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May 18, 2022, 05:07:29 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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I'm saddened to hear of your loss David. Best wishes to you and your family.

Take care and be well.

Where City and Country Flow Together


Here's a diagram of the transparent ploppable water piece that I've sent off with a request to BAT it that will take us past the proof-of-concept phase for ploppable fords.

There's all kinds of places to take this, but we'll see what this gives us first.



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


And the road of innovation rolls on in the 3RR! 


Glad to see you back here, Mister. And in top form, apparently.
Take care,



Welcome back David. So I guess ur making creeks now. Always up to new things :).
300... 200... 100... 50... 40... 30... 20... 10

Yep, I still got it.


David, your work just amazes me more and more each day.

Glad to see you back, my friend.



omg... omg... OMG!!

I have worked for three years trying to make ploppable textures work that weren't subject to the water bug, and...

...didn't involve BATting.

...'cos I can't BAT for poop...

And tonight?  Well,

It's Alive!  Transparent, even.

This has huge implications for irregular edges on farm fields, Chris Adams' farm tracks, that sort of thing.

Pretty cool, eh?




D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


That is excellent!
I've waited so long for some Fords... You're an absolute miracle worker!

Can't wait to see where this goes...

Havva good one

Also, my 150th post!
737s, Air Force, Australia... what next?


I think this ploppable textures achievement has a lot of potential. One that occurs to me is filling in the gaps between rectangular lots and FAR.


Oh, very cool. This is worth watching, as most development here in 3RR is.

EDIT: It's good to see you back, David. I hope the trying times you've been through haven't been too hard on you.


Glad to see you back again. Very nice work with the fords  :thumbsup:


Very Cool, David!

This will indeed be another great revolution in modding.



Yes, it's 3RR.

We won't get into whether or not Three Rivers Region is an MD or not here.  I've said elsewhere that it isn't, or that 3RR's used steroids and is thus ineligible, or things along that line, but, hey, it's SC4D's third birthday, and I couldn't think of anything else that I could get through customs so easily to my great friend jeronij.  3RR being here this month is dedicated to him, and in honor of all the great things jeronij has done for this community.  Thanks to the SC4D Staff, friends all, for making this happen.

* * *

So, you might remember this-

from the last work on terraforming 3RR

three years ago just before it reached its current form.

That's what I was doing in November, 2006.  Then one day I checked my IM box over at Simtropolis and found that invitation.  I checked SC4D out, liked what I saw, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Within a month, Three Rivers Region had a new home, and you folks have made 3RR what it is today.

So, how will we use our little less than a month that we have remaining here?  I have, as always, some ideas, but I'd like to hear, for a change, what you'd like to see before I just launch off in some direction- a direction as you well know, that's certain to change wildly from day to day.  Post your suggestions, whatever they might be, please.  I know that there's things folks have PMd me about; I'd like to try to catch up with some of them.  Your participation, as always, has been the true heart of the collaborative effort I first envisioned in November, 2006.  It's always great to see where it leads us.

Speaking of collaboration... well, with all the attention we will get here, who knows what might happen?

We will also revisit the 500,000 page views contest, seeing as how it was so abruptly interrupted.  More news about that in the next day or so.  We are also approaching our 10,000th post here- maybe that will happen in the not too distant future.

I also plan to go back and tidy up some things that have accumulated over the past three years.  Broken links, missing pictures, you name it.  I'll keep you posted.

I also owe out a lot of 3RR Honors.  We'll be working on making progress on that backlog in the weeks ahead.

So, all in all, I think we're all in for quite a ride.  Make sure, btw, that while you're here in the OSITM section, you check out the other great Mayors' Diaries for November: Fabian93's excellent Empire of Leviathan, Jon's (JBSimio) incredible Covington, and Derry's (TheTeaCat) Hall of Famer Tales at TeaTime, which features "Shenstone" in the new 4-in-1 category.  And those are just the beginning of the marvelous MDs you find on this site.  Great to have you stop by, and thanks, everyone, for being a 3RR Regular*.

Be back shortly.


*  A 3RR Regular, as we have all seen, is anyone who has ever posted here, or in 3RR-ST, or on the 3RR Blog, at least once.  Everyone else is also one, too- we're just waiting for that first post.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


Well I'll be darned, my first instinct was right!  Congratulations Dave!   &apls &apls &apls

While your work here in Three Rivers Region has evolved far beyond a simple MD, it's great to see all your hard work recognized once again!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got coming up this month and as we move forward into the future. 

BTW, that ploppable water texture looks amazing! 


Quite a surprise, David!

I wasn't expecting this at all, although many others apparently were.

I know that you'll have some special surprises out for us within the month.




Congratulations on OSITM!  :thumbsup:

I agree with Battlecat, 3RR has evolved above and beyond a regular Mayor Diary...

Can't wait to see what becomes of this...

Havva good one
737s, Air Force, Australia... what next?


This is going to be a great month, even better than it was going to be already.  Everything you have done for the site and the community is what got you where you are today.  Your MD is truly one of a kind as is the author!

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Wohooo 3RR in OSITM &apls

This IS going to be a great month.

I really cannot wait to see what else you have up your sleeve and are going to surprise us all with this month
but I know I'll have many enjoyable cuppa's in here 3RR

All the very best to you

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Tomas Neto

Yes, it's 3RR !!!  &apls &apls &apls

Congratulations on OSITM!!!  :thumbsup:


It turns out that my original guess was wrong.  In any case, I want to congratulate you for OSITM, David!  :thumbsup:  I get the feeling this could be the start of something very, very good.  :)
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