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Making Models for Transit Networks: Some General Specifications

Started by Tarkus, February 22, 2008, 05:33:12 PM

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How can i continue now, should i make a simple cilinder with a plane. and put in the curved piece (witch has over 2000 polygons) as a T21?


Use the Modifier "Optimize" to reduce the number of polygons. By the way, you could make the curved piece less smooth, so it has lets say only 200 polygons instead of 2000. You don't see that much detail in-game. Less is more, I say.
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It does look better (thanx), but now i'm closing in on the max polygons allowed. (462)


Talking about optimizing things in 3dsMax? Ok, here you got someone who optimized a building from 5.000.000 poly to 0 poly! %plc/&

So, remember that all the details in transit networks are made with textures... you've got to think low-poly

First: reduce the pillar to 4 or 5 segments (section) and 1 segment (height).
Second: create the section with a spline with 4 points. Example: |_____|
Third: Create the spline that links all the pillars and use the loft modifier to get the ramp.

Then, if you need separate models:

First: save all the model.
Second: merge it in a new scene, convert it to boolean and use a bigger box to cut part you don't use (this will create some new poly, but it's very fast...)
Repeat second step until you have got all the models exported.

Hope this helps.
- GlobexCo


Have you erase the polygons on the under side of the deck ?


Thanks for all the support!
I don't think it needs more batting, the rest of the details I will do as Victor said, with textures, so 462 Polygons are ok. I think it will become a problem with the elevated network in curves, but than again i can remove some polygons when I encounter those problems.

Moderator, if you think this is not the place to discus this, move this if you please. because I think I will have a lot of more questions for the community, and i don't want to take over the tread. 


try getting rid of the curves that join the road to the barriers. instead, make the texture looks as if it curves.


The batting on the ramp has finished!
It think it looks good  ;D

Please some feedback!


thanx victor for the advise on the boolean, tool. I was doing it somehow similar, I first made a curve and a channel spline. I just used the hide option and the loft button again on the objects, so i was cutting out the pieces from the newly generated ramp.


Good ramp! but... what do you want to do (a reference photo maybe?)?

I still suggest to delete the curve part of the section
From |          |
to     |           |
I think that the curve will create a lot of problems in the texture creation part...


Ok, the next step will be applying textures I think, but how should i do that? Can i apply all textures in max or should I do some of them in the reader?


QuoteI think that the curve will create a lot of problems in the texture creation part...

It probably will, but it looks good doesn't it!

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Thank you blue,
So I should render my rampparts and apply the Transit textures in the reader. ok let's try that!