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RIMP files

Started by deanva, August 17, 2021, 02:08:21 PM

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Have the runway and taxiway RIMP files been discontinued or have the been renamed? Did not see them in the LEX have not looked through the STEX. I still have have mine on the computer, also is there  RIMP Vol 3?


It's RMIP (Runway Markings Improvement Pack), not RIMP.  The Aerospace Consortium (AC Team)'s board is still around here in the "Inactive Teams" area, including their catalog thread, which lists their releases, including the various RMIP downloads.  RMIP 2 came out in 2006-2007, and much of it predates SC4 Devotion's existence, so it's on the STEX.

If you're talking about RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition Vol 3, that's here.

But if you're talking about the big RMIP 3 project that was supposed to be the successor to RMIP 2, it was in development for quite a long time, but ultimately never ended up being finished or released in any form.



Alex thanks for the answer and realize I was calling them RIMP instead of RMIP.


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