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August 16, 2022, 02:08:58 AM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Yay! Smooth TTR curves!

Oh, and by the way, reply #10500

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I'd be very interested in seeing a new contest spread sheet to see how everyone is doing.....okay, okay, to see how I'm doing. ::) ;)

Great work on the rail lines.

Robin  &apls
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Sorry, didn't mean to be sporadic this week, but it's been full of work and doc appointments for the kids.

This is important.  I received this message from ImageShack in my email this morning.

QuoteDear User,

We noticed that your ImageShack account has reached or close to reaching maximum number of images allowed for free accounts.

We wanted to notify you in advance that free accounts now have a limit of 500 images. After you reach this limit, older images above 500 will expire within a month and will be subject to deletion. You can increase the capacity of your account by subscribing to our basic subscription plan. It is only $2 per month. There are multiple benefits of using our premium service. Some include: unlimited number of uploads, uploads of files of up to 10MB, automatic image backup, high availability and uptime of 99.9%.

Please protect your images by purchasing a subscription at this link:

As I have upwards, if I recall correctly, of 5,000 ...heh, 8,000... images there, including everything that appears in 3RR, I got on this right away.

The question is, do any of you have pics on ImageShack that have "reached or are close to reaching" 500 in number?  If so, please check your email account that you provided ImageShack when you registered for a similar message.  We don't want anyone losing anything.

* * *

Here's an in-game pic of the latest puzzle piece.

It's looking likely that I will not have much time to post until the weekend.  Be assured that I am continuing to work, whenever possible, on the TTR stuff.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

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Great to see another in-game pic  :thumbsup:

Just checked and I seem to be over the 500 pic limit, though not by nearly as much. I believe I was once warned that my pictures were to popular and I might need to subscribe to keep them available (last OSITM I think) but haven't heard back since. I guess it's fairly selectively enforced.


Argh, I know that feel. Well I had an account on a french site, I remember I got really mad when they simply deleted that account without saying anything, even backmailing them did nothing. Though, it was with only low quality pictures ( the SC4 content in them was... old.) So I didn't really mind.

Aaah, ahah, just opened an account at imageshack some days ago, perhaps maybe two weeks. Seems like I still have some time before reaching the 500photos limit!
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thats why I have multiple photobucket accounts, and to remember how many, its simply my screen name + letter and same password(like mik3775, mike3775a, mike3775b,mike3775c, etc)

Nice ingame shot David


... and then you have people like me who have there own .com with uber amounts of storage and bandwidth and never have to worry about anything :)
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Quote from: Kitsune on February 23, 2012, 04:21:12 PM
... and then you have people like me who have there own .com with uber amounts of storage and bandwidth and never have to worry about anything :)

Thats an option also  lol


I got a notice from Imageshack yesterday, too. I haven't even been able to get into my account for more than a year. Now I have three Photobucket accounts, one where I store OSITM awards (upper-level staff has the login information), one for the NUTs team and a personal one. There was a staff-level discussion about Imageshack vs. Photobucket some time ago, and the latter seems to be the overwhelming choice.

It sounds to me like Imageshack is just trying to sell subscriptions using scare tactics, but they can do what they want with my photos. I have everything backed up to DVDs, and I think it's a good idea to make a backup every now and then. In the site's defense, I've always wondered how so much bandwidth could be offered at no cost. Somebody certainly pays.


I'm sure I have less than 500 images there, so they shouldn't delete my images, right?  Still, I may have to look into the other options that Joan has outlined here, if for no other reason than to have somewhere else to go in lieu of Imageshack.  :P
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Logged in to my Imageshack account, got this message:

"You have 1287 photos stored. Since you're over the 500 photo limit you'll need to upgrade to a Premium account or you'll only be able to keep 500 of your recent photos. Older photos will expire on the 1st of March."

Ugh. This will be disastrous to my work, including my MD, the RHW Interchange Guide and archives. Thank you for bringing this to my attention David!

If you don't have your original images on your hard drives, I suggest downloading every image you have on Imageshack before March 1.

A great alternative site is Imgur, which is what I primarily use these days. No limit and it's free.



