contact on all sides with lots or zoned land. These pieces are provided in 3 lengths, providing flexibility for their placement. Size 1 mid-block crosswalks are ideal for compact environments, and situations where the player doesn't expect high volumes of road traffic. Size 2 and size 3 provide full traffic control, approach pavement markings, and the option to align them with odd-sized and even-sized things: buildings, lots, parks, plazas, pedmalls, transit stations, and city block sizes.

The crosswalks also affect traffic behavior, both visually (automata movement) and functionally (traffic simulator), creating a slow-down of car traffic and localized congestion, and thus encourage a local growth of pedestrian traffic. The car paths across these are also slightly raised, recreating a crossing table / raised crosswalk movement effect.

B. Supported base networks: as of NAM 45, only Road and Avenue have mid-block crosswalk support. Future support contemplates adding support for Street (straightforward) and the One-way Road, as it requires resolving some technical complications first.

C. Supported 1-tile Network Widening Mod (NWM) widths: These include all the bidirectional options, including TLA-3, AVE-2, ARD-3 and NRD-4. Support for OWR-1 and OWR-3 is contingent on resolving One-way Road support.

D. Supported Double-Tile NWM: These include TLA-5, RD-4 and RD-6. Support for OWR-4 and OWR-5 is contingent on resolving support for the One-way Road, planned for a future version of the mod. Given the network size, RD-6 differs from AVE-4, RD-4 and TLA-5, featuring traffic signals in its size 1 configuration.

E. Supported Triple-Tile NWM: These include TLA-7 and AVE-6. Some minor bugfixes are planned for NAM 47, rounding up their support. They also feature native compatibility with the Avenue-based AVE-6, providing a seamless wealthing appearance!

Players using the European texture set can look at this image below to see the crosswalk designs used. These are based off the UK's Pelican and Toucan crossing designs in raised crosswalk / crossing table configurations (LHD variants shown below):

F. The Road and RD-4 can be used to create Refuge Island designs, using this procedure shown in the NAM documentation.

;D      We look forward to everyone's feedback and opinions about this network project!      ;D

Ulisse Wolf



You have heard, read and seen well. Those crazy geniuses of the NAM Team members have realized the most modern and requested feature without invoking the infamous DLL Modding.

With Network Addon Mod 47 you finally have the ability to use drag-and-drop PedMalls that support RCI growth. Now you can create all the utopian cities that do not require cars.

The new PedMalls have incoported crosswalks with all networks except OWR and work with MidBlock Crosswalks.

If you want to see more of this revolution you can see it with this video.


Paul 999


I've noted that the new draggable pedmalls are able to support cars. Indeed, if using the flex crosswalk, that will prevent cars, but a house on a draggable pedmall can have a car travel along the pedmall to a connected destination (eg: a nearby commercial office) using it as a street if it only travels along draggable pedmall sections.


@Alavaria That is correct, and is a known limitation of the pedmall implementation @Ulisse Wolf and I chose. You'll still need to make sure there's some separation of land uses within the pedmall area to minimize or eliminate car traffic. It's very much possible, and we'll be working on additional options to restrict car traffic within draggable pedmalls, and whenever connecting the draggable pedmalls to other networks.