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October 04, 2022, 06:24:08 AM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Happy 6th Birthday, 3RR!

Congratulations, David! It's been six great years, and here's to six more, my friend!


EDIT:  Oh, no, Dustin.  You don't get off that easy.

Oh, and yet another Double-0 post
! -de


Holy crap you are gonna be 60?  That is freiking sweet david, considering my parents are 61 and 64 and can barely turn on a PC, and here you are modding a video game  :)

EDIT:  Well, I do knit in my spare time. -de


Well, well, well... What to say other than...

Happy Birthday!!!

...and congratulations!

I know I don't post often, but between the news, information, new material, and loads and loads of entertainment, 3RR has been a great place to visit over the years.

Best wishes for all future endeavors...

EDIT: Posting once here today evens us up, Charlie.  It's always great to see you on 3RR. -de


Every MDer's dream...

Let's, while we're at it, note that 3RR's isn't the only birthday today.  Our great friend and 3RR Regular Steve (z) is celebrating his 60th, and BronxRunner, who apparently lurks, has one as well.  Happy Birthday, folks!


3RR Quotable Moment
@dedgren: "I guess in the same sense that some people lot, I quad."

One of the biggest things about 3RR, and one that I never foresaw but have almost certainly gained the most enjoyment from over the years is honoring friendships.  That's the big difference between 3RR and facebook.  At both places, everyone you are online with is your friend, but here you get to express that in ways that make those friendships seem far more connected.  Take, for instance, Dustin (thundercrack83).  We go back to the old 3RR-ST days, where in one of my first responses to a comment he made I called him Justin.  We got that sorted out and he then made the trek over here to SC4D shortly after I did.  Justin Dustin became a frequent commenter on 3RR here and it didn't take long before he became one of the first folks to help me manage this complex beast of a thread.  He had to forgive me again, this time when I pressed the wrong button and more or less erased his first 2,000 SC4D posts.  I had the great pleasure of recommending him to jeronij several times for staff positions with the site and ultimately he became an excellent administrator, working hard to keep this place running smoothly.  Through all that, along with starting and authoring a world-class Mayor's Diary: Commonwealth of Marathon [linkie], Dustin always had time to continue to check in and lend me a hand when needed.  So, check out once again


Thunder Crack is located on the north side of the Southern Range about 21 miles/34 km southwest of Pineshore.  Here's a topo of the quad in which it is located.

The 3RR Gazetteer describes it as follows.

  • Thunder Crack (Gorge/Cascades - NE Quad Curtiss Twp - lat. 48° 27' 43" N / lon. 95° 23' 07" W - elev. 833 ft/254 m amsl.)  Thunder Crack is a very narrow .1 mile/620 meter defile at the base of Shadow Canyon, which contains the headwaters and upper drainage of the West Fork of the Little Leaf River.  The river cascades through the bottom of the gorge between sheer walls of Mississipian granite that are, at the narrowest point, only 15 feet/4.6 meters apart while towering over 160 feet/50 meters overhead.  The volume of flow is an astounding 4,990 cubic feet/141 cubic meters per second.  Although the total drop of the cascades is relatively small, the high volume coupled with narrow gorge walls and large number of vehicle size boulders, many shattered and knife-edged, make these the only "Class VII" whitewater rapids in the world- runnable only by the certifiably insane.  The early settlers of the upper Little Leaf River area named the gorge and cascades in the 1850s.

We'll close with a montage of pics from this beautiful and unique area.

Another great friend of mine and of 3RR's is Matt (threestooges).  Like Dustin, we go all the way back to 3RR-ST days, where Matt would make the most insightful and precise comments about 3RR.  "Aha," I thought, "someone who would make a good lawyer!"  It only seemed like a little while before Matt was asking about law schools, then posting about being accepted, then posting about graduating, then about his first job in the legal profession.  All during the six years that 3RR has been running.  I feel like I grew up with this guy.  But Matt wasn't just doing all that and nothing else.  He too became a valued staff member here at SC4D (jeronij must have never heard the old Chinese proverb about your life being cursed when it is filled with lawyers) and has authored an amazing MD: Greenacre [linkie].  Here's one of several "honors" posts we did for Matt along the way.


