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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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#500!!!!! :thumbsup:

Congrats David!

I'll be looking foward to the rest of the tutorial, too.


Hi David-

Wow . . . the amount of detail and effort your putting into this tutorial--it's insane!  Looking forward to its completion.  With all those images, I'm quite lucky I've got a T1 line. 

And Matt, congratulations on your induction to the 3RR Fact Checkers!

Best Regards,

(Dang, just missed out on #500  :D. . . congrats Travis! :thumbsup:)


Wonderful tutorial and it's very useful! :thumbsup: &apls

my 900th post


More excellent tutorials! :thumbsup:

And the snowscapes looks really beautiful, and if you succeed in making "seasonal terrain" it would surely bring a new dimension to the game. Maybe you could work in Swampers snowmod too, for that midwinter feel?

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Well thank you for that (indicentally, you can also use the hand thingy to move around the 3D view too). For those of you who take issue with the delay of the tutorial....um... blame Larry.
-Larry: Ohhh no you don't. Blame him!
-Moe: Oh, a wise guy eh?
-Curly: Yeah... and what are you going to do about it?
At this point I feel it necessary to divert your attention away from what is about to come (since there may be younger viewers here who are not familiar with their work I feel that they should not be unduly subjected to some of the aforementioned antics of the stooges, but be assured, no one gets hurt too badly) and again take this opportunity to congratulate Tarkus (Alex) for his recognition and dedgren (David) everything he's done thus far. Looking forward to the rest of the tutorial. Take it easy.


Wow, I went to bed around #496 I think, and I wake up to wind we've passed the plateau of 500, and there is a new historical plaque in 3RR! Congratulations to threestooges, Travis, and to you David!


Hoo-boy!  500 comments (some of them my own posts, I must admit) on 3RR's two-month anniversary here on SC4D.  That's 3,000 a year or, if you are really into that sort of thing, one every 178.5 minutes- call it one every three hours, eight a day.  I am so grateful that you find this little corner of this great site worth your while.

Here's another statistic- maybe even more amazing.  I posted the following here [linkie] on January 14-15 (that's last month, folks).

Quoten.b.:  It's pretty clear, based on the current average rate, that we'll hit 2,000 page views here at SC4D early tomorrow, the 15th.  I'd like to thank in advance all of the 3RR Regulars- which is anyone who've ever stopped by at least once- for continuing to be such a great bunch of folks to write for.  It only gets better from here.

Update:  (01-15-07 9:00 a.m. AST  GMT-9)  Well, it was 2,005 and counting the first time I checked the 'puter this morning after getting out of bed (today's a federal, state and, most important, court holiday).  Thanks again to all you great folks out there!

Well, as of yesterday, five weeks to the day later, we were at 7,000 page views and counting.  That's 1,000 each week, a few less than 150 a day.

...about one every ten minutes, but let's not get carried away...

I'll say it again- you folks are so great!

...and what do we have for our 500th commenter, Bob?

Wait 'til you see what's behind the curtain, Don... It's a brand new car!  Oops, got carried away- watched too many game shows in my vulnerable youth.

Okay, so our friend Travis, of Daytona Beach, Florida, rang the bell on only his second comment.  Thanks, Travis, we couldn't have made it here without you (and without all the rest of you as well).

So, here's

a nice little burg of 500 happy folks on the southern shores of McClaren Flowage, 3RR's largest artificial lake.  Used to be the region's "Cranberry Capitol" back in the days when the lake was just McClaren Bog, but now its quaint and historic main street attracts a growing contingent of artists and artisans, who are revitalizing old buildings at an increasing rate.

Travis is located

in the southwest quad of Fox Township.

Another 3RR Regular* on the map!

Thanks again, everyone.


*A 3RR Regular:  Anyone who has ever commented at least once on this MD (including over at 3RR-ST).

n.b.:  Please make sure you see the current section of the ongoing ploppable seasonal trees tutorial, which is here [linkie].  It will all be up later today.

D. Edgren

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Woo-hoo! Well done David, 3RR, Threestooges and Travis!  &apls &apls

I'm in game-show mode now too, lol, SHOW ME THE MONEY! :P

*calms down*

Anyway, congratulations on a great achievement David, but then again, I guess the stats speak for itself - 3RR is an amazing achievement, a masterpiece, in itself! And that is what keeps us, and numerous others, coming back here!

*Puts on a party hat and runs downstairs to get a glass of wine...*

You should enjoy your evening / day! (From my understanding it is 8:50 am over there, while being 7:50 pm here... :P)

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The current section of my ongoing ploppable seasonal tree tutorial

is up!  It starts here [linkie].

Thanks for all the great comments so far- I'll be responding to a few of them shortly before the tutorial continues.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

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will you ever release those lots?
Friend of the Certified Drama Queen :)



After seeing the map where you've pointed out Travis, I've realized that you never did point out where my namesake area, Thunder Bay, was located. It's not a big deal or anything, I'm just curious to where it fits into the grand design of 3RR! If you'll now, excuse me, I'm going to continue where I left off in your recently finished tutorial.

Take care,



Here's to the next 500 posts, David.  I hope they come at a record pace, but not so quick as to have you  :-\ everything.  Thanks for the knowledge.  I've gleaned enough from you to start messing with the LE and the iLive reader (a bit, a little bit), but thanks to you and others it's not as hard as I once thought.
Carolina Tar Heels... National Champs again!


