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August 19, 2022, 04:07:41 PM

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Maxis Official Updates and Tools



These files are the intellectual property of and are copyrighted by Electronic Arts, Inc. ("EA") They are made available for download on SC4 Devotion ("SC4D"), a not-for-profit Sim City 4 ("SC4") fansite as a service to the SC4 community in their original and unmodified form without any intention on the part of SC4D to interfere with any right of the owner and copyright holder, and further are subject to the original terms and conditions set forth by EA on its website at You may not download any of these files unless you agree with with Maxis /EA End User License Agreement (EULA).



Go to the LE download page

Go to the Lot Editor Download Page

Lot Editor ( LE )


The Lot Editor Tool gives you access to much of the visual content in SimCity™ 4. It enables you to customize the look of existing lots or create entirely unique lots that can be used in SimCity™ 4 cities.

- bldgprop_vol1.dat and bldgprop_vol2.dat are available in this section -

Go to the BAT download page

Go to the Building Architect Tool Download Page

Bulding Architect Tool (BAT)


The Building Architect Tool is actually a suite of tools. It includes the Building Architect gamepack for gmax™, the Plug-in Manager, and an updated version of the Lot Editor.

- Update 1.1.640.0 which fixes BAT nighlighting is available in this section --

Go to the SC4 update page

Go to the Original Version Update Page

SC4 Update( Original Version)


Official update for the original version of the game. It updates the Vanilla version to version - If you still use the original version, you should seriously think about upgrading to Rush Hour / Deluxe ¡¡¡ -


Go to the RH update page

Go to the Rush Hour / Deluxe Update Page

SC4 Update( Rush Hour / Deluxe Version)


Official update for the Rush Hour / Deluxe versions of the game. It updates the RH/Deluxe versions to version EP1 Update 1 / 1.1.638.0.

This update is required for the Nightlighting update available under the BAT section.

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