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~ Berlin in the roaring twenties ~

Started by peterycristi, September 05, 2010, 03:58:10 PM

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Berlin, du bist verdammt dazu ewig zu werden und niemals zu sein.

Berlin, you are a city condemned forever to becoming and never being.

Karl Scheffler

~ There is no other german city, no other capital in the world, that has seen so many fundamental changes of its self. Today, after the reunification of the two german states, Berlin is changing a lot again. It's searching for it's old glamour and for new one. It is a new capital carrying the boulders of history on it's shoulders. A city that has lost it's face. But what was this face? What city are we talking about? Which suposed old glamour is it searching for? ~

~ I want to take you with me to a journey i just don't know myself where it is going to end. Let's find that lost city, this lost Berlin that was famous in all the world. Let's find that exciting Berlin of the roaring twenties! ~

~At the end of World War I in 1918, the Weimar Republic was proclaimed in Berlin. In 1920, the Greater Berlin Act incorporated dozens of suburban cities, villages, and estates around Berlin into an expanded city. This new area encompassed Spandau and Charlottenberg in the west, as well as several other areas that are now major municipalities. After this expansion, Berlin had a population of around four million. It became the biggest continental city and beside London and New York the third biggest city of the world.During the Weimar era, Berlin became internationally renowned as a center of cultural transformation, at the heart of the Roaring Twenties. ~

~ Berlin was growing very fast but it's streets were hit by the tales of history. The Weimar Republic couldn't count with democratic traditions and never became a institution. It was hit by many crisis and not often there were street fights between the different political forces in the country. Unemployment and a economical depression, caused by the lost war let the people feel material poorness. ~

~ But people were for the first time free! The hard society restictions during the monarchy were gone and so Berlin became a spot for artists, scientists and a worldfamous nightlife! ~

~ This is, where i want you to take! Come with me and know the Berlin of the roaring twenties! ~

Overview of all updates:

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WOW great copy Peter  $%Grinno$%

nothing happens, no problem, you work in the 20s and I in the 40s, is rare but is well, I love Berlin and together
we can do a great job , if you need any of my bat's just ask me, Ok ?

Great job on the Bradenburger gate  &apls &apls

well I wish you good luck with your new MD  :)

Good nigh my friend

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Check out Abelfarei!


I can't wait for this! That first sneak peak picture in the banner is very promising  :thumbsup:

Fresh Prince of SC4D

Returning from Call of Duty . Must rebuilt what I destroyed....

Sam Johnson

Oh I can't wait for more! This teaser is just awesome.  &apls


I visited Berlin the last week of August, and it's a beautiful city! I hope you make an update of Potsdamer Platz! I think this is one of the best places in Berlin to learn about old and new / east and west. I can't wait to see you MD!  :thumbsup:


What a beginning for your new MD, this is looking very promising.



@kelis: Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry that we started a very similar MD almost at the same time. But anyway the twenties were completelly different to the 40's. So i think anyway we both can have a lot of fun and good MD's with a version of an historic Berlin :)

@CabraBuitre: Thanks! Well here wil follow more ;)

@iamgoingtoeatatyou: You don't need to wait so much more ;), here we go a little bit further

@Fresh Prince of SC4D: I'm happy, that you like my work so far :)

@Sam Johnson: Thanks a lot, Sam! I hope i can fullfill your expectations :)

@rikkeflik: Potsdamer Paltz is definatelly on my to do list, but it's one of the hardest and beautifull spots of the past Berlin to recreate. Anyway i hope to entertain you until i'll present Potsdamer Platz either.

@kwakelaar: Thanks a lot for your words. I think some of your great BATs will be part of this MD too ;)

First Update: The Arrival - a place to stay

~ Puh, what a travel! I thought this train will never arrive! But well, here we are. Berlin, our final destination! And here is my surprise for you: As this is just an MD and life in here doesn't cost anything, i thought, why don't invite you guys to the best adress of the capital!? So i booked rooms for all of us in the first adress on Pariser Platz, just next to the Brandenburg Gate; The worldfamous Hotel Lorenz Adlon!~

~ This Hotel open it's doors in 1907 and during the years it became a institution and has seen all the famous names of it's time. Marlene Dietrich, Albert Einstein, Charly Chaplin! They all were here and enjoyed the luxurious ambient of this great place to stay. Unfortunatelly it was destroyed by a fire four days after the end of WW2, after passing the war nearly undestroyed. The ruins were broken down by GDR-authorities in the 80's. Today in it's place is a modern interpretation of the historic building and again the famous and beautifull prefer to stay in the Adlon. But that won't interest us so much, let's enjoy our stay in the historic building!~

~ I organized for us a room with a beautifull view on the busy Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. So all the time you can enjoy the busy and roaring life of the capital. But now, i am really a bit hungry after traveling by train for so much hours. Let's see, what they got in the hotel's restaurant...~

~ That really was delicious! And the wine... my god! Well on my way back to our room you won't believe who i saw just sitting in the lobby giving tip to a hotel boy! It was Thomas Mann, the famous writer! Really, i'm completelly sure! This must really be the best place to stay in Berlin.~

~ Well folks, thats all for today. I hope you enjoyed our first evening in Berlin. Let's have a rest and tomorrow we'll have a look around on Pariser Platz. Can't wait to see the Brandenburg Gate!~
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Great job my friend ! I like the Hotel and the information  &apls &apls &apls

I'm thinking of leaving my project in the 40s, I think it's best for the community to show a old Berlin [ Your Version ]
and continue with a actual Berlin [ My version ] ...well I'm thinking to do, another question, You need a map for the city ?


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You've got some excellent photoshop work here!  Looking forward to seeing more. 


 This is one of the best starts to an MD that I have seen in a very long time.  &apls Fantastic start my friend, fantstic start.
I can easliy see this becoming a fast favourite to all viewers and I look forward to the next day with you.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


&apls  &apls  &apls

This is just fantastic. Only two postings and you've got me hooked.
They way you capture the atmosphere of a whole City in one or two photos is marvellous.

I'm looking forward to see more this MD and agree with rooker, it's the best I've seen in a long long time.

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Another Berlin MD!!!

Nice start here can't wait to see more of the original Berlin




@kelis: I'm sorry to hear that you maybe want to leave your 1940's project. Anyway i like your MD of the modern Berlin. It's done very good and you have great skills on the LE. I got everything i need, but thanks for offering me the map.

@Battlecat: Just paint and gimp, but thanks ;).

@rooker: I'm very happy you like my work. I hope, this MD will last for some month. There's still a lot of work to do and i'm happy to let the community be part of the progress.

@Myself.or.?: Thanks for your comment too! It's great you got the feeling for the historic Berlin, even because for me it's harder to recreate it cause it has changed so much since that days.

@penguin007: Thanks to you too. Well, here we go ;)

Second Update: A gate to the city - a gate to history

~ Well, here we are again. Hope you all had a good rest in the confortable beds of the Adlon. But come on, let's go out and see a bit of the city! Just out there is Pariser Platz. They call it the "salon" of the capital. I guess it's because all that famous buildings sorounding him. The french embassy, the Adlon, the academy of arts, the US-embassy, the Brandenburg Gate and at least the house of the famous painter Max Liebermann. ~

~ This is a view from outside Pariser Platz. We are now standing in Tiergarten, the biggest park of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate, built in 1788 to 1791 by Carl Gotthard Langhans, was part of the city fortification. When the citywalls were broke down in 1868 the two gate houses with there columns where built on the two sides of the gate. Today it still marks the entrance to the city center. That may be too why they call Pariser Platz the "salon" of Berlin. ~

~ Brandenburg Gate has seen all the history of Berlin and at least Germany. In 1806 Napoleon marched into Berlin through this gate after defeating Prussia. The Quadriga (statue on top) was brought to Paris as a sign of victory. It returned in 1814 after the victory over Napoleon. The prussian general Blücher found it, still packed in boxes, in Paris. ~

Return of the Quadriga in 1814

~ Also the Gate saw our victorious troops marchin in, after we defeated France in the war 1870/71 and after the empire was proclaimed in versailles. This was the year, that Berlin became capital of the german nation and from this point on it was growing until it got the busy and fast city of today. ~

~ But it also saw our defeated troops marchin in after we lost the big war in 1918! But if we've not lost this war, maybe we still would have the Kaiser. So somehow i'm glad we lost, he is gone and the republic was proclaimed. ~

~ Well guys, you see that building on the right side of Brandeburg Gate? That's the house of the famous jewish painter Max Liebermann! He is one of the most important painters of german impressionism. ~

Selfportrait of Max Liebermann 1916

~ So this was a lot of information for today and i'm sure there would be to tell a lot of stories more about this famous entrance to Berlin. But i think it's enough for today. You just go out and have a look or a coffee. Just aware of the traffic! It has increased a lot since the big war is over, eh! Meanwhile i'll go to write a postcard to my beloved Emmy. ~

~ See you soon, guys! ~

H I S T O R I S C H E S   B E R L I N

Paul 999

That looks great i love the trams and the cars :) good job!



Those pics would do well in the SC4D Picture Competition!!
Fantastic once again.  I like the approach you are taking.  It's very much like we are on a guided tour and you are our tour guide.  
I love it!!  Please keep this coming.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


I concur with the above. Those are truly spectacular images. The time and perseverance spent on getting those props to look the part must be acknowledged.

Well done.


Great work.  &apls Everything seems to be modded, almost looks like a new game.

Sam Johnson

 ???  :o
It's just great. Even this small extract is enough for taking you back into the twenties  &apls &apls

only this USA flag, I found in the third picture. looks a bit misplaced  $%Grinno$%
I look forward for more  :)