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July 07, 2022, 09:01:47 AM

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Started by Danthe, March 19, 2010, 05:31:38 AM

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time to reactivate Nordavind ::) I neglected previous MD with lack of time and the lack of suitable LOT's as well.

What new:
- modified map, using as base map Tenochtitlan from Heblem's link
- prepared over 30 LOT's of farms in East - European style,
- prepared the set of field roads, accessible on SCPolska link.

I decided also to shorten to Nordavind name only, Land to name of the largest plain only. I will introduce history with time, I finished in large part, and list of main dependancies and mods all used to this region.

On beginning traditionally the picture of whole region. First of all I made more gentle mountains, though I tried to use economically the tool of polishing, it stayed so sporo picturesque rocks. I differentiated also a bit flat terrains; in original it former on the same level, but this looked not very naturally. I worked in addition from plop water all rivers also, thanks what to be visible it in view of region also.

And additionally the physical map of region also :)


wow that map is fantastic, great to see this back.
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This is an interesting region. And the map is very well done. I am looking forward to the next update.
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Looking forward to see the first real pictures from your region.


Fantastic map, looking forward to seeing the region!


Quote from: vester on March 19, 2010, 07:12:24 AM
Looking forward to see the first real pictures from your region.
Quote from: Battlecat on March 19, 2010, 08:34:57 AM
Fantastic map, looking forward to seeing the region!

Me too ;D

                 -Jordan :thumbsup:
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I see, you have put Nordavind here too? Good luck Mariusz  ;)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


A very nice modified map there, Mariusz ! I also really love the drawn map. Looking forward to see the first cities pictures.

Arthur. :thumbsup:
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The map and region are looking good, nice to see you take up this MD again.


An interesting looking region with lots of features to play with.
The map is downright awesome!, very, very cool.


I love your map. It's quite unique. I'm curious to see your cities.

Where City and Country Flow Together


Super map if your previous work is anything to go by this should be good



Veey impressive region and map.  Looking forward to it.


Great Map you chose :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Great region, and nice start on your MD!!!



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And premiere a new Nordavind. Ten pictures of small village called Radnor, rather her the western part. I tried to give back climate and typical characteristic of buildings form from east-european region. All buildings and large part of fields is growing, only diagonal fragments are ploped.

And the view on whole western part of village :)


Bardzo Dobrze zjom ;) &apls &apls

- Giel
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This is beautiful! The balance between trees, buildings and fields as shown in the last picture is amazing. Great atmosphere here  :thumbsup:


Utterly spectacular! Really wonderful stuff &apls
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It's something about a city. And a struggle that never happened.


I envy you. This is the most awesome village I've ever seen! Outstanding work! &apls &apls
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