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March 30, 2023, 10:08:28 AM

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How to build Functional Underpasses with FLUPs (NAM)

Started by Chrisim, May 17, 2010, 02:56:19 PM

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In the above documentation, straight, t, and 4 way under pavement texture are shown.

Using NAM3.0, I don't see a single FLUP with a pavement texture (not pedmal, but basic pavement texture)

shift+tabbing the FLUP puzzle once gets me straight/diag under transparent/green
shift+tabbing the FLUP puzzle twice get me T/4 under transparent/green

Why isn't pavement there?


I debated deleting this post, but maybe this would be useful to leave. I found the desired piece in the first 'under rail' puzzle piece as you tab through the main FLUP puzzle piece. Took a few cycles through the 'under rail' piece to find it, but all the missing junctions were there...In all fairness the rail puzzle piece does say 'rotate for other junctions and pedmal pieces'.

And while this still isn't pavement (as in non-transporting) realistically, if I had a piece of pavement, I could walk on it :)

Enslaved Viking

Thanks for all the great and very useful tutorials, even though I do play a lot with all the various puzzle pieces and all the combinations I still learned a lot from re-reading the tutorials.... just hoping that in a future NAM release they make some underground pieces for the ground highway - I would love to create underwater freeway.
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Although there exists an underground route beneath tram-in-avenue, I am unable to find an underground route beneath tram-in-road. Does such a piece exist in NAM 36? Thank-you for your help.


First off, protonpony, welcome to SC4 Devotion!

As far as your question goes, unfortunately, the answer is no--and that's also true of the NAM 37 Release Candidate that's available here at SC4D, as well as the finalized NAM 37 release (which will not add any new features).  FLUPs development stalled after NAM 30, as the original developer (Chrisim) became much less active, and we began exploring a new implementation for FLUPs. 

There's no timeline on when that new implementation will go live, but once we've covered all the existing FLUPs functionality with it, we can start to fill the gaps in the feature set.