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May 18, 2022, 04:18:59 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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oh, david there is a copy of the region census on the LEX. this is in response to your "creating square region images" tutorial.


Semper fi 3RR. %BUd%

The map of Fort Defiance is nice. I'm in an ongoing struggle with the game to create a good looking 17th century fortification. One of these days it'll look exactly like I think it should. [/wishful thinking]
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I read through all 109 pages in under 1 hour and I must say, Awesome dude. I have downloaded the full version of 3rr and will be working on it this weekend. Anyway, I just want to say awesome and I love what you are doing. Kee it coming and keep it up. JKB
beam me up.... please!
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Hi David,
have you been sucked into a RL vortex?  $%Grinno$%

hope everything is well



David has been hit hard by RLS at the moment, and is finding it difficult to find any time for SC4. I'm sure he will be back soon enough.



And anyway it IS a holiday, places like this DO slow down sometimes around holidays.


Well, that's the longest 3RR has ever gone without an update.  Sorry about that, folks.  There've been a lot of, well... let's just say considerations to deal with this past few weeks.  Rather than post a teaser every few days, I've elected to just stop in place for a bit.  Catch my breath, that sort of thing.

* * *

This post catches our "Double-0" honors up, as it addresses the 2,100th comment [linkie], which was made by our friend and 3RR Regular* John (DFire870) back on November 2nd.

Now, based on some quick and dirty sleuthing, we've found John to have a keen interest in technology, and in particular the cutting edge of same [linkie].  Well, that's a happy coincidence, because this update introduces you to the first of several planned 3RR Regional Technology Parks, this one planned on a mile/1.6 kilometer square 640 acre/260 hectare area of prairie just west of the City of Black Earth in Tower Township.

Construction on the R-6 Freeway, which was designed to serve the burgeoning commuter population of Black Earth as well as the tech park, started earlier this year.

Here's a few pics of the area as it currently stands.  This one is take at the northern edge of the park boundary looking toward the northeast.  The first hills of the Wyler Range can be seen in the distance.

The park's footprint will unfortunately, when it is fully built out by 2018, displace three farms, all of which have been in operation since the late 1800's.

The Regional Planning Authority has identified the R-6 corridor as a regional "path of growth" dating from the publication of the 1984 3RR Master Land Use Plan, and so the social impact has been minimized to the greatest extent possible.  The land for the park has slowly been assembled over the past two decades without need of the use of the eminent domain power.

This is a view west toward East Pineshore along R-6 from the southeast corner of the park.  Freeway construction had not yet started when the picture was taken.

Here's the northeast corner.  The Wyler Mountains are off the right edge of the picture.

A nice big pic showing the cleared site.

The artist's rendering of Phase One of the park, based on the businesses that have committed to occupancy.  The trees, of course, are artistic license.

Signs are going up...

...and the residents of Black Earth are very much in support of the project, which will bring such big changes to what was once a sleepy little farming community.

* * *

So, John- you have joined all the others that have gone before as part of the 3RR landscape.  Congratulations!  We'll be watching for your comments to come.


* A 3RR Regular is anyone, at the risk of repeating myself, who has ever commented at least once in this thread or over at 3RR-ST [linkie].
D. Edgren

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Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

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Well that was a well made update, and it's good to see you around here again. The pictures showing the proposed, cleared site, how did you make those (they look like shots from a game)? The same question could be asked of the artist's rendering. You really do put such effort in these special updates. I think you've mentioned this before, but what was the origin/inspiration of Black Earth on the map? I thought it might be a law related thing (but they tend to use Blackacre)... I remeber seeing it somewhere before, but just thought I'd ask. Hope all is going well. Finals are coming up shortly, but the memo (good times) has been submitted. I'll be keeping an eye out for new updates, but until then, take it easy.


Nice to see a new update, David. I see you've went out and got yourself a copy of SC:S. I am curious, however, to how you achieved two-lane roads in the game. As I'm aware, none were made.  ;)

Looking forward to more.  :)



Thanks for the great honor! I was wondering what you would do to for the honors post, and I love the regional technology park. Funny thing is that when I saw the "3RR's Silicon Prairie" I immediately thought about Austin, TX, since it's known as "Silicon Hills", plus I live just north of Austin (and it's my adopted hometown). I love how much detail you put into this MD and all the research you do for it. 3RR is truly an inspiration.

-- John
After a long absence, I'm back! And I will be starting a new MD soon.


Well, Black Earth looks fantastic, David! And I knew that if anyone could make SC:S look somewhat respectable, it'd be you! Congratulations to you, too. DFire870! And welcome to the club!


