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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Not trying to be picky but...
Quote from: sithlrd98 on August 30, 2009, 07:04:00 PM
Well, I suck at guessing but considering the newest developments , and the fact that we have already been moving at a faster pace....I'm guessing a little earlier :Oct.31,4:00 pm EST

Hey, its still a stretch!
The draggable FAR is amazing!



Quote from: FrankU on August 31, 2009, 06:58:12 AM
I hope I am in time for a double 00 status?  :-[

Haha! Yes! I did it!  &hlp

Sorry I have nothing useful to say at the moment..... Maybe I'll think of something.  ;D

EDITIt's the Double-0 Club for you, Frank- congrats, my friend! -DE

But apparently someone deleted a message before this one, so now it's number 8799! What now?

But besides that.... Joris' development really made me wonder what other things we (ehh; you) can squeeze out of this game! This is fantastic news!


Whoa! Draggable FAR roads? Hey Maxis! If you're reading? We'll get to SimCity 5 without you apparently. In all seriousness - that is impressive. And the person or team developing it has my thanks.

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sorry! just noticed I forgot my guess. Here it goes...

My guess...November 17th, at 2:57 pm

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Quote from: frdrcklim on September 01, 2009, 03:59:06 AM
Is it still no lurkers day? :D

In 3RR, no lurkers day is everyday..  :D ;)

BTW, here's my guess -> 28th November at 1PM  :P
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Quote from: FrankU on September 01, 2009, 04:34:54 AM
But apparently someone deleted a message before this one, so now it's number 8799! What now?

But besides that.... Joris' development really made me wonder what other things we (ehh; you) can squeeze out of this game! This is fantastic news!

Ah, but Frank, David inducted you into the club, so as soon as I can edit my posts again I'll make sure that you're in it, deleted posts or no.

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Time for me to make my guess. :P

8th November, 8pm EST.
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Apologies for the sammich, but I see that someone else has guessed for November 17...I'll go with high noon.


I had several pages to peruse... and I think I saw something about a no lurker day... so, somewhere, it is still yesterday, unless it's yesterday's yesterday, in which case I'm a day late (and a few time zones short)!

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I'm not really sure what we're guessing... but I'll say December 12th at 3:40 PM Central time.

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Looking marvellous with the real roads! (wow, be away from a computer for 2 days and you miss 3 pages of action)

Ok so time to guess? ahhhh Nov14 @ 7.30pm...whatever timezone you want to call it. i don't mind.  :)


Great job with the RealRoads David. My guess is November 23 6:14pm EST.

-Larry (debutterfly)


There no words to describe the Real Roads project  &smrt ()flower() :sunny:


David, that last project of yours looks very interesting! But why am I not surprised.....

Now, the 500k prediction.... let's say 11/11/2009 at 11:11 pm
why you ask?.... well... let's look at 2009, 2+0+0+9 =11 so.... 11 is the number of choice, it's as good a reason as any don't you think!

On the crash topic, I couldn't retrieve anything else so far.... I've yet to try a specialized software to see if I can find something more... nothing to loose but time. I'm rebuilding my plugins directory with your example in mind... it's a slow process because I'm testing everything I put in to see if I keep it or not... very slow process...

So anyhow, just thought I'd say hello and give you some news.

Hope Heather is fine


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Cabra: We're guessing at what time/day 3RR will hit 500,000 page views.


Hope I'm not too late to make a guess! Things have been a bit hectic these last few days...

Anyway, my guess is: 10am on December 9th.

Hope Heather is feeling better now, David.  :)


Hi, everyone! I'm slowly emerging from my hiatus. (No recent progress on my MD, but am cooking up some new BATs which I will share soon in my development thread, and Barby is putting the finishing touches on another project that I started over 2 years ago which should be released to the LEX soon!)

I'm so sorry I missed No Lurking Day on earlier this week; it appears that it was a HUGE success! But I must put my 3RR fact-checker's hat on regarding your (David's) Daylight Saving Time transition. You noted 2:00 a.m. on 2 November, but it's actually 1 November (Sunday morning rather than Monday morning). Wanted to make sure to bring that to your attention, since it could make a difference. That being said, I'll return soon to post my prediction for 500K views.

I'm excited beyond belief about the RealRoads and the progress you've been making; I cannot WAIT to get my hands on them!  :thumbsup:

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I finally did it!
I read thru the 443 pages of this enormous thread, it took me something like 2 months of sparse reading ;)

Anyway I must say that I learned so much things reading this whole thread it is really awesome, also I could follow the developement of several projects and I could see how you improved the game, its really amazing.

Congrats on your various projects David, you are the lord of the roads and your work is incredible. You even think about us little Euros, so thanks a lot!

You inspired me a lot, a long with others, to create my own MD lately, it is still in its infancy but I found the motivation to make one reading this thread so thank you !

I'll be back around here soon, no doubt about it,


Omnia, my first MD. Check it out!

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Leodido: Wow, that's impressive! I'm sure you must have had a lot of fun reading through it. :)



Heh!  My friend (and new 3RR Regular*) Léo...

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But no- Alex (Tarkus) is the Master of the Roads- I am but a mere grasshopper...

Thanks for the great first post!

* * *

I was going to lead with this...

...and then note that some big stuff is in the works, and it has been a really busy week at work, to boot.  Most of a day also got sucked into the endless void of waiting in an emergency room, as Heather has had a pretty rough last couple of days.  She appears to be better this morning, though, so our planned trip to Teklanika Campground in Denali National Park over the coming long weekend is still on, at least for now.

National Park Service - all rights reserved

No worries, though.  I have several extra computer batteries and we're going to buy a small generator this afternoon.  The only question is whether the is cell coverage so that my wireless modem will work.  I know that there is at the visitor center- we'll see.

I'll update this post later during the day with a 500K contest update and maybe...

...just maybe...

...a teaser pic or two of the latest RealRoads developments.



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