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Bliss - Goodbye

Started by Russell, April 25, 2007, 02:54:50 PM

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Amazing city  :thumbsup: I love the first pic  &apls


WoW OMG open space in bliss eeeeeeek i dunno if i can handle that lol.... Looking good here Russell and I soo cant wait to the next update...

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Bliss continues to look fantastic, Russell! I do agree, it's strange to see open space, but you've certainly filled it up nicely! Can't wait to see more!

Emperor Stormont

I love how you just plopped Notre Dame......glorious, and it works to lol

I think the gods need a building in Atlantis, just to spread their wisdom further. I shall seek one out for you  ;)

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very nice update.

It seems that bliss is turning zealous very fast. And in their infinite wisdom the ruling Gods have made wise choices about the styles and materials they use for their holy buildings. :)

only one statue? It must be solid gold then or is it? :P

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Bat: Thanks, the canals are marvellous. I love to use them and often wonder how I could ever do without them.  &Thk/(

Meldolion: Thank you Luca  :)

Sauron620: Thanks , glad you like it  :)

Pat: Thank you.  :)

Emperor Stormont: Perhaps we should consider a diplomatic relationship...?  "$Deal"$

Strechnitz: Thank you - I had to look up "zealous" to see what it means, and you're quite right in that assumtion. The statue is de facto solid gold and made from wedding rings more or less voluntarely donated to the Gods after marriages among mere mortals were declared illegal.


This update will not be about the latest temple in honour of the divine deities in power...

...nor will it be about the Pantheon, the seat of the ruling Gods, here seen strolling about in front of it in the evening sun, perhaps talking about...

...the return of the famed space shuttle...

...which, to no ones surprise, exploded before ever roaring into space, probably because of some technical error, or to satisfy the ruling Gods appetite for destruction.

No. This update will, however briefly, begin a lengthy tour into the pride and joy of the Gods: their many glorious industries, numerous and countless...

...providing the happy citizens of Bliss with not only endless hours of joyous work...

...but also works of art, such as this statue representing the happy workers standing united in their love for those divine beings who not only allow them the pleasure of operating heavy machinery...

...but sometimes also descends upon them on the factory floor to encourage them with words of the utmost divine character .


I new my life was missing something and that thing was Bliss.

That explosion sure brings back memories. The industrial area is truly Blissful, one can honestly believe that its all been built on love  $%Grinno$%

Russell, its great to see back, looking forward to the next installment.




Now THAT's industry! Amazing, my friend. Absolutely amazing! All those factories, I'd be curious to see what your pollution stats look like. Keep up the fantastic work, my friend, and I'll be back to see more!


Nice update there! And the industry area is looking good! :thumbsup:


Great industrial area  :thumbsup: Amazing job  &apls

Emperor Stormont

Bloody hell that's certainly a vast amount for industry.......the gods are certainly making sure Bliss is prepared for anything ;)

Indeed we should, I am taking a small (very small) break from further creating the capital, has taken over a year to get it perfect. But I shall built a glorious temple and update in a week or so ;)

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Great pics and the industrial city is amazing   &apls

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Tooheys: So glad you stopped by and commented  :) Yes, everything has been built on love, because as you perhaps have noticed, the ruling Gods do love their people  ;)

Thundercrack83: Thank you, industries are very interesting to work with. Posting a small image of the pollution stats you requested:

Bat: Thanks, glad you like it  :)

Sauron620: Thank you  :)

Emperor Stormont: Have you worked over a year on the same city??? Now, THAT'S impressive! I'm usually done with them when they cover an entire city tile, and then it's bye-bye. Anyhow, looking forward to the update you're referring to  ::)

Berethor: Thank you  :)


Bliss looking serene.

Car crash in intersection.

View over Happy Industrial Workers Paradise Nr 1.

Sign explaining the happy workers foremost duties towards the ruling Gods.

Temple tarnished by industry pollutions.


I don't think I've ever seen a pollution map with more red on it in my life, Russell! That is insane!

The new pictures look great, too, my friend! This certainly continue to be blissful in Bliss!


Russell I missed an update eeeeeeeeeeeeek Im sowwies bad me, will the gods forgive such ungrateful vistor for not stoping by and marveling over there wonderful work?

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QuoteView over Happy Industrial Workers Paradise Nr 1.

Ow wow - this sounds like a promise for the 7th heaven... wonder what the next 6 paradises will look like  ;)
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That's another great update there, Russell! Wonderful work there!
Looking forward to more of these! ;)


Thundercrack83, Pat, Sebes, Bat: thanks for commenting.


This is my very last update. For various reasons, there will be no more Bliss. I hope that you frequent visitors who have looked, read and commented my MD have enjoyed Bliss - I know I have. It's been fun.

When completed...

...the Happy Industrial Workers Paradise Nr 5 will consist entirely of artillery and ammunition factories.

Responsible for the fabrication of weaponry is the God of Warfare, here seen wearing his divine uniform while supervising the production of machine guns, officially known as "sundials"...

...because to prevent the happy workers from getting nervous and fumbly while handling dangerous instruments of death and destruction, they have been brainwashed into believing that they only produce harmless items such as the "flagpoles" seen here...

...and these unusually large, heavy "paperweights".

Ricefields feed the happy workers...

...and their safety is guaranteed by several sleek and elegant destroyers, ready to obliterate any possible menace to this industrial paradise...

...such as these two cargo ships, steaming towards each other on an apparent collision course, one loaded with nitroglycerine and the other with gunpowder, and disaster seemed inevitable...

...when the God of Warfare immediately ordered the destroyers to save the factories and workers from the imminent collision by blowing the cargo ships out of the water.

He was cheered for his swift and godly decision by the widows of the industrial workers, who stated that although his actions resulted in the loss of their husbands, at least his intentions were good...

...and he returned in triumph to his temple to continue his holy reign...

...while the area so dramatically reduced to rubble was being restored.


It is really too bad that this is your last update.  I wish you would reconsider.  This really a very unique MD and will be greatly missed.  I hope we will see something else from you.
Robin  :thumbsup:
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