Again this is impressive, i´m really eager to play with it...  &apls &apls
Greetz, Carl


I switched over to flickr back in 2009 , and i can't complain.  Only 24$ a year for unlimited photos , i have over 30,000 now.... :)


I got the message too, but I had about 550 images.  So you know, you might see some missing pictures in my posts.  I'll have to work on that, for now I'm just sweating it out :)


I have about 2500 images on Imageshack. I don't have to keep 'em all, but what I wanted to keep, I re-uploaded on Majhost (works like a charm!). The rest will be lost, but that doesn't really matter to me; most of it was kinda dead weight...
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A couple of weeks ago I posted a teaser pic of the recent snowstorm they had over in New Sweden, a tiny village of 444 folks just a little bit south of nine miles/14.5 kilometers due west of Pineshore in Barrett Township.  New Sweden is the sister community to Talkeetna, Alaska, and many have remarked on the amazing similarity between the two far distant places.

The village is on the heavily wooded north bank of the Wind River just west of where the river enters Barrett's Lake.  In the summer it is popular jumping off spot for motorboat trips up the Wind River for a day of fishing.  Its peaceful rural ambience makes it a nice day trip destination all its own.

Village limits headed east on the Old North Wind River Road

In mid-January, though, New Sweden often, because of its location at the end of the Wind River valley, will get significant accumulations of snow- a foot/30 cm or two- when down in the capital just a few inches/centimeters might be all that falls.  I happened to be out there visiting the Roadhouse on one of those days, and had the good fortune to experience, as the locals say, "a dumper."

Looking south on R-47 toward the Wind River Bridge

Several feet/~two thirds of a meter were already on the ground (and on the roofs).

Backyard cookout shelter, New Sweden

At Nagley's, on Main Street, the snow was coming down as hard as I've ever seen it.  The store, which is the only place to buy general merchandise in New Sweden, is a good example of what things were like in 3RR in days gone by, when a trip to shop in Pinehurst was an all-day affair and as a result pretty much everything needed day to day was bought locally.  You can still get pretty much anything at Nagley's. from peas to parakeets.

Nagley's General Store, Main Street, New Sweden

Almost right across the street from Nagley's is the Fairview Inn, which has earned over almost 90 years of providing comfortable accommodations with that "when you are here, you are family" touch the right to call itself "Historic."  Summer rooms at the Fairview are usually booked a year in advance, so plan ahead.  A stop at the bar, one of two in the village, almost guarantees that you'll meet several members of the regional assembly holding a, err... special session.  It's long been that popular with the political class.

Fairview Inn, Main Street, New Sweden

Just east of these establishments at the corner of R-47 and Main is the sign for the New Sweden Roadhouse, which was where I was headed that day.

I mean, the Fairview is OK, but the Roadhouse is a place all its own,especially for a real 3RR breakfast on a winter morning.

Roadhouse Menu, New Sweden

You've already seen one of the sister Roadhouses, The J&J, over in Iona [linkie].  They are a 3RR tradition in the small towns and villages dating back to the late 1800s, and 13 are still operating in 2012.  Here's a pic taken out front looking back up Main Street towards where I walked from.  Still snowing like gangbusters.

Roadhouse, corner of Main and "C," Street, New Sweden

Once inside, things couldn't be more comfortable for the traveler in search of a place to stop for an hour or all day.

Roadhouse, New Sweden

Nobody minds if you just put your feet up here and hang out.  In fact, that's the local style.

Roadhouse, New Sweden

They were just getting the fire going as I arrived.

Roadhouse, New Sweden

Eating is family style, a great way to make friends when the place is busy.

Roadhouse, New Sweden

No froo-froo haute cuisine or fancy chefs here.

Roadhouse kitchen, New Sweden

Just good food and plenty of it.

Roadhouse kitchen, New Sweden

It was great to get out of the snow, and a fine way to get fueled up for the drive home.

Roadhouse kitchen, New Sweden

We'll make it back out New Sweden way again soon, but there's much, much more to see coming your way here in Three Rivers Region.  Thanks for stopping by.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


This Roadhouse seems a little more subdued than the last one.  $15 for breakfast though?


Quote from: Lowkee33 on February 27, 2012, 08:02:20 AM
$15 for breakfast though?

You have to remember that its an isolated area, so getting food and supplies will tend to cost more


Excellent stuff, David!

I feel like I'm right there in the Roadhouse!



I love the Roadhouse David. Looks like a nice place to hole up when mother nature throws her worst at you. At $9.50 for a half order of eggs and toast I'm hoping those are some darn tasty eggs. We've got our first winter storm warning of this winter for Minneapolis starting tomorrow around midday. I certainly understand the concept of 'any port in the storm'. Gonna be laying low for a couple of days.


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