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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Steps are looking good there, David! I'm glad to see that you're spending your sunny days wisely, my friend!

And, of course--the new textures look phenomenal!

Hope your weekend is going well!


Albus of Garaway

Great works on the steps there, David. Now on to SC4. ;)

Some great work I've missed during my absence. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up okay. I'm looking forward to those euro textures. I believe I can do some testing on them, which should be fun for me.

Looking forward to more, as always!


Stairs look great David.

QuoteGotta put away all those tools.  And I still need to mow the back yard.



I believe I'll be doing that tomorrow myself.

GF wanted Tempura for dinner tonight.   Wanted to cook it at home...         Somethings should just be left to the professionals.   lol     House smells like grease, a ton of dishes before bed, I had to rescue dinner mid-cooking, (she didn't bother to tell me she had never done ANY deep frying of any kind before),  and I have deffinately made better.    Next time we go out for it!    I know it wasn't to good, cause she agreed that we'd go out the next time she wanted it.     Some foods are just not worth the trouble making yourself.   lol


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Quote from: dedgren on August 01, 2009, 12:10:35 AM
Attached to this post for those who would like to participate in the beta of the default road retextures is the necessary file

Awesome! Thanks, David. Will post my feedback as soon as I can.

The steps look wonderful! Well done.  :thumbsup:


Awesome! A beta!

I'll download and test as soon as I get home from San Diego.


Well, I've been twisting and turning my roads pretty much every direction I can think of, and so far haven't managed to break the new road textures mod! I can't get over how much better it looks now. Will try to get some pics up at some stage.  :)


I downloaded the mod here but old textures are still appearing since I've been using them mainly in developed areas and as you said there are no wealth-dependent textures made for them yet.

There are also two other textures that I think may want to be included:

- road cul-de-sac by user "bighead99 / superhands"
- avenue to road transition by user "videosean"

These would complement the upgrade quite well with a few modifications here and there.

- Allan Kuan


The new road textures show up even in built-up areas for me. Have you got them in a "load last" folder, Allan?


David, I found a texture that you may want to add. It is a five point intersection. I will post my pics when I get back from work. Here's an idea of what it looks like birdview.


When i tried to redraw this intersection, I got two intersections without the diagonal road (\) keeping diagonal. It instead curves into the orthoganal road on both sides. Anyhow. Vreat work so far. girlfromverona I noticed that diagonal intersections with development may or may not show up depending on the zoning around the intersection. Also in agriculture zoned areas, the textures that David has made show up. Hope this helps.
Off to work.

-Larry (debutterfly)



Just tried this out. They're AMAZING!!! &apls &apls

I haven't been able to find anything wrong, and I've searched for about an hour!! (I'll keep looking though :))

Anyway, I suppose people want to see something. I've discovered that you can have....DRAGGABLE ROAD 90-DEGREE CURVES!!!



This new set is great!!!

Hope I'm not revealing any surprises... &mmm
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Didn't those already exist? Agreed, the Maxis one looks rubbish, but still. Can't wait to get my hands on the Euro version.



I couldn't create them (dragging) with the old roads...yes there was ploppable puzzle-pieces..dragging is just easier IMHO
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Oh you mean these don't fit on a 1x1 square? Otherwise, your game had a big bug.



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To clear up confusion...

its 2x2, and you can see that its dragged.

Hope this helps ;)
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From what I can tell, this new "draggable curve" is a diagonal that cuts the corner. The curving of the road occupies three tiles: the tile before the corner, the corner, and the tile after the corner. A traditional 90 degree corner only has a curve in one tile: the corner. bob56's before image shows how to make it. The ploppable smooth curve, however, takes up a 2x2 space, which makes it even more gradual than this new development, but takes up more space.

EDIT: It seems like this a crosspost with bob56...


I don't know if the 2x2 also take up the tile 'inside' the corner, but clearly, this one doesn't.



In the end...we can all agree that the re-texture is awesome...right?

David, just wondering if you compiled the euro or was your post/link a hint? :P

While I'm here...anyone have input on the width of those sidewalks yet?



You can probably figure out what this means...

For those of you interested in the Euro road retexture beta, what you've been waiting for is attached to this post.



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As soon as I get done killing some grass , I'm gonna take these for a spin! Excellent job David! I really think that these re-textures are not only very needed , but very well done!  &apls