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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Dustin, That splitter piece is possible technically, you'll have to get David or NCD to make textures.
Inspecter, I can imagine it, except as this is SimCity 4 so they won't have collisions they will just go through each other. ;)
STR is two way, so that piece is needed at switches to get the trains back on the right side of the Dual Rail.

Quote...the DL comes with a transit-enabled lot...
David, You'd better not say that too loud, Jason (JPlumbley) might hear  :P.
Almost on 150000 views, and I bet every time the 3RR has been viewed, the viewers have been amazed by what goes on in this thread. :thumbsup:



Quote from: Warrior on October 14, 2008, 01:11:45 PM

Inspecter, I can imagine it, except as this is SimCity 4 so they won't have collisions they will just go through each other. ;)

Well collisions will happen in UDI mode.

EDITInspecter, Inspecter... my friend- let's move on past the issue of train collisions.  As I've noted before, SC4 was never intended to allow us to simulate a model railroad.  If you want to do that in a fairly sophisticated freeware program try CaTrain [linkie].  Several years ago I had a ton of fun with this program.



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Quote from: Warrior on October 14, 2008, 01:11:45 PM

....Almost on 150000 views, and I bet every time the 3RR has been viewed, the viewers have been amazed by what goes on in this thread. :thumbsup:


You betcha....I'm a model railroader (my other hobby-besides SC4). I love the single rail. Am looking forward to using it in my cities, as well as the FAR/FARR.

Request/Idea....How about a wooden railway bridge (Trestle - in railroad terms) that crosses over a street/road?

Ryan B.

I'm gonna have to try that program.  Looks like fun!


This is so bleeding edge it isn't even alpha yet.

You are looking at fully functional draggable STR.  Let me say that again.

Fully.  Functional.  Draggable.  STR.

We changed the game forever today.  Again.

* * *

Happy birthday to my favorite development partner in crime- Alex (Tarkus).  The Six Wives of Henry VIII is being played (loudly) in your honor, my friend.



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Quote from: dedgren on October 15, 2008, 11:49:12 PM
We changed the game forever today.  Again.
This is becoming quite a common occurrence around here! Congratulations, guys - all your hard work has paid off.  &apls

Can't wait to get this into my game!


Why did the paper deadlines have to flank this weekend? Oh well, I know I'll have fun thinking of ways to implement this when I get the chance. Excellent work David, (and the rest of the RAM team, and Alex, Happy Birthday again) and you've already given me an idea of how to improve that bridge. Shows what a group of dedicated people can do when they put their minds to it. It also looks like that track checker is starting to widen the gap.


QuoteWe changed the game forever today.

"$Deal"$ Start the petition! Isn't it about time to change the name of this game? How about SimCity4 to SimCity3RR (Just kidding - I think  ;))

Wonderful news! Wonderful work!


David, those pics are just absolutely amazing.  My hat's off to you, Jonathan (Warrior), Matt (threestooges), Dave (bighead99), and Dirk (north country dude)--you guys have done amazing work getting all the STR stuff together, in very short time, too.  I can't commend you all enough. :thumbsup:

And thanks for the birthday wishes and the loud Wakeman.  :D  I myself have Yes' Tales from Topographic Oceans (probably my all-time favorite, top-3 for certain) cranked up on my iPod right now. ;D

Oh, and I managed to fix the FAR/FARR bulldozing issue, too.  It was a matter of changing some of the CheckTypes over to stubs.  They work like a charm now.  And I'm ready when you are with the FAR/FARR-to-Diagonal puzzle pieces, aside from getting the last details into RHW Version 21, which looms ever closer. ;)



Fantastic !

Congratulations to the whole team responsible of that new feat !  &apls &apls &apls

What an excitement we can have by what we are creating ourselves - as a community - on so many frontlines , isn't it David ?

The fatal errors were made by EA Games and we are like unwanted children . Well ... I've heard someone wants to adopt us .... ::)


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that's fantastic  &apls great work David :thumbsup:
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I've always had a kind of love/hate relationship with rail but I think I'm falling in love again .. LoL

Congratulations ..  &apls  &apls *Read 150047 times*
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Yes, wow, hurray, 3 cheers!
We, you, all of us passed the 150.000 views today!
Congratulations David!

You achieved this by constantly sharing information, friendly words, incredible developments and stunning pictures.
Every time when I watch this site and open this thread I am curious of the new developments here.

So now you, and your friends of course, found out how to drag the STR. Does this mean that you can also make other networks draggable, like the GLR-in-avenue, the FAR and the FARR? It would be fantastic!

Onto the next step: 200.000 views!


Quote from: dedgren on October 15, 2008, 11:49:12 PM

There is something wrong with the bridge. It seems that the supports don't go all the way down. Good job with the STR though  &apls

EDITHi, Inspecter- the supports don't appear to touch the water because your eye is conditioned to see some sort of water surface disturbance effect as happens with the supports for other bridges used in the game.  Matt (threestooges) is working on that- I said all this was literally pre-alpha- it's just coming together so well at this point that it would be almost a crime not to show it.  When it shows up on your computer I can almost assure you that you won't be complaining about the appearance of the supports. -DE


I'm almost at a loss for words.  Even so (for lack of anything better to say), SC4 has been revolutionized once more, per the standard of 3RR.

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Here are some rural power lines.


Amazing work, RAM Team! I almost can't fathom this...  &apls



Although I'm not a fan of STR, it's still awesome!
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You guys are amazing!!

Feeding us with great stuff every day, I just have to say hooray, really really good work David and the rest of the team!
Whats next? Guess I find out tomorrow, every day over here at 3RR is a new surprise, I just cant wait!   %BUd%

*congrats on 150000+ views!!!*   &apls


Nice new work there on that bridge!! :thumbsup: Looking forward to more...

And congrats on over 150 000 views!!!! &apls