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Translation request for Reader

Started by ilive, April 15, 2010, 07:34:25 AM

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This is a request to translate the Reader in different languages.

As this tools is not Unicode compliant, only 'latin' language is supported.
At the moment, I translate it in french but some sentences need to be better translated  ;D

I attached to this post the which contains all the sentences to be translated.
On the right, you have the english sentence ; on the left the translated sentence (in the attached file, the sentence is in french).
Very important : don't change the order of the strings and try to not increase a lot the length of the translated sentence (it doesn't matter for message but keep in mind that some of them are dialog strings).
Once done, I have to reintegrate the changes to build an additional resource dll.

Thanks for your help  :)


Working on a dutch translation :thumbsup:
Will edit and attach once it's done
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don't hesitate to send me partially translated file if you want to check the result in the Reader.


I'll give the Swedish translation a try!

- riiga


Neat! I'll do a German translation, as mentioned before. :)