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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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David my mother will be in the ChiTown area here shortly and I could have her get you some Burr Oak acorns if you wish  ;)   I can't wait to get off work tonight to get my copy of your wonderful tree set wow!!!! Ohh I just bout had a heart attack when I saw your files btw eeeeeeeeeeeks talk about a real holloween scare!!!!


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Quote from: JoeST on October 03, 2008, 03:09:16 PM
Nerdly: you need to upgrade to XP $%Grinno$% and get a bigger HDD ;)



I play on a computer with a 20gb hard drive!! It also has 384mb of RAM!!! I have 2gigs of plugins!!! It has a 664Mhz PIII!!!!!

Equation=SLOW!!! (10 minutes to load the game AND cities!)

EDIT: Been playing around with FARR. Works and looks good. Textures work well, puzzle pieces plop without major issue. Looks great in mountain areas. I have just a couple gb's of total SC4 files,but then again I don't make much custom content of my own .(limited to Lot Editor at the most)


FAR Beta sounds good to me. Really I love "breaking" puzzle pieces. And I love doing what the game wasn't intended to.

Not to mention I've seen so many great pictures made with it, I'm never one to let myself miss out. Would give me a reason to get working on my region and get to the rural areas.
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Hi David,
great work on those trees, and thanks for the links to FolderNuke and DoubleKiller very usefull!
Perhaps another tool could be of some use to you, SyncToy V.2 which allows you to synchronize two folders, or many for that matter, I use it for my pictures folder for backup purpose and it's very efficient. Here's the link http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c26efa36-98e0-4ee9-a7c5-98d0592d8c52&DisplayLang=en

Again great work!


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Didn't have the time I expected this evening, but I did take our friend nerdly up on his challenge.

A bit closer in.

These are animated .gifs, so they're big and slow to load...


...but this'll give you an idea of what seasonal trees can do for your game.




D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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______________________________________ I uhhm_________________ Yea______umm I just dont what to say david!!!! you done now you broke me!!! hehehehe  Did you know you can record animation in sc4 by ctrl x record and then it saves, now that would be sweet to see a video clip!!!

~~~your rhinelanderian friend Patrick~~~

ps if you would need help in making the video send IE no time to fiddle around with movie maker, you could send me the recorded animation folder and I would love to whip it up for you~~

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Wonderful .GIFs, David--Very clever stuff! You keep pushing those boundaries, my friend!



Beautiful scenery there. Can't wait to use those trees!



Beautiful scenery David, both in the game and in Montana. I've made some progress regarding a teaser I posted a little ways back. Check your email, there should be something there.


Wow nice update. The nature is simply super my friend  ::)
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Hi David

Cheers for the email.

I have spent most of day today playing with the pieces.  Absolutely no issues yet in terms of being able to get it to break.  Have tried all sorts of configs and all works well.  Tested out UDI and works a treat.  No alignment issues so far however second pic will show you "sunken" road on one side when used on some angles.  Not that I think its much of an issue.

A couple of points so far:
1. Obviously you have plans for intersections as I find you REALLY need them if you are working inner cities etc.
2. Do you have plans for less of an angle again ie your pieces I believe are 22.5 degrees - maybe half that again?  See pic the red line. 
3. Plans for streets?  Aves?

Cheers again will keep testing.


I see that people, are testing the FAR(R). Actually I'd like to test it too. Is this possible?

@savagemuppet: Making those puzzle pieces is quite hard, so I don't think that there will be 11,25 degree puzzle pieces in the (near) future.
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Off to hang around with my boys.

Before I go, though, I thought I'd show you the

Every October, a spell of warm days is suddenly interrupted by the "Manitoba Express," a frigid wind blowing from the northwest across hundreds of miles of open prairie.

When it hits moist air from the Gulf that's traveled up the Mississippi Valley, the result is almost always 3RR's first snow.

The waters of Cold Lake remain open, because there hasn't been a sufficient drop in temperature overall to begin freezing it up.

The last of the leaves on the shoreline birches, though, are gone.  It's a long, hard five months 'til spring.

* * *

Here's what I finished up last night.

The set of these for the FAR is off to the NAM folks today.

* * *

Here's the list of WC/FAR/FARR beta testers through right now.

Marisa (girlfromverona)
Kevin (BigSlark)
Dan (dsrwhat316)
Matt (threestooges)
Dustin (thundercrack83)

Ryan (burgsabre87)
Joan (Jmouse)
david (bighead99)
Larry (debutterfly)
William (un1)

Ricky (streetlight 725)
Jon (bakerton)
Adam (Ennedi)
Jayson (sithlrd98)
Stephane (wouanagaine)
Craig (abcvs)
dtp (deathtopumpkins)
Hal (Haljackey)
Dirk (north country dude)
Ben (ben_meissner)

Isaac (Masochist)
Paul (psander5)
Richard (savagemuppet)
Maarten (mrtnrln)
Rob (pagenotfound)
John (Darmok)

If you don't see your name/nic on there, and you have asked, let me know.  I'm going to pretty much close out the sign up at the end of the date today so I can stay on top of things.  I really appreciate the feedback so far and it would be great to see more.



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


Yay, Euro texures! I'm just about to start a new region, so these will come in very handy. :)

The seasonal trees in your pics amaze me one more time, and adding Cycledogg's old models is a nice idea to spruce up the variety indeed. BTW, is it just me or do some of the trees disappear for a short time in the seasonal cycle? Looks like the seasonal properties need some tuning. ;)

EDITHeh, Andreas, don't worry about tuning the properties- I'm sure it was overspeedy lot creating on my part.  I just didn't catch one of the seasonal props in my dup'n'drag.  As for the ET set...

...I just watched you DL it!  Enjoy
. -DE


It sounds like Cold Lake was aptly named, doesn't it?  To tell you the truth, I envy 3RR's climate.  Although the winters might be cold, it seems like the hot summer extends through half of the year where I live, so I'm always ready when winter arrives.  I hope you and your family are doing OK, David.
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Nice pictures of these nature and also nice animated pictures!! :thumbsup:
Great work!

Looking forward to more...


Its "Rage against the grid" once again. Can I test this awesomeness?

EDITRob, they're on the way. -DE
Im back baby! Everybody do the Bendah!


Here's a few shots of my foray into the FAR / FARR...

I haven't run into any real problems while playing around with them. The small 90-degree curve is a bit temperamental to place, I've found, I think all you have to do is leave a one-tile space to get it plopped.

Plopping on hills takes a bit of patience as well, but that patience is certainly rewarded!



-David: Excellent work with the seasonal trees and the euro textures. The works here never cease to amaze. Not much time now, but I'll be keeping an eye out for the next new thing to come along.

-Dustin: That last pic is amazing. It really shows off the capabilities of the system and the switch you've set up has some great angles to it.


David: do you ever stop being amazing? :)

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