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Siberia: 4th March 2011- a little teaser from the new region

Started by penguin007, February 04, 2010, 11:58:06 AM

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Tomas Neto

Welcome to page 2...

Very nice update!!! Fantastic!!!  :thumbsup:


Thank for very much for the positive comments everyone!!

to Rooker 1: yes that was the sort of effect I wanted to create and I think it has worked very well here
to Nedalezz: Thanks at the moment the settlement has no name and the region view will come in time so patience!!

Thanks for reading I'm going to Berlin next week so won't be updating



Great update! I particularly like the pier at the end of that street! :thumbsup: The farms look good, too! However, just to mention, in Russia (where the Altai mountains are) cars drive on the right ::)
Looking forward to more! I hope you'll have a great time in Berlin as well :thumbsup:
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beautiful update and great job  :thumbsup:
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Nice village! I liked the explanation of the darkness. Where did you get the piers from?

               -Jordan :thumbsup:
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This is beautiful work. The buildings you've chosen fit very well with your story.

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KoV Liberty

Looks great man! The buildings really fit well and the PS is great. Keep up the work! :thumbsup:

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Adrian, I miss you man.


superb work, lovely scenery and nice story.
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Great update! :thumbsup:
I espeialy like the little dock


We are following the same style of MDing :) :) I love how you are concentrating on details and such. Great stuff!


Fantastic update!  Your town looks amazing!

Tomas Neto

Fantastic work again, really awesome update!!!  :thumbsup:


Really nice start to your MD. I can see a lot of  potential here.

Looking forward to see how this develops  :thumbsup:


This second update is really great! Looking forward to the third... ;)


yess! looks good, I'm excited.. :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much everyone for the positive comments!!

nedaleez: Well yes they are simaliar just that yours is 10 times better!!
Driftmaster07: Thanks yes I think I have now got my ps skills just right
marsh: I got the piers off the STEX I'll try and find the link for you but they were a very recent addition
io_bg: I have a British version of the game so they drive on the left so I'll just say that they changed it just to fit it in well!!
canyonjumper: haha yes I have fixed the problem now so soon we will see lit up buildings!!

Thats it for today folks



Great pics will! I think the dock is from here. Great little farming community &apls

              -Jordan :thumbsup:
I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.

Tomas Neto

Great update again, with a fantastic rural area!!!  :thumbsup:


That shot over the peaks looks fantastic! Great update...no name for the settlement yet?


Very nice looking settlement and rural area!