Hello David.

Wow! Thanks very much, I'm honored to have a town named after me in 3RR. It's awesome. ;D
And the tutorial is very handy, I've learned a few things about the LE from it. For instance,
I never knew you could duplicate multiple props and textures.

Can't wait to see more! :thumbsup:


Two other things that I thought you might find interesting (though perhaps superfluous for a basic tutorial but still good to know): when drag-selecting props etc the selection will only include props that are ENTIRELY within the selection box. This is useful when you have overlaping props as shown in your tutorial and you only wish to select one of them. Second: suppose you actually selected a prop you dont' want, or you want to select more than one and there are others in between that you don't want. You can select/unselect individual props by pressing (and holding) the control key while clicking on props.

Finally, I like how your tutorial turned out. It is very well illustrated, easy to read, and very informative. You have added a superb piece of information to what already exists and may have created another generation of lotters. One last thing (yes I know I said finally already and it would be easy to delete but...) if it's not too much trouble: I was wondering exactly where historical marker 348 actually falls on the map. I want to thank you again for the honor of the marker (I was wondering how you would use the name if/when I hit the map), and might I ask what the picture/image is at the top of it?


Matt (threestooges) wondered earlier today

QuoteI want to thank you again for the honor of the marker (I was wondering how you would use the name if/when I hit the map), and might I ask what the picture/image is at the top of it?

Here's one from Wisconsin that looks a lot like 3RR's markers (must use the same vendor...heh!).

I think it's a beaver...

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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My, but that was a quick reply. I thought it was a beaver when I first saw it too, but I thought I'd double check. Wisconsin's state animal is a badger which seems to fit (but I still think it looks a bit like a beaver). Thanks again.


Yup it is a badger alright.   I live like 10 minutes from the Wisconsin border, ya sure ya betcha.   You folks need ta have some bars or some cheese curds, den dare.    They are a bit badger crazy over there.   LOL

Great update to the tutorial David.     I am learning so much.   I am gonna wait till the tutorial is done then put it all into practice.    I have a folder all set up with CP Seasonal trees and ready to create fantastic new lots.

Have you seen any "wind blown" or "bonsaiesque" looking trees out there anywhere?    Something that would look appropriate along a rocky beach.


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...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Gaston and Threestooges you two have nailed it on the head.
of course Gaston being a neighbor you can probly easly figure it out but for wayard neighbors its confussing exspcialy if they have never been to this wonderful state.
far as being a tad bit umm badger crazzy yeah but not as bad as our secondary friend the Hodag
[Linkie] which in by far the best one for us up here in the Northwoods...David once again you are out doing yuorself here and so simply and easily to understand that is why i love to visit 3RR.
I just wish i could use my LE and do some of this along with you but my poor machince cant handle it cause of not enough ram, as it is i have a blast just trying to play SC4.
who knows maybe some day i will get a new machine - pat

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I was trying to recall how long it took to get to 500 comments on 3RR-ST.  You'll recall that here at SC4D, we reached that milestone in exactly two months [linkie].  When the answer did not immediately come to mind, I fired up the 3RR WABAC Machine [linkie] and went to take a look...


07/17/2006 01:18 AM

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* * *

Post No. 500!

jacky (Jacqulina - Paradise Falls), this will be going up soon in 3RR to commemorate the event.

Thanks as well to everyone else who has recently commented here, on the STEX and in PMs.  I appreciate your patience- I'll continue on break another week or two, but you are all in my thoughts as summer begins to wind down.


So, the answer is just about twice as long: four months and a few days.  Once again, words just fail me here.  You folks are the greatest.

* * *

As long as we have the WABAC Machine out and running, here's another little blast from the 3RR-ST past- this time about "game" contour lines.


09/05/2006 07:41 AM

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* * *

I have just a few minutes before I'm off on the hour (or so) drive to work, so I'll answer Delta07's question

...What do those [ctrl+alt+c] lines represent? Like 100 m. or something?...

asked back on August 25th.   Thanks as well, Gaston, for reminding me.

I, frankly, had no idea until I did the following.

I first booted up a suitable hilly 3RR township and immediately pressed the [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ C ] combination to bring up the "game" contour lines.


I focused on the small hill at the top right edge of the township.


The three lines at, bottom to top, increasingly higher elevations should give good results.

I pressed the [ G ] key to bring up the grid...


...and then started collecting data by bringing up the terrain query tool by pressing [ Ctrl ][ X ] to bring up the "cheat code" box, into which I typed the term terrainquery and then pressed [ Enter ].

Through the magic of PhotoSh PaintShopPro-ing, I've summarized what I saw here.


The "y" variable is the elevation in meters at the point over which the cursor hovers; in this case over each of the three contour lines.

Remembering that 250m is SC4's "sea level," we learn, after rounding, that the lowest contour line is at 185m, the middle at 249m, and the highest is at 313m: a nice, uniform 64m in vertical distance apart.

Oh, just to check, in case discontinuous contour lines might be at different elevations...


Well, that's good to know.

So, the answer is 64 meters.  Now, what was the question?

More on SC4's use of scale in my next post.



I'm working on the next section of the in-progress seasonal tree lot tutorial [linkie] and probably will start posting it tomorrow evening.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

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Yeah, I remember those posts about the contour lines. Very informative. I think I also post some info related to it. Hexadecimal numbering or similar if I'm not mistaken. &Thk/(