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January 31, 2023, 10:08:08 PM

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iLives Reader 1.x Official support thread

Started by ilive, March 16, 2010, 08:37:56 AM

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It's not windows related, it's ilive vs plugin files ;)

When I was translating ilive sources (operations on dbpf files) I have found some errors (a few) in the source code, there is a problem with exemplars entries saved as text files - ilivie crash if property elements array size is different than array real contents, ie exemplar counter store info that there are 3 elements in an array but there are only 2 elements -> at third element buffer overload -> crash.

IIRC there is an error with some compressed dbpf entries that are not correctly decompressed -> crash again.

...and few others...

My mistake was that I didn't saved any info where this errors occured... I just moddifed my source code and moved along  &mmm
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The Decompressed file corruption is also a known issue, any decompressed files placed after the first compressed file but before the last one (I think) will be corrupted by reader if they're opened.

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This had already been cited and it seems that would be solved with a new fix.

Hope that one day she appears ..

If anyone has free time the source code can be found at the link


I could take a look.
Can you provide some more detail about the problem? For example when it occurs (on opening, saving, sorting, previewing, recalculating the DIR file or what). Is it the same in the old version and the new one?

Also do you have any contact with iLive? Could we ask him to rebuild the new reader (provided that we find and fix the bug)?


I have not run into it in 0.93 (which is one reason I stick to the old version).  In at least 1.2 and on, it can occur when a compressed file changes size and you access an uncompressed file without (and occasionally after) manually reindexing from the context menu.  I believe in this state it also corrupts them upon saving, but I have not tested that thoroughly.
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()meeting()  Easy to see that it is not easy, with reasons ... but if he still continues to receive updates from sourceforge ...

This is an open source project ... to contact him and also make improvements.




I don't know much about the technical side of it (I got 1.4 to compile, but that's as far as that went), but I would say that the way that memory is used is messed up.

This pops up for me upon trying to copy/paste.  Copy too many things and CTD.  Copy/paste a few things, close reader (1.4), copy/paste a few more things, and eventually CTD.  Reader will also crash upon running the exe at this point.  I can get reader to run again by copying a large amount of data outside of reader (no need to do the paste).

The odd thing is that I've sometimes have had reader closed for hours, then do a copy/paste with something unrelated, and I get the message box that reader has crashed.

Better to use the "add-to-patch" feature if trying to do something like copy/paste, which also seems to cause crashing around the area of 50mb (10? 100? I forget).

The compression bug will possibly corrupt the file as far as working in SC4.  However, I have been able to fix the issue using DatPacker to compress files that I have broken in reader.


Lowkee33, could you help me to get it to compile? (or anyone that's managed to compile the source)

Getting errors can't find 3dsftk.lib and or_dat.lib

(it was not finding 3dsftk.h but I was able to find that online)


I've been trying to figure out this problem myself, to no avail. For about a year now, anytime I try to paste something, it has no effect at all. I was using an older version for a long time without any problems with pasting, but after the issue came up I installed the current version, and the problem persists. I'm fairly sure that it isn't a computer specific problem, since pasting works fine otherwise.

Thanks in advance.


Pasting what, where ?

Just copied some numbers (s3d - vert), both single cell and an area with no problems.


Exemplar values for props on a lot (probably not worded correctly, but I'm not very technical)

Basically, anytime I try to paste into the "Values as text" box while editing a property, it has no effect.


Make sure to hit the Apply button to the right of the "values as text" field, before closing the window. Just hitting the Enter key does not save the changes, but Tab+Return will do the trick.


Has anyone looked into version 1.4 of iLives Reader lately to try and fix these crashes during copy/paste operations? They seem to have something to do with the "COMCTL32.dll and NTDLL.dll" files in Windows XP-SP3. I find that version 1.4 crashes during use and will crash upon startup right after using version 0.9.3. Could this have something to do with clearing out memory after use or after certain operations? Seems like something is hanging around somewhere to crash the 1.4 version. I like the new version, I hope it can be fixed!..................................Runamuck


Quote from: runamuck on October 25, 2013, 04:41:26 AM
Has anyone looked into version 1.4 of iLives Reader lately to try and fix these crashes during copy/paste operations............

Yep  ;D......

I know it's been a year now, so...........

Firstly I don't want to get anyones hopes up with the following, however, I'm posting an update to ilives Reader to try & fix some of the issues with his last release. So without further ado......

Firstly though; please don't use this unless you plan on being a guinea pig. I'm happy to try & fix bugs, but I don't plan on implementing any new features. Additionally, the sourcecode is quite complex so bug fixes may have other (unintended) side effects.

Following link contains installer "ILives Reader.msi", click & install. It also contains "setup.exe" for Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86) if you need it.


v1.5.1 release & notes;
   - FSH flip vert/horz fixed.
   - FSH crash if FSH to small. If image is to small it will still get flipped it just won't save.
   - Delete Exemplar->ParentCohort line item infinite loop/crash fix.
   - Crash if selecting many files/properties & copy is clicked.
   - Crash on exit due to themes, even if no file is loaded.
   - "entry_SetTGI(entry,T,G,I)" sets the TGI as "IGT" fixed; should now be TGI.
   - LUA scripting; functions return unsigned int.
   - shortcut docking popup removed.

In the first instance if you have any issues (ie crashing or whatever else), I ask that you do the following before posting any problems;
1. uninstall program.
2. delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iLive\
3. reinstall program (don't start program until step 4).
4. Reboot your PC.

If/when posting a problem please be as specific as possible, including full system specs. If crash generates an error report, please upload here as zip file so I can investigate.

cheers  :)


You are officially awesome! :thumbsup: +1

Having dug through the sources of the Reader myself, I can tell how complex it is, and your efforts are definitely appreciated.

There is also a bug that corrupts dat files if you add uncompressed files, if I recall correctly, but unfortunately I can't describe it in more depth as I am not that familiar with the 1.4 version.


Thanks, thought it was about time I had a crack at this  :D.

I've gone through the last several pages here to try & pick up & address any issues. I've probably missed some. So if anyone wants stuff fixed, please (re)post them. Already have a couple more bug fixes for next release  &idea.

It's my intent to eventually try & port the code to unicode, if possible, or least get it to fully compile under unicode; and from there there'll probably be list of things to fix. First crack at it wasn't successful, there's at least ~5000+ bits of code to change :'(. And I do plan on uploading sourcecode (changes) when I find time.


Got one point from me as well :thumbsup: Reputation +1.



i have a question.
Is there a way to save the data in an Excel spreadsheet?
If not, would that be possible?