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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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David ~~~~~~~~~WOW~~~~~~~ what more can I say anymore here!!!

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Not only does it give one a good idea of what it takes to convert, but gives a new respect for the map program itself. It looks like you're doing a great job though, and it shouldn't be long until they start updating their maps.


I love your maps, David. They are so very natural looking. &apls

I think I pointed this out before, but I don't remember, so here I go again: where are the major water ways in and out of the big lake that 3RR is placed beside? The presence of a reasonbly big industrial port ("Emil's yards" ;D ) would need some water access to Lake Superior, wouldn't it?

You have already reworked the road network of Minnesota, why not fake som canals too?  ;D 

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Keep up the stunning work on your curvy roads David. :thumbsup:

Alex :)
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excellent maps my friend &apls



The maps are looking excellent! I, too, waste incredibly amounts of time in Google Maps.

I don't know if you've heard of gmapuploader.com, but it allows you to create a custom Google map by simply uploading the image of your choice.

If you don't mind me linking, here's one that I uploaded of a large 3RR town and places map some time ago. Please feel free to remove the link if you would rather this not be shared.

Hope all your medical tests are going well.



Very nice posts there! And looking forward to some more new stuff of your superb work!

btw, my 5100th post...


cool I love your google maps for 3RR  :thumbsup:
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I took a break from mapping...

This one's for our great friend Bernhard (Nardo69).

Didn't I say I wasn't going to do these for a while?  Oh, well- I guess I got into a groove.



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Ryan B.

Now that could be useful.   ;)  :thumbsup:  Nice work.


Curious. I forget exactly what Bernhard was asking for, though I remember a switch was involved, but given the current developments... I really hope this does not start a speculation-fest but... will this be functional? Either way, it looks good whether or not you intended to work on more of them.


Mapping...texturing...raising the bar...just another day in 3RR!

Hope all is well with you, David! I'll be looking forward to seeing how you'll dazzle us next, my friend!



 :o x100

If this is what I think it is...or even if it's just eyecandy.... :shocked2:


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I live in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains...

Today they were particularly so.

* * *

Happy belated birthday Emil (emilin).  My dear friend, I was going to send you a birthday PM yesterday and fell asleep instead- I'm so sorry.

* * *

...well I certainly would intend that they'd be functional...



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

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well... as long as you put sidings along the route, a single-track freight line is not impossible from a UDI perspective, and definitely not impossible from a simulator perspective.

- Allan Kuan


I didn't comment a few interesting thigs here - sorry!

1. Great explanation of the FAR angle/lot size problem. Of course, if a diagonal FAR stretch (45o) could be placed on the - let's say - 4x4 lot (in fact the lot should be 4x5 to have both road ends on the side, not in the lot vertex, to enable connecting it with the next piece), the first thought is to use 4x2 to build 22,5o  ;D But it's not true because tangent isn't a linear function. Let's lot sides are y and x. y/x = tangent of the road piece angle. On 4x4 lot, y/x = 1 = tangent 45o. For 2x4 lot (in fact it should be 3x4), y/x = 1/2 = tangent 26o34' (26,57o). For 3x1 gridsquares (you had to use 3x2 lot) we have y/x = 1/3 = 0,333... = tangent 18o24' = 18,4o, exactly as you calculated using this nice program (very useful! :thumbsup:)
I checked other possibilities too and now I'm sure that using 3x2 lot for the straight FAR piece is the best compromise between good looking angle and the lot size.
Second, I understood that the radius you use in the "short curve" is the maximal one for the 4x2 lot. If you would want to make the radius bigger, you should make 5x2 lot to leave the straight part without changes (it needs 3x2 tiles). Or you should have to change the straight part.

2. Great work with the Google map! I can honestly say you are a pioneer! Some time ago cartographers from communist countries made an opposite thing - they had to remove some parts of their countries maps to hide some important military installations (and of course to make these changes invisible for an average map user  :D). But it was before the satellites and Google maps era  ;)

3. This little gift for Nardo is exactly the same I was thinking about during last few days!!! Ingame rail crossovers were always very annoying for me (although I understand the reason they were done this way - to save as much space as possible). It's a step ahead in making realistic railway stations!  &apls

4. And I'm very grateful you have done something with short 90o curves... ()flower()


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Those are very beautiful mountains.  I can see some nice climbing up there.

The rail lines look very nice.  I bet you have just made Bernhard's day.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Shadow Assassin

Wow, just what I wanted, a switch texture that looked realistic.

Am I right in guessing that we'll see a single-track mod in the near future?

EDIT: Looks like "Double-0" Club, Second Award, Daniel.  Time will tell as to the other. -DE
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mmm mmm mmm.
I have been dreaming of a single rail track for a long time.

But, if it's just eye candy, that's cool too!