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Vnaoned Work Place

Started by vnaoned, October 03, 2009, 09:03:33 AM

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Hello everyone,

I guess I also got to show what I've done so far in order to contribute to this great project (who said "totally insane project"?)

So nothing really knew for the people who use to visit TSC but I think it has to be presented here as it fit totally.

Then first of all : The Elysée Palace, which is the siege of the French Presidency (our White House...  ;))

I still got to fit the LODs and finalize the night lights. I just got a little problem : the capacities of my PC...  :(

Some details :

Entrance on the street,

Entrance of the reception hall,

Image width reduced to 1024 pixels


I thik I've already said it, but it's just WONDERFUL! Mr Sarkozy is glucky to live here! $%Grinno$%

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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2010.8.4 - I get on SC4D with PSP. So cool.:D
2010.8.14 - I can get on the Internet at home.:)


It's so realistic, I can see Carla behind the window  :D


It's very realistic, it's very amazing  :thumbsup:


Super nice project :thumbsup:!!

Do you plan to show a little bit more the glassy doors of the reception hall by making them more light reflective ?
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vnaoned that looks real good so far!!!

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It looks amazing!! Great, realistic work!  &apls &apls



It's really wonderful this BAT  &apls
I don't see Sarkozy? Is it too small?  ;D


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Hi Vincent ,

Can't wait to LotEdit that beautiful baby  ;D , and the extensive garden coming with ...  :-[ , at least I hope you'll not request the famous 14 of July garden Party .  :P


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First of all : thank you all, that's always a pleasure to get compliments.

Quote from: Badsim on October 05, 2009, 04:59:00 AM
I hope you'll not request the famous 14 of July garden Party .

Of course I'll do! The "Triumphal Way" is a truly professionnal project, isn't it?  ;D
By the way I'll have to finish it first including the dependancies... I think there going to be separate BATs.

Quote from: Quesh on October 04, 2009, 01:23:27 PM
I don't see Sarkozy? Is it too small?  ;D

No he's just absent. He use to be abroad at least 45 days a week! (And yes he's got more days in a week than we, commun mortal people!)

Quote from: Une_ame on October 03, 2009, 02:45:00 PM
Do you plan to show a little bit more the glassy doors of the reception hall by making them more light reflective ?

I'm working with G-max. it's not so easy to obtain the right effect as Orange found it for the pyramide.. I'll try to find a trick to get it.


Here is two different propositions for a bridge. Just work objects...

One is based on the "Pont des Arts" in Paris and the other on a bridge in Nantes (same architecte than the Alexandre III bridge in Paris)

They are both props with specific LODs that enable water to surround the basements.
The sizes are fixed. The river wide must be determined before doing the BAT.
And I want to say here again how I'm interested in a good water Mod  ;D (Orange?... Are you there?)

Tey're coming along with sea walls I've developped.



The dirty textures you've used on the first bridge's supports are amazingly life-like!

I seem to recall you saying you wanted a mod to make the water totally opaque? I think I know how to do this...  But I don't really know how the Seine's water texture should look.
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To make a texture of water completely opaque, it must go in your Terrain Mod examplar file and change settings "WaterMinAlpla" to 0xFF     
Any mod that water may be opaque with this solution.

For the Seine water mod, I created the textures... but I've forgotten my other PC  $%Grinno$%

Your bridges are beautiful ... but you stole me in my dock

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KoV Liberty

Very (x10000000000000000) good!!!!!! I cannot wait for that building release! Completely stunning!

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Hi Vincent ,

Firstly let me add a real picture of Pont des Arts ... ( it will added in the opening post as well )

I congratulate you for that unexpected and stunning model  &apls , even if the black background of that BATing preview currently doesn't do justice to the bridge metallic structure ... I've got too many questions about it and I'm going to send you a message in french . ::)

Looking at David's work about his embankement set —   I post the picture again as I can't see it in the previous post with Casimages' link ... , as well than at  your sea wall set , I find them enough compatible to work with both for variety ( David you would have just to remove these streetlamps ) ... I hope I'll find a proper transition between these embankements along Le Louvre and those I'm working on along Port des Tuileries / Port de la Concorde , or all I've already done would be already obsolete ...  %wrd

You're are both a lot more ambitious than me about that reproduction , that's hard to believe and hard to follow !   $%Grinno$%


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David, I based my Sea walls on ones that used to be in Nantes
... and, yes, I must admit you inspired me a little (a lot?  ;))
when you've showed me your first sea walls. I considered it was such a great idea...
I admit the steal... That's why they should have stayed privates BATs...  &ops
(And there not really easy to use, not like marrast's ones...)

By the way, I think that the bridge could be adapted to any sort of sea walls and I think I found a technique to put seperate PROPs on the lower levels of these embankments with currents props. A combination of terraforming of the coasts, hight of the props and close LODing of the BAT.
It suppose to create 2 lots :
- one for the upper level with the sea wall as sustainement wall
- second one for le lower level on wich you put your props.
The second one will be hidden by the embankment Model, only the props will appear. That's the solution for the street lamps... you can remove them in the BAT and add whatever you want in the LE.

that's the reason why my lower embankments are so wide.
In fact I got a semi-complete set of embankments so far...

I really like yours. There well rendered. But for the upper ground I would have used texture in LE rather than a BATed element.

Thanks for the trick about transparancy...  ;D

Cédric, I'll try to find more pictures of it... espacially in-game pictures to show you.
The remaining problems of these bridges is that there actually only eyecandy... not TE at all.
But there could a solution like using it as « dressing » of a very simple « game » bridge.

Something to think about...


Wow, those are stunningly beautiful bridges vnaoned! Excellent work!
I must say, the seawalls look quite splendid too!  &apls &apls

Keep up the good work!