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July 07, 2022, 09:31:08 AM

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RONDNOIR ~ the small Principality ~ Biganos - Replies and Teaser Old Watermill ~

Started by Framly, May 06, 2010, 02:28:24 PM

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Great picture. You just show us here the dimension of your work. I especially like the way you build your city on a little island connected to the continent with a dike. I also like the green dikes you made between the sea and houses like in the North Sea shore, very realistic. The city and the haven are also fantastic.  :thumbsup:

Just one think. I'm not fan of the way you ended the highway near the center of the town. It's look like an unfinished work. Maybe it's the effect you tried to make, i don't know.  :)


Great to hear from you Framly! What a lovely overview. I've had to save it to my file where I keep my favorite sc4 pictures from others  &apls


Thanks for all your nice replies after my absence :)

Some Teaser:

I reworked my Mermaids Park:

And next time in Rondnoir:
Sightseeing Tour through the streets of Audenge:

See you soon!

Framly :thumbsup:

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Beautiful! I'd rather sit on that bus than be here.



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Great to see you back! :)

Ver beautiful and unique park. I like you alive and active pictures &apls

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Quote from: Framly on February 20, 2013, 03:59:58 PM
I'm still alive :D

Hey Hendrik , you were right to precise it , as the HoF  tends to be a MDs cementary  :D ( or a museum , it's the same ...  :P ) . So I'm glad to see you're back and that overview is really a particularly speaking reminder about the sweep of your detailed work ... the marked out fairways snaking through sandbanks is a nice attention , rarely seen elsewhere .

Can't wait to see what's coming next from you .

&apls &apls &apls &apls


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Audenge - Sightseeing tour

~part I~

Welcome to Audenge, I hope you had a pleasant journey on the train. Soon we begin our tour through the streets of Audenge.

All aboard!

We drive on the "Rue Amiell" to the old town. To the left you can see the highway access inaugurated in 1991.The section of the E121 connects Audenge with the city Biganos. The near Audenge dam replaced the ferries that are now mostly used by tourists.

The popular pedestrian zone "Rambla" starts here in "Rue Amiell".

Past the small house on the edge of the old town, we reach the center of Audenge. On the right you can see the old Chamber of Commerce(1887).

Now we drive through the "Rambla", pass the prestigious City Hall and the Rembrandt Theater.

We are now reaching the market at the "Place de la Découverte". In addition to numerous shops, there is also a lively bar scene. The "Place de la Découverte" is the social and cultural center of Audenge....

.. past the famous Windrose of Audenge and picturesque Cathedral of sailors.

We continue towards the Jewish Quarter - Guri.

On the left you see the "Gorky Park". The park is really more a place, but the name is "Gorky Park".
The place was designed in 1985 by local artist Franck Gorky. The fountain provides cooling in the summer for all ages. From here, start the popular Rambla-coach tours.

The Jewish Quarter Guri - here lives the largest Jewish community in Rondnoir. The "Ben Harfa synagogue" is the largest in western France. The area is very popular for artists and writers.

The renowned Jewish "Ben Gurion Institute" attracts many intellectuals to Audenge.
The people of Audenge are proud of they Jewish roots and influences.

We now proceed towards the coast past the "Park Michelle" ..

Next time .. we'll drive along the promenade "Rue du Soleil" ...

See you soon ;)

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Part of SFBT and RFR Team


Brilliant pictures my dear friend! Every detail is placed with adorable accuracy!  &apls &apls &apls &apls

Angels can fly because they don't take themselves too serious!


You can call me Matt


Fantastic and detailed sightseeing tour.
Great lotting and atmosphere &apls

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Incredilbe pics.  It always a pleasure to view your work while sipping on my morning coffee.
The amount of detail you are able to pack in is outstanding, thanks for always sharing your work!!

Call me Robin, please.



You never seize to amaze! All the dazzling little details. . gorgeous!  &apls &apls  :thumbsup:
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Wonderful trip around town. The fountain is lovely, and I really like the open-top tour bus.
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Delightful! What a great tour we had. Very nice stuff indeed.  &apls
See the all-new National Capital Region!:

NEW! Come check out the Official Schulmania Website! ... includes a blog as well!



Great tour through a beautiful town. I am looking forward to the promenade.  :thumbsup:
My name is Raphael.
Visit my MD: Empire Bay (My old MD: Santa Barbara County)