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March 22, 2023, 04:05:58 PM

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The " Did You Know.......?" Game

Started by JeeKTan, October 05, 2010, 04:03:04 AM

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Did you know

the God of Time, Kronos, still present today as chronology, chronograph, synchronious etc., ate all his new born children immediatly being afraid someone coming AFTER him, taking over his power.


Did you know ...

... an occupation group really sacked by the actual lockdown of culture in europe are professional dancers.

While the dancers of the famous 'Semperoper' (opera of Dresden, Germany, SC4 lot here) posted a funny video how they try to stay in shape exercising at home

dancers from the famous Opera Garnier (Paris opera, SC4 lot here) now did a moving clip, directed by Cédric Klapisch, expressing and celebrating social cohesion. Using music from Prokovjiev (Romeo & Juliet) but with two lovers beeing united at the end. A nice dialectic play of staying isolated at home and being united at the same time:   


Did you know ..

... Mr. Donald Trump and Captain Kangaroo went to the same university (Fordham)?


Did you know ...

around 1920 a young italian man had the idea to overcome parliamentarism and to strengthen the monarchy by returning to decsissions by gutt feeling instead of endless discussion and instead of democratic institutions like parliaments and elections and different indipendent courts deciding, having one man alone with one strong voice leading. Pushing all dilatoriness by different opinions aside and making Italy strong again.

This young man, named Benito Mussolini, founded a group, named themselves "fascists" (from the italian word "fascio" - bunch) which very quickly became very popular and took political adversaries one by one off the track.


Did you know ...

you can donate to poor major fantozzi now. You can donate links to NAM 41 videos.
Because when major Fantozzi searches for NAM 41 videos himself, he gets this:


Did you know ...

.. unti the 30th week of pregnancy the human brain is absolutely smooth and all those crinkles you see on a fully developed brain are a result of physical pressure?

This physical pressure results from the fact that neurons grow only on the surface of the brain and when they grow this creates a surface tension which leads the brain to interfold.

So the more you think the more neurons grow the more crinkels your brain will get. And those crinkels are very important for intelligence.

But be aware. It's also known too much folds in your brain are the cause of mental diseases like schizophrenia.

So it seems for a nice and healthy looking brain you should think a lot but not too much.


The longest place name in the world is 85 letters long.

Unfortunately, this is one of the facts you probably can't repeat to your friends—and that's because it's nearly impossible to pronounce. Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu is in New Zealand and is 85 letters long. And when it comes to other super long place names, it's followed by Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Wales, Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in the U.S.,
Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein in South Africa and
Azpilicuetagaraycosaroyarenberecolarre in Spain.
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"Never knock on Death's door: Ring the bell and run away! Death really hates that!"
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... that there is an Austrian incorporated village whose former name I can't write here due to its obscene meaning in English? :D
... it has changed its name to Fugging recently because tourists used to steal its town signs all the time?
... that most manufacturers and sellers of enamelware from German-speaking countries no longer call it Email because it may be confused with e-mail nowadays? Instead they use the French word Emaille.

Meine Region E Pluribus Unum


Did you know ...

... among the many sad news these days there is also one of the most legendary aeroplanes the Antonov AN-225 not existing anymore but was incidentally destroyed during the war against Ukraina.

There was only this single exemplar of this amazing plane developed and completed by O. K. Antonov in 1987.