Larry, Moe and Curly Johannsen were a familiar sight around the southeastern town of Black Earth at the turn of the 20th Century.  Close to the point of rarely ever being seen separate from one another, they attracted the attention of an early local photography enthusiast, who shot a number of pictures of their everyday activities over the years.  It's reported that a set of these pictures made their way to Hollywood following the the death of the last surviving brother and served as the inspiration for the movies and later on the television shows that celebrated their exploits.

The Johannsens, once their parents and other family moved from the region (reportedly in the middle of the night without warning to the three boys, who had only a day or two before somehow herded a number of sheep in their care into the midst of the funeral of a local notable), found themselves family farmers on a hardscrabble plot just outside of the town limits.

Despite this state of affairs, the boys lived fairly comfortably, as it was reported that savvy locals and businesses would pay them not to do work for them, as invariably things would turn out poorly.  Thus, Larry, Moe and Curly were spotted from time to time all dressed up at one of Pineshore's trendy local establishments looking in vain for any young women willing to give them the time of day.

We see them here loading up the family vehicle...

...and here they are shopping.

The Johannsens, patriotic to a fault, participated in the Regional Guard...

...and surprisingly were able to master the use of modern military equipment.

They drank together at local watering holes,

recreated together at local sporting grounds,

and generally, just like you and me, tried to keep their heads on straight.

They even did a little time together in connection with that unfortunate...

...well, let's just leave it at that...

So, there you have it.  Three brothers, best of friends...

...3RR's own beloved "Three Stooges."

Then there's Joan...


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


I'm a bit late, but I decided to go south of the border and pick up a few Mexican snacks.

Tacos are sort of a miniature salad stacked on top of piquantly-seasoned hamburger meat and served in a fried corn tortilla.

Enchiladas are made of spicy hamburger meat wrapped in a corn tortilla, covered with a tomato-based enchilada sauce, generously topped with grated cheese and baked.

This one needs no explanation. ;) Help yourself to whatever you want.

Quote from: dedgren on March 12, 2012, 05:35:38 PM
74 posts so far today, including mine.

Yes, I noticed. You also have seven first-time posters who are now 3RR regulars.

Sounds like an interesting trip. If you'd care to make a small detour to north-east Arkansas, we'll feed you, entertain you and give you a nice place to spend the night. BTW, Julie makes a mean enchilada. ;D

EDIT:  Joan, dinner is served!  Wow!  As for the trip, here's the outward bound map.

You may note a possible harmonic convergence.  We'll talk
. -de


Your route does not pass too too far from me (when you get to Tennessee)... you and I will have to chat. Perhaps we can arrange a lunch while you are passing through. It would not be entirely without precedent.... hehehe

EDIT:  We, my friend, shall see.  Thanks for thinking about doing that. -de
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I'm off to bed fellows. Please save a piece of cake for me.
Happy B'day again

EDIT:  Nite, Fabien.  Thanks for coming!  We'll have the rest of the party recorded for posterity (and who knows, maybe for state's evidence) next time you drop by. -de


Happy Birthday 3RR!!!

Thank you for creating this wonderful place and its works of art  :thumbsup:
And now I'm off lurking again..

EDIT:  But you didn't lurk when it counted, my friend.  Thank you for the kind words and for coming, and we'll be looking for your next post. -de


I see you're rolling through the Fraser Valley area of BC before crossing into Washington state on the outward trip.  Let me know when you're coming through.  It would be nice to try and meet for lunch, dinner or something if you're interested. 

That's going to be quite the excursion! 


 How many weeks for this trip?  Four, five or more?  And I assume you are taking a camper?  It looks like a very fun trip indeed with some very interesting stops.  Should be fun packing as well, you'll need your heavy winter jacket, your swim trunks and everything in between.