Are those pictures from Sim Cities Societies?  I read somewhere that you recently purchased it.

I love the research park idea just great.  Looking forward to more!


looks like pics 4-6 are from SC:S. Looks like we're going to have some inter-game development.


 :thumbsup: &apls David cheers for a wonderful update... :thumbsup: &apls So whats your take on ScS??? is worth the buy for a die hard SC4 fan???

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Congratulations are in order for John, and a big WELCOME BACK to you, David. I'm glad to know all is right with the world again (we wouldn't be seeing another spectacular update if it wasn't!)

Until next time...


Great new update there, David1 Wonderful new pictures there, too! :thumbsup:


Up in Bents Township lies the historic 3RR village of Hope, location of a mid-1800's gold rush following the discovery by a cattle drover of several small nuggets in the headwaters of the East Fork of Bent's River just east of Elderberry Ridge.

This is one of two places that gold has been found in the region in sufficient quantities to justify mining operations, the other being Wildcat Creek Canyon downstream of St. Elmo's Hot Springs in northeastern 3RR.  The quantities believed to be present in the Hope Mining District are thought to be comparable to those around Rainy Lake [linkie] east of the region on the U.S.-Canadian border, where the discovery of gold there in the 1890s led to the founding of International Falls and other nearby communities.

East Fork of Bent's River just west of Hope

After the find, eager prospectors and panners flocked to the area, which was a tent city at first called Sunrise Encampment. and then later simply Hope.

A close-up of that sign.

The gold boom lasted into the 1860's, but once the first few cabins were built

Hope was there to stay.

By the time the Duluth, Winnipeg & Western tracks arrived in June, 1871, the easily mined gold was pretty much all gone.

DW&W track crew laying track north of Elderberry Ridge, 1871

Today, it looks like several extra miles of track were laid to swing the line west through Hope, but the roadbed from Truman to Pvarcoe was always intended to go through Wood Ridge on the eastern shore of upper Taylor Lake and a never built spur was planned to cut off to the west to serve Marchand.

What is now R-22 reached Hope in the 1890's, and the road was paved in the 1930s.

R-22 just east of Hope with Elderberry Ridge in the distance

This route is not well-traveled, which is a shame because the area is quite scenic.

Today, Hope is a village of just under 300 inhabitants.  Its streets have that lazy, slow feeling of a midwest that is slipping away almost as we watch.

There are, though, signs of life everywhere, and in the summer and early fall the area enjoys an active tourist trade.

Here's its Gazetteer entry.

  • Hope (Village - SW Quad Bents Twp - lat. 49° 10' 17" N / lon. 95° 10' 50" W - elev. 843 ft/257 m amsl.)  Hope is a small village located just east of Elderberry Ridge, a prominent landform lying to the east of the Taylor Lakes.  Hope was originally a tent city named Sunrise Encampment that grew overnight when gold was discovered in the sands of the headwaters of the East Fork of Bent's River.  The source of its current name is not known.  Population (2000): 294.  Local Government:  None.  Police and Fire:  None.  Medical Services:  None.  Postal Service:  Rural Postal Station #31.  Air Service:  None.  Rail Service:  Duluth, Winnipeg & Western main line (freight only).  History and General Information:  Gold was discovered in 1858 by ________________, who was driving cattle from a ranch on the Taylor Lakes to the Grand River at Truman.  By 1859, a tent city of over 3,000 inhabitants had formed in the area just east of Elderberry Ridge along the banks of the river.  The Duluth, Winnipeg & Western reached the area in June, 1871, and a station was built but the easily found gold was pretty much gone.  The population fell to as low as about 20 residents in the early 1900's, but has been slowly climbing since the 1980s, mainly in connection with serving a small summer tourist trade, which comes to see Hope's well-preserved buildings and enjoy its laid-back atmosphere.



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


I love Hope in all ways that are quite. If I did not say it before, I love your region and it is perfect for my likes and taste. Keep it coming. JKB
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I am the lurker that hides in all the corners and you can't get me out. You may try, but you can't.Please call me Jon or Jonathan.


I'm very glad to see that you have returned to 3RR, David. The past two updates are great, you're using SCS in a nifty manner. I wonder if the numerous gmax and 3DSMAX models that inhabit the hard drives of dedicated BATers are able to be imported into SCS...

I hope that all is well in your life and your part of the world.



Where are the effusive words of praise when you need them?
"Awesome" seems a grossly inadequate term to describe these latest photos, but awesome it is!

Until next time...