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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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WELCOME TO PAGE 260!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Great work there on the latest posts there! And great testing there of the FAR/FARR! Also nice textures! Looking forward to more... :)


Well, it's snowing like a bandit, so I've built a fire...

...in the fireplace, of course...

...and thought I'd catch you up on the goings-on in Alaska over the last little bit.

When I left for Montana just a few short weeks ago, we were in the grips of a very late fall.  Yellow leaves still up late in September- unheard of!

You'll recall my birthday fell on Dave's Day again this year- odd coincidence!

The big birthday present, of course, was having my daughter Liz come home from the Peace Corps, where she had served the past two years in South Africa.

The first week of October, Heather called to let me know it had was snowing pretty hard.  We had both thought, of course, that since fall had run so late, Alaska was just going to skip winter this year.

No such luck.

My old friends the chickadees were waiting for me last night when I got home.  This one seems to think it needs to sneak bites off the seed bell.

"Who, me?- put that camera down!"

Hey, I'm home.

* * *

For those needing that daily fix of 3RR content, here's the before breakfast session's work output.

I'm working on some other stuff today as well, as Heather's off to a school function 'til this evening and I can't go out now to pick up the yard- like I said, it's snowing.



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Wow, some great new FAR/R pieces you've been working on!

heh, speaking of Fall, here the leaves are just barely starting to turn yellow... looks like there'll be no fall for us this year.
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Ah, I'm sure you're VERY happy that your daughter returned and I'm sure she can tell you MANY interesting and shocking things about our fair country!  $%Grinno$%

I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter, and I daresay, put SC4 aside for a while and revel in the joys of family! But not too long... :P
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Great work on those transitions - looking better and better all the time  &apls

Great to hear that your daughter returned safely :thumbsup:
Fall is just about arriving here now but nothing like what you have at the mo.
Amazing how quickly things change that far north.

Take  some time to enjoy being with your loved ones and we'll see you soon

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yay...new pieces to satisfy reality...  :thumbsup: Can't wait to test those new pieces...very nice.


I've been busy these past few weeks, getting ready for some trials, and haven't had time to check in. Wow! This is great. I can hardly wait to get some of these incorporated into my game. Keep up the great work.



I can't remember the last time we actually got enough snow that it accumulated... not saying I miss it , but sometimes I do. Great job on the latest textures ,and thanks for the answer!



In some years, I think there are four seasons: summer, summer, summer, and fall.  I like snow, but I hardly ever see it since I'm fairly far south. :( 
On what I consider to be a more positive note, that FAR / FARR intersection is something else, David.  I await the chance to see what you have been working on. :)

EDITWe have four seasons, too- Fall (also known as late July and August), Winter, Spring (also known as May and June), and the Fourth of July.  Good thing I'm a winter person, eh?  As for the other, you won't have to wait too long- I'm hoping to get something up before I'm off to bed. -DE
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Where I live, none of the trees have yellow or any other non-green leaves. Fall comes later here, after a period of cooler temperatures following the blazing summers.  &hlp Of course, the coldest it evers gets is like 16° F. It snows occasionally, but when it does it's deep enough to increase accidents a lot, despite the lack of soccer moms and school buses. ::)


Just went through a few of your many many many posts and I was wondering if the region of Arcadia is avaliable for download? I am so sory if i missed ht answer to this if it was already asked. its 10 16 pm here and i am dead sleepy

EDITSparrowsraven, I'll unearth Arcadia and email it to you.  It may take a few days.  Thanks for Yet Another Great First 3RR Post! -DE



Glad to see that you had a great birthday. I assume you're still hearing Liz's tales of South Africa and will be for many years!

Snow? In October? Us Mississippians are still excited that the mercury dipped below 80 last week...


EDITKevin, we didn't see 80 here once all summer.  Not sure if I miss that... -DE


Glad to see you've made it back home safely, David--and to some snow as well! Boy, I can't wait for winter here in Pennsylvania. It's still pretty warm here yet, though the nights are getting cooler.

And the FARR additions are looking superb as well!

Take care!



The pitiful inch or two of snow we may get if we're lucky here in Vancouver looks even more pathetic next to those photos. We don't have seasons here. Our weather comes down to either it's raining or it's not. Great pictures David! Glad you got home safe.

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Wow, winter already! Guess its coming this way then, thanks for warning   :P
Great work on those new pieces, its just getting better!! 


Cool pics from Alaska there, David! I don't know if you've heard of the TV show Men in Trees... something like Sex and the City in an Alaskan small town. Your pictures reminded me a little bit of that show (I wonder why, hehe).


Now you see 'em...

...now you don't.

Hey, where'd that double track go?

Lookin' a little closer.

Nothing up my sleeve...

How'd we do that?

* * *

I've not looked at rail that closely before- and have never seen one of these.  I presume they're just eye candy.



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

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Needs more signals. :P Apart from that, simply amazing, really.  &apls


I love this update, David
Looking nice  :thumbsup:
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"simply amazing" is too light a phrase

the only problem I can see is that its going to end up of better quallity than the ingame rail...
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