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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Mmm... Looks dangerous. Just telling you before Nardo gets in :P But, good to hear that some may use the sweet spring time to lay their heads at the office instead of sweating over the books ;)


The crossing looks great, David! I'm always eager to see more progress on the FAR/FARR!

Enjoy your Memorial Day, my friend!



Another proposition to the FAR theme:

The short curve starts from an orthogonal road. It would be good to make the second one starting from diagonal road. This way we would be able to change the road direction by 22,5o in every situation.
Attention: the same comment as for existing short curve, it should be more smooth.

David, that's a beautiful weekend place! I would like to find something like this not far from my home - the area around my hometown is hilly and very nice, but there are simply too much people looking for a silent place here... :D
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 &apls &apls &apls &apls nice job with those rails. Keep it coming hope for the next update soon
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Quote from: dedgren on May 25, 2008, 08:08:33 PMI'm going to watch the Turtletaub/Voight commentary to National Treasure II tonight, though.  I need some mindless entertainment.

Oooh, is that movie any good? I just got both the first one and the sequel, but haven't gotten round to watching them yet.

That railroad crossing is looking great! Another piece in the realism puzzle. ;D


Oh boy! FAR just keeps getting better and better! I imagine that the SC4 developers would have their world view's tweaked if they saw these...

I hope all is well in Wasilla and with your boys in Helena, David.



That's looking very nice there, David!

Looking forward to more...


Well, after dealing most of the day with the catastrophe over at ST, here's a little "level-cross" eye candy to keep things moving.







This last one doesn't have a FAR-FARR crossing, but it does illustrate how much we've smashed the grid.

I'm working on the stop line issue and will figure out what to do before these get finalized.  I don't know whether BATs can be added to puzzle-pieces or not, but I know someone who surely does.


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OMG!! I want!! Now!! $%Grinno$%


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Quote from: dedgren on May 26, 2008, 11:46:35 PM

I'm working on the stop line issue and will figure out what to do before these get finalized.  I don't know whether BATs can be added to puzzle-pieces or not, but I know someone who surely does.




BAT props can be added to puzzle pieces via T21's. I have a stop line prop I have been using for my own use, and I'd be willing to make a stop line prop with the correct angle/size for your FAR items. I just need a PNG/BMP of a straight section of the FAR so I can orient it properly. Then I can render it and ship it off to you.


EDITJan, I'll send that out this evening.  I'm a bit concerned, though, about the alignment of the crossing signal.  On the FAR (road is the fractional angle), the signal will have to be turned about 18 degrees to line up with the roadway.  Does this present an issue?  Will a completely new signal need to be modeled? -DE
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This looks incredible.  Well done.

First things first, but not necessarily in that order.


David, that looks amazing!  I'm looking forward to getting those puppies in-game. :)

-Alex (Tarkus)


Wow! Look at those smooth curves.  ;D

P.S. Sorry to hear about what happened at ST. Huge thanks to everyone (including yourself) who is working to fix the problem.


My first ever comment here although I have lurked over here and at simtropolis

Firstly congratulations on all the creations you have created recently. I loved the crop circles and will one day use them I know. Also everything rural you have improved is fantastic so keep up the great work. Also the work in this region is awesome with rural being completely redefined. I also admired your work on diaganol runways which I would love to use when you have finished. However I most admire your most recent work with the FAR and FARR which I cant wait to use.

Gd luck in the future


Oh and one more thing sorry about what happened over at simtropolis. Three rivers regions was badly affected with alot of my old favourites. I was one of the lucky ones with my cj being unaffected I think


that is some extraordinary grid smashing, it seems that every couple of months we say the golden age of simcity four begins , or i do to myself at least and then a couple of months later something else revolutionary comes along and i think how could i have lived without it and so i say again the golden age begins..... i cannot wait to see what the future brings...

sorry about the appalling syntax above, i couldnt seem to find a structure to concisely express my views so i had to resort to a ramble....

NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


Oh wow!
I'm really curious about what we can achieve in suburbs and old towns with these pieces.
Good work!


As always, excellent work in furthering SC4 as a community game!
I find myself at SC4D a lot more this past few days because of the problems over at ST - The trouble is I still can't quite figure out whether its a blessing or a curse &mmm

EDITOh, assuredly my friend, assuredly a curse...

...the Curse of 3RR...

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I only started visiting Three Rivers Region a couple of weeks ago from the NAM forum using a link in Tarkus's signature. Some of the things I have seen over the last twenty pages using the Fractional networks are - well, beautiful. As far as transport networks are concerned they truly do liberate us from the tyranny of the grid. They work really well in rural settings, which is fair enough; that is what they were developed in.

Like Frank U I am also curious about what people will be able to achieve in (especially European-style) suburbs and old towns. And I am sure that they will be able to do amazing things. But one area where the tyranny of the grid will remain, and that is in the orthogonal grid for lots. The implications of this for proximity of lots to the fractional roads is, I see from earlier posts, already being explored. And given the way in which overhangs have been used to produce buildings which are diagonal in appearance I am sure that some people will see it as a challenge to produce ones which fit in with Fractionally Angled roads.

So I am optimistic, but there is still a grid lurking under there.

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Looks great, David... but I have a recommendation in texture creation.

Don't ever use a white background or a black background. Use something in between, like grey. :P

It'll help a lot [especially with rail] and you don't end up with ugly white outlines on your pieces, too. :P
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Magnificent work, David!

The FAR-FARR crossings look simply amazing! You're very right about smashing the grid, my friend, and you've been instrumental in the smashing!

Good luck with things at ST, too!