Enough talk....a toast.

"Cheers David!!
Thanks for your never ending help around the site and always striving to make our game even better year after year!!"

Now back to my beer and following along here.

Call me Robin, please.


I'm really enjoying the "posts from the past" David.
Love the single track rail, and the gradual curves.



Sorry I'm late, flight was delayed due to weather. Got some good work done while waiting to get here though.

Congratulations on six years David. It's been a pleasure watching things develop, as this trip down memory lane has shown so far.

As for that map of Rte 66, I actually worked on a building on it (well, next to it, but you get the idea) and almost had the chance to work in a similar capacity up in the Victorville area. Small world it is sometimes.

I suppose the beverages are well taken care of. Food seems to be flowing nicely too. Perhaps, given the distance a number of folks have traveled, I could provide the rides home. Hope you don't mind my commandeering a few jetways at the airport in Pineshore. It should all be cleared with the proper authorities:

Image modified from original.

Keep the plates spinning my friend.


Happy bday 3RR. David, it took me awhile to find a parking spot, so I finally parked on the side of the road. Sorry I didn't bring food or drinks, but I brought myself instead. I saw you have US 41 and US 45 down earlier. US 41 follows Interstate 94 between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Illinois state line and is only 6 miles due west on me in Kenosha, Wisconsin (35 miles south of Milwaukee and 55 miles north of Chicago). US 45 is about 12 miles west of me. I also been to Galena, IL and Wisconsin Dells, WI which we Wisconsinites affectionly call The Dells and US 12 goes near my favorite WI State Park- Devil's Lake State Park which is 100 years old this year (2012). Side note, can anyone pass some drinks and food; I am starving and thirsty from the long drive. David, keep 3RR going and show all the new future stuff and maybe in the near future, you need to come back to good old Wisconsin (even if it is the Northwoods). Your friend from Southeast Wisconsin (extreme Southeast Wisconsin) and the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, JKB
beam me up.... please!
I am the lurker that hides in all the corners and you can't get me out. You may try, but you can't.Please call me Jon or Jonathan.


Happy Birthday to a most celebrated and most dedicated well has it ever been decided? No?
But we all have come to the same conclusion it is none the less the greatest master pieces of
work from the most well respected David Edgren!!!

Happpy Birthday 3RR 6yrs and heres to Many more!!!
Love you man,

your friend from the midwest

Patrick A McMahon
Hastings Minnesota for now lol

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Happy Birthday 3RR!  I'm sorry I'm late, but I was away from the computer virtually all day.  I was somewhat intrigued by the good Route 66 memories.  I'll admit that I don't really have much of a connection to it, but I did get my kicks traveling down some of I-40 in Texas and Oklahoma, which replaced much of the route in those two states.  The old road still branches off the interstate in nearly every town 40 passes through in that area, and there are Route 66 museums and the like in almost every town.

I think we've proven something here today.  3RR Regulars (and SC4 players in general) are a resilient bunch.  We might have RL difficulties, we may get burned out on SC4 for a while and play other games or take up other interests, but it seems like legends old and new are always returning to the region and the community.  Congratulations on 3RR's 6th Birthday, David!

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Here are some rural power lines.


Well, it's time for me to get my little ones to bed. Save me a seat at the bar and I'll be back soon! Happy Bday 3RR and I look forward to another wonderful year!


Gotta sign off for now...  there is a train waiting for me...  well actually it wont wait so...


I need to get going home David. Can I have my food to go. It is a long drive back to Wisconsin and it is a night drive so I can be at work in time tomorrow. PARTY ON EVERYBODY, PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!. JKB
beam me up.... please!
I am the lurker that hides in all the corners and you can't get me out. You may try, but you can't.Please call me Jon or Jonathan.


During this fine party I have lost my avatar, but have found a flag and gender  &apls &apls &apls.


Happy Birthday, Three Rivers Region!  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this thread for the past several years.  Thanks for all you do, David! :)