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August 16, 2022, 08:44:01 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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I don't see anything wrong about this picture. ??? Looks like an ordinary men's ballett on carnival.  $%Grinno$% Yes, we germans know how to have organized fun party.  ::)
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So I put back my party costume , is it started ?

I bring some stuff from my country

Nice to see 3RR is still going

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Six Years!  Who'd a thunk it?  Nice to see 3RR is still going strong. :thumbsup:


If I were at home, I would be gearing up for this shin-dig with one of these:

Instead I'll have to settle for one of these:

Oh well, the company will surely make up for it  :thumbsup:



RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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So, Happy 6th Birthday, 3RR!

The party isn't scheduled to start 'til around 10:00 o'clock Alaska Standard Time (GMT-8), a little over two hours from now.   But the parking lot at the Old Grange Hall is starting to fill up.  Mike (mike3775) certainly seems to have handled the beer end of things, heh!

For 3RR's European and Australian/New Zealand/Far Eastern friends- we are going by the 3RR local clock here, so please don't worry about the time difference.  It may seem like you are posting on the 14th, but that is only a temporal illusion.  There's about 16 hours to go in the day here, and starting at about 10 AST we plan to make the most of it.

* * *

It is, as announced, a "No Lurkers" day.

If you are a SC4D member and haven't yet become a 3RR Regular*, we're standing ready to welcome you to the club.  If you are a guest here on the site, and perhaps stopped by because you were wondering what all the noise was, please take a minute to register on the site then drop back by to gain Regulardom by posting and letting us know you are here.  Thanks, folks, you all are the greatest!


* You and everyone else already know that a 3RR Regular is anyone who has ever posted at least once here or over at 3RR-ST.

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Aye! Happy birthday, 3RR! To many other years to come!  &apls &apls  &dance %BUd% :party:
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Some Japanese beer for those who have tried it. From the looks of things, we will need some "designated drivers"!!


Happy birthday to all of you!  &apls  :thumbsup:  :o

Stray Cat

Happy 6th birthday 3RR..It has been a while since I posted but I have been here to watch you grow.  Congrats David on your incredible achievement of uniting so many souls together for so long.

Just a stray wandering through life heading to the big litter-box in the sky...


Hey hey, Happy Birthday 3RR  :-\

This place is a very special spot in the world of SC4.
Thanks for making it happen David!
I'm in a little early, so I'll pop in and out as the day goes along.



With all the new track developments in 3RR, I thought I would come by rail, but they haven't built a transatlantic tunnel yet.


Well done! 6 years of 3RR, who could've thought of that? But then again, who could've thought that SC4 is still alive after ten years!

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Happy Birthday 3RR  &apls


Happy birthday 3RR! I hope that 3RR is as alive as today  &apls:party:

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I'll bring the liquors, typical from Portugal  :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday 3RR


Happy Birthday 3RR ... its been a great 6 years   &apls
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