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January 29, 2023, 05:28:56 PM

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CSX Craddock overkill

Started by NikNik, December 20, 2006, 03:49:35 AM

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It has been quite some time since I downloaded the CSX lots and the mega files that relate to them, but lately I get this annoying thing:
When ever I place a 3x2, 4x4 or any other combination 8 out of 10 times the craddock houses are build  :angrymore:

The craddock houses are part of the Simonsberg vineyard of Vlakhaas:
These are the dependancies:
SC BAT Props MJB Vol01.dat
BSC BAT Props MJB Vol05.dat
BSC BAT Props MJB Vol06.dat
BSC BAT Props MJB Vol08.dat
BSC SG FloraPack Vol03.dat

What I would like is to remove one prop or more to make sure the Craddock do not grow anymore. This will mean that I will loose the Simonsberg reward too, well alas you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Can anyone help me in finding out which prop I need to remove?
Thanks in advance



if you don't want any craddock I think you should remove the file csx_Housing_Cradock.dat, but I'm sure Colyn will tell you exactly what to do

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 :-X ... Problem is this ... Colyn is actually clueless on this one ... Barby may know better ... but taking a quick look .... it looks as if you have old outdated DATS in the package ... Hopefully the new "Cleanitol TM" will help us fix old stuff.

There are issues around the Cradock files and Barby did sort some out ... I also made new versions of Cradock, gave them foundations and added to the family.
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I have a suggestion, NikNik, you need to go to the STEX or the PLEX and download the BSC MEGA Prop packs.  :thumbsup: They are all conveniently posted togather on the PLEX under BSC Downloads - BSC Dependencies. In each zip with the installer there is a text file that will tell you which files to remove before installing the MEGA pack. The Cleanitol program would help but it is not quite finalised yet so try to get the updates done using the text files.
As far as I remember the Cradock problem arose in the first CSX Prop Pack 2006a but this was revised when it was updated with CSX Prop Pack 2006b. The current one does not have the growing lot files included.
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If I remeber correctly this was one of those stupid things I did ... I included the Cradock growables in the DAT file and as Barby said ... that was fixed with an update.
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Thank you so much guys.  &apls

I needed to download the Simonsberg again to get the dependancy list as I do have the CSX props pack 2006a installed and deleted all the old files. So basically I was afraid I needed to delete the whole file to get rid of the overkill problem. It is music to my ears that you fixed this situation with the 2006b version which I somehow missed (probably due to RL holiday nope it's from 26th November).

I will have downloaded it imediatelly (from PLEX)


If you look in the link in my signature you will see many of the new Cradocks in there ... I have made that Cape Dutch series to get some familiar buildings into my game but I also made them all SF (Slope Friendly) as you will see from my Shosloza thread.
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