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Onubis Federation (AIN) - Arab Spring in Onubis

Started by Evillions8, December 03, 2010, 08:10:41 PM

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I didn't realise you were over on this site too!  I love Gobar!  What is that really tall pointy skyscraper?


Nice one you have here! glad see you here again!




Away from the dense landscape lies a vast scape filled with farms and ports (mostly petroleum).  Tabuk is an example of these areas.  This town is known for the rural religious center as thousands of farmers congregate here.

Within this small town, many people live in shanties due to the high expenses of a small apartment.

Along with the religious structures, Tabuk has historical structures as these palaces originated from the Ottoman Empire era.


eugenelavery:  Didn't realize that too!  The skyscraper is Tomorrow Square by Cockatoo: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/25352-tomorrow-square/

976:  Thanks!  Glad I'm back here too. :)


I'm glad you continue this. Awesome pictures.  :thumbsup:
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Gobar East

While the downtown of this city is located near the Gobar International Airport, the people suffer from noise and moderate pollution. Compared to the other areas in Gobar, this is considered to be the second most desirable area, behind the main Gobar district.

Unlike most districts of Gobar, this district is the most educated because of high-attendance in local schools and a new outlook on education. For this reason, more wealthier people are moving into this district.

Contributing to this districts high-academic rankings, the airport enables the exchange of ideas and the movement of goods. Therefore, the people are more exposed to technological and educational advances than the other districts. To compensate for the increasing industrial demands, the government is planning to construct a cargo terminal opposite of the passenger terminal.

During nighttime, this district is known for its extensive amount of nightclubs and bars because of its potential economic benefit from the tourism sector. These night venues are nationally known across Onubis because of its strict requirements to enter these venues.


RickD:  Thanks man!  :)


Love the first and second pics.  Your city always impresses me.
Thanks for sharing.
Robin &apls
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Away from the dense urban landscapes, Muheed is the largest city in the western Gobar administrative region.

Within this small city, a highway cuts through the city.

As shown below, this piece of parcel was initially developed for connecting both sides of the river.  Eventually, farmers and regional businesses found this parcel to be desirable.  Therefore, the city Muheed was born.

Only recently that oil has been found in this parcel.  Soon, this city's main source of income became oil.  This oil is exported to other regions in Onubis and foreign nations.  As a result, Muheed rapidly expanded and still continues.


Very nice update again. The bridge approach is massive but I guess it has to be so that ships can pass under the bridge.
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Another sandbox update from me, this time, showcasing how I build my rural areas of Onubis.

Since this is not my main region, I created a different region solely for sandbox updates.  First, start with a blank canvas.

Terraform the landscape, you should have a part of the land being almost at sea-level.  This is so that vegetation can grow as well as crops.

Next, drag a couple of streets and place something unique such as an obelisk.

In order to make this a functional town, I zoned a couple of low-density residential 5x5 zones.

In addition to zoning, add some 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 residential zones along with a 4x5 low-density commercial zone.  Fast forward the game time and buildings should start to grow.

Since the unemployment amounts are significantly high, zone more 4x5 low-density commercial zones along with more streets.

With this empty space, add some filler lots that has the same base texture as the lot.

Zone more 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 commercial zones and farm zones to fill the empty space.

Then, add some vegetation.  Do not add vegetation on any other areas because it would look unrealistic.

Finally, the eye-candy.


RickD: Thanks!  And yes, you are right, the bridge had to be high so that oil tankers and other large ships can traverse the river.


Great job on these last updates  &apls  It's really interesting to see how you build your cities  :thumbsup:


Yes indeed, very interesting! Not a fan of desert styled cities, but you've done a nice job with this little useful guide!
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I like the behind the scenes update. I was wondering wether your desert cities are fully plopped or not. No I have the answer.  ;)
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See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


The Gobar International Airport completion:

Welcome back to Gobar!  The international airport has been expanded to accommodate for the recent cargo terminal.  Although the terminal is relatively small, it is enough to ship from point A to point B without any difficulties.

Away from the dense cityscapes...

Welcome to Rashed!

This district alone accounts more than half of Gobar's fish-related products.  Mainly, the fish caught are cod or tuna.  After the fish is caught, they are stored in these warehouses.

Aside from the fishing industry, Rashed attracts thousands of tourists weekly.  The middle-class and lower usually stay at the Faruq Hotel.

On the contrary, the upper-middle class and above would stay at the Rashed Hotel.  Due to close proximity of the UNESCO Heritage Site, prices are in the 670 OD range (or $330 USD).

After the beach closes by 9:00PM, most of the nightlife occurs at the local clubs and bars.


noahclem:  Thanks man!

art128:  Thank you!

RickD:  For the most part, the low to mid density buildings are zones whereas the higher-density buildings are plopped.  I don't want a repetitive skyline, so I had to plop my downtowns.  But thanks anyways!

Schulmanator:  Thanks!



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Going west from Rashed lays the most unique town in Onubis, Zain.  This small town is known of its grassland and scenic ocean view.

Another notable difference from the rest of Onubis is its unique architecture.  Zain's architecture features a shade of white and consists of recycled material, making it a green architecture style.

To accommodate for the large amount of tourists, series of hotels were built such as this one.

For the richer tourists, the dock has a Mediterranean styled beach house.  Due to its high desirability, reservations are made in three months in advance.

Last but not least, the regional view...
(You need to click the link, the image is way too large to post here.)

nbvc:  Thanks man!  :)

RickD:  Thank you!


Before I go back to Onubis, I decided to start another side project.  After I saw so many Japanese styled CJs at Simtropolis and at SC4D, I was attempted to build another Japanese city after many unsuccessful attempts.  Since I have better skills than prior, this should not be as much as a problem.  Without a further ado, I present you my latest side project.

None :(


Nice japanese style city. The last update with the night image of the dock was also great. :thumbsup: