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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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David that is a wonderful map and I must say its stunning even in this form, but im sadden to say once i click on the link and its not working for me siiiiiigh....

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I just found myself lost in that huge and magnificent map, looking around and traveling the roads in my mind...and right now, that's probably not a good thing since I have to write a paper on the expansion of NATO for Wednesday!

Either way, though, this isn't the first time I've caught myself staring in complete wonder here in 3RR and NATO's going to have to wait! Great work, as always, my friend! I'm headed over to check out the completed atlas before it's back to the grindstone.


Hi David,
I haven't posted here very often recently, but I have been watching  $%#Ninj2. That last map of yours is just amazing, I really can't believe it's not a real map of a real place! Great work, you truly are THE pioneer of MD/CJs.

P.S. Is the naming of Portis Hd. an intentional pun [linkie]?


EDITFred, you know me.  What do you think? -DE


Fantastic work on that huge map there, David!! :thumbsup:


Hi, David ...
3RR MD (or CJ) - is a main specimen about SC4 for me ...
Excellent work with maps - this is a bright way for me ...
Thank You ....


A week from tomorrow, and 114 pages, 2,266 comments, and 45,130 page views ago, we started 3RR here at SC4D.  My plan then was to begin collaboration in developing the region in the spring of this year, as I expected to have all the detail work done over the next few months.

Reality, as they say, bites.

So, here we are...

On December 20th, I plan to start sending out the collaboration quads.  I have a bunch of final work to do over the weekend, server issues to iron out and a number of posts to make in the 3RR collaboration threads, but here's where things stand right now in terms of who's doing what.

There may be a few changes.  Heinz has not been seen since May, and I know that a number of the other collaborators are involved in other projects that may leave them unavailable to work on 3RR at this time.  Also, if I've missed someone who has been assigned a quad, let me know.  We'll sort all that out over the next little bit.  I am keeping a list of folks who have expressed interest in the next round- if you'd like to be added to it, let me know.

Thanks for your continued interest in this project!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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probably a little late, but feel free to send me a quad if you wish. preferably big city or somewhere i can make a military base in.


That is one heck of a map David.
This looks to be an unprecedented collaborative effort involving over 20 people.

You have great vision for this region, and attention to detail beginning to rival "Middle Earth".

I can't for more.



Currently I'm preoccupied with School, Rock Band (such a great game  ;D ) and my own Mayor Diary. But I do expect I will have some time around the Christmas Holiday to work on my quad  ;D

This is my own 500th post btw.


Wow! We're coming up on a year. And what a year it's been, right? I look forward to more news on the collaboration, especially since I'm done with school now!


my goodness a year wow!!!  &apls David if you need anyone to fill in on a quad let me know im willing to pick up if needed...

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We are there finally!! :)

Just a doubt tough: some time ago we discussed plugins and so on, but I haven't seen updates so far about this topic, can someone clear my mind?  %confuso


A Year of Three Rivers 
114 Pages
2200 +Comments
45,000 + Views
And Countless INspirations to us all.


&apls   &apls


Yes, THANK you for almost one year 3RR!! :thumbsup: &apls


This thread moves hugely fast. I can't beleive it though. One Year of 3RR...hmm maybe we should have a 3RR Birthday Bash like we did for the entire site....w/o the releases on the LEX....

Longest-running MD....ever!

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Ryan B.

A '3RR Birthday Bash' . . . . . hm, that gives me some ideas.

*enters his DOT-BAT and starts designing something special*


ooh this should be good!!!

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Well David..  I must say I am a guilty little boy.  I dont follow this thread along with many others as much as I really should.  The shear amount of information in this project is simply astounding and I appluad you on all the adventures you have made it through thus far.  Unfortunately, I have not shared the experience in depth as much as some of your other followers.  It is definately not out of a lack of respect, nor interest, just plain simply.. I was late in arriving and have fallen so far behind it is insurmountable how much time I would have to put in to read this whole thread.  I would like share my deepest apologies with the utmost respect.  You truely are a master and I am proud to call you a friend.  I will like I have over the recent weeks keep a tab and watch out for new developements and good luck on your new adventure.  It will be an astounding success as have all your other adventures in this Community.  Keep up the great work buddy, cya around!  &apls  &apls  &apls
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Wow, I haven't posted in a while, but I'm still ready to build Brooks Ferry whenever you are!

3RR's come a long way over the past year or so, you must be very proud of what you've done here.


I'll put on my party hat and eat some poutine (that was the name of the 3RR national dish wasn't it?) tonight to celebrate the anniversary of this great journal. &apls

I have to admit that I am quite tempted to sign up for a quad, but I already know that I won't have time to do it properly right now. Something tells me that its going to be a while untill all of the quads are developed though, so I might join in at a later state... in a few months or so.

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