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May 17, 2022, 04:51:23 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Looks like everything's going good, and I'm glad to see my username (CCFC) in the collaboration list. I do have big plans for that section of land, which reminds me: Am I allowed to send a meteor to crash somewhere to make it leave a mark to make some history of the section or not? Just curious, otherwise it will be very rural along a river. (LOL!)

EDIT: Wow, were on page 370 now. Now this is 370 pages of awesomeness.

EDIT2: I just got another question, am I allowed to add parks and campgrounds even though it isn't on the township map? The township would seem un-complete without buildings parks, camps, and so on that aren't listed using what's on the map key. So, am I allowed? If so, am I allowed freely or do I have to propose it to you or what? Please let me know.

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Ahhh you chose an excellent quad for me David.  :thumbsup: It has a highway, a rail line, and an apparently good-sized town in it! Not much for it in the Gazetteer either, but that can be rectified.  ;)
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Quote from: deathtopumpkins on March 19, 2009, 06:30:16 PM
Ahhh you chose an excellent quad for me David.  :thumbsup: It has a highway, a rail line, and an apparently good-sized town in it! Not much for it in the Gazetteer either, but that can be rectified.  ;)
How can you check to see if it has a rail line and a town on it? Now I wonder if I'm allowed to build a town or expand what I have. Oh wait, I guess in this case I can expand on it. I'm just questioning since I do not want to be wrong when this is all ready for us.

EDIT: I checked and I don't have a town, now that stinks.. But then I can create one from scratch being very rural, maybe with a rail line through it? Is that allowed? (NOTE: I am still planning, but this will be fun, too.)

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So, it looks like I've ended up with one of the more urban areas of 3RR.  It happens to be the NE quad of the Evendim Township, which is the quad just to the north of the one that John (mightygoose) will be doing.  One of the first places I went after learning which quad was mine was indeed the power grid, to find out that a huge nuclear power plant is in the northeast corner of the quad.  &dance  It looks like I've also got a city, a railroad, frontage on two rivers, and an airport.  Good choice, David! :)

EDIT: I just thought I would throw this question out here.  In the quad that I have been assigned, am I allowed to use custom power lines, substations, etc.?  Only someone like me would ask that, I know.  ::)  I ask this because the power grid map indicates that a good number of power lines runs through the quad, and I have even thought about "3RRizing" my wood power line set to match the picture posted last year, since it already looked so similar IMHO.
Find my power line BAT thread here.
Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.

Toichus Maximus

Awesome! I'm really excited to get started with this!


oh it seems i also gave part of the parasol point compound... thanks for the heads up metavaro
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I can't wait to take a crack at Aurora!



Hey David forgive me for being dumb here but on # 19 I can barley tell where I am at lol.... On the other note here on my quad I do see that I get the chance to play with TPW!!!

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err... how did I get relocated? xD

My first request was for Des Plaines, which then changed to Pvarcoe... and now I'm over at the other corner of the map? ()what()

I'd be still willing to do the assigned quad however.

EDIT: I realize that I think i requested already occupied areas without realizing as I based my information on an old collaboration map. =O
EDIT 2: Hmm... oops... these quads are assigned, not requested? (smacks himself on head) :-[

- Allan Kuan


LoL allan its all good there!!  :thumbsup: No need to worry David will crack that whip later on you  :D :D

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie



I am wending my way slowly thought the early posts of this project and have just completed reading your posts about the various US highways that branched out from Chicago and the flames they ignited in your boyhood mind.  You ended that post with a comment that you were no longer able to travel along maps in your imagination and that you missed that childhood enthusiasm for places unknown, which is a part of what draws you so strongly to SC.  

Don;t ever think you could possibly drive every road in the huge nation of ours of think that you have already found, in your earlier explorations, all that is to be found.  If you had started at the age of 16, legal driving age in most states, and found a way to make a living driving every street, road, avenue, and highway in the United States, you would still have at least 75% of the country left to explore, if I extrapolate your age anywhere close to what it is.  You woul;d never live long enough to explore every nook and cranny this great nation has to offer anyone who cared to explore it's would take centuries.  

Like you, I am an explorer born and I, too, poured over maps with a flashlight late a night under the covers of my bed.  I have had the opportunity, or made the opportunity, to drive and explore many of the areas thats most intrigued me as a child.  But as an adult, my view has grown wider and I regret now only that I will never be able to see not only all of this nation I am fortunate enough to have been born into, but will probably miss the majority of the rest of the world as well.  That regret doesn't stop me from owning, and constantly reading, maps and atlases of the world I will never see.  Travel in the mind is not to be discredited, whether through "real lands" of lands of the imagination made real on a computer.  

Don't give up your love of maps and cruising lands unknown via armchair traveling.  Don't retreat to a world of fantasy travel by creating your own worlds and so traveling only within those bounds (which I know you don't do, but it worries me that you seem to be leaning in that direction).  Tonite, right now, pull down a map of the one place you have always wanted to visit and have never yet seen...and let your mind go there.  

I love what you have done with 3RR.  I have many questions of you as I read through the evolution of this region, not least of which is how did you increase the size/scale of your original region to where it is at now?  At the same time, I don;t want to encourage you to continue to spend time creating a fantasy when there is so much of the RL out there that you obviously hunger to explore.  Go away from your computer and follow the red and blue lines on the maps, David.  All of us, your fans, will be much the poorer for your doing so, but how much richer would your own life be?  

It's late at night...and maybe I intrude with unwanted thoughts/ideas.  If so, I apologize.  I am an outspoken woman, which does not always work to my own benifit...



I wish he doesn't $%Grinno$%

Everyone makes mistakes don't they?
I just do it more... often... :D

- Allan Kuan


Looks the Three Rivers Region is sleeping, but nicely said ldvger. I know where I would love to go to: Three Rivers, MI. So, what will happen today in this region? Only David knows I guess when he gets here again, and posts another update for us.

EDIT: I thought about the number 30 and figured there are 30 days in most months, and the 3 stands for this wonderful CJ and 0 means "Nothing but full of updates and information."

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number 31 ready for duty sir...

(i think it's the first time i'm glad to be a number - as opposed to a free man -)


Where are the updates for today? I'm bored without this region and the daily updates, and I'm ready to do my Quad.. So, what's going on? I hope to see some updates before going to bed tonight otherwise it will be a boring day. Oh well, I'll keep waiting.

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I am ready to tackle my quad David. Until I recieve everything, I am doing my homework by researching my area. JKB
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Quote from: bakerton on March 20, 2009, 03:22:08 PM
I am ready to tackle my quad David. Until I recieve everything, I am doing my homework by researching my area. JKB
I was doing the same until I got bored and found out basically everything. But what about my questions, David? Oh well, I can wait for my questions to be answered.

EDIT: Is it just me or am I posting every time someone else posts shortly after? Oh wait, I AM that bored.

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CCFC: David will post when he's got something to post. It sounds like he's pretty busy at the moment working on the collaboration. Good things take time, so please be patient!


Mmm that Three Rivers, MI got me thinking. David, did you ever think about sister cities for Pineshore ? May I humbly suggest...


Halfway between Montréal and Québec City, 129,100 inhabitants, est. 1634 (375 years), sometimes referred to in English as... Three Rivers.

Should you find it too big a sister city, then we have the Italian version :

A small village in Central Italy, less than 2,000 inhabitants, a couple goat herds, not even a soccer field (in Italy !)

OK, that might be a little too modest for a capital city such as Pineshore. Would you fancy something a little more tropical to help you evade the frigid 3RR winters ? Well then I give you:

75,000 inhabitants in the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro (a little bit to the north of Rio), now there HAS to be a soccer field, we're talking Brazil here.

Still too big ? Now I have got what you want:

8,000 inhabitants under the Caribbean sun, quiet bungalows looking over the sea, a gentle tropical breeze in the coconut trees, what else may you wish ?

There may be others, I guess. Unforntunately, I don't speak Russian, Chinese or Arabic. Can you guys find some more ?

Greetings from Montreal (about 100 miles west of Trois-Rivières)


the water mod on that last picture looks so unrealistic.....
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