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May 18, 2022, 01:15:02 PM

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Started by noahclem, December 07, 2010, 06:41:52 PM

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Very interesting WIP here!


Great stuff!always good to see some of your development :thumbsup:


Great to see action in this MD!! :thumbsup:

As always your efforts to reach perfection are admirable! &apls &apls &apls
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Really nice stuff over there. If you need any help with the airport, let me know. :)

On the picture showing the retaining walls, I'd suggest (if possible of course) to put one of those with the wall and fence right over the tunnel entrance, where it's a slope, since there are no fences to protect pedestrian from falling.
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The only airport that comes to mind that has three runways and operates in low visibility conditions with regularity would be Sea-Tac up in Washington. I like how this is turning out. Did you plan your roads on paper beforehand, or are you able to freehand this stuff into existence?


Happy belated squirrelday Noah. Impressive update! I'll need to match that awesome interchange :evilgrin:



That city centre looks awesome and your use of roundabouts is really inspiring. &apls

I also really like the way you've constructed the tram network in the previous update. Given how large part of your network is running on its own right-of-way, I think that it would not be false to estimate the tram a little higher average speed, up to 25 km/h. The tram network in Gothenburg (the only one I'm familiar with) is built in this way and the average speed of most lines lies between 20 and 25 km/h.

Anyway, the whole city is turning out amazingly and it is always a pleasure follow the development!
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Nice to see you around here. I'm still in love with your region map, there are a lot of possibilities, especially for some nice ports areas. The sidewalk looks very nice too.


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Simply stunning! I especially like the way you built the rail lines and the main station area. That makes me envy!  &apls


It's great to see the grand master's work again. You have a way of making the most difficult feats look easy. My favorite among your photos is the seventh – the little "castle" in an atmosphere of beautiful simplicity surrounded by fall colors.


Great work as always Noah! The historical setting with the marina and the peninsular is really good! I'm liking the look of the region too, there's a lot you can do here! 


Awesome update! I like your CBD but what I like most is that interchange!! I also really like how you based that airport off of the SeaTac airport here in Seattle. (I live just north of Seattle, btw)
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Wow, just got the red 90-day-no-post warning  :o  I've been easing back into playing in the last couple weeks or so and wanted to post a couple pics now that the site's back up. I've been mostly extending rails and highways through the countryside (I'm almost to the eastern border of the region), working on the area around the airport, and doing some other highway work closer to the city. Thanks to Stephen I now have working flexfly pieces so I was able to finish a couple interchanges, including that airport one.

Here's that, with the surrounding airport area:

The final interchange in the central tile:

The overview of that tile with the highways now complete:

I also have a pic handy of a nuclear power plant I've been working on:

Another project I've been working on, in the airport tile but not too close to the airport, is a waterfall. I wasn't planning something like that but when I extended the river (using game water) further into the tile the surrounding land eventually got high enough that sea level water wouldn't look reasonable anymore and I figured I might as well try a waterfall. My plan is to have it be an old industrial area with a very old, out of use, mill in the area with the surroundings now a park. The idea is loosely based around Falls Park in my home town of Sioux Falls, SD

Empty besides the bridges:

First attempt at the falls--those "small" Poseidon falls make quite a spray :D

Due to the amount of spray I decided to try the falls just in one area instead of two. I also was unable to get those RFR water MMPs to get close enough to the waterfall effect tile to look right and wasn't happy with the Poseidon lot-based effect water either, mainly because it covered too large an area. I decided to try to relot the falls lot, moving the effect itself and eventually using two, and adding a base texture. Unfortunately the base texture won't work but instead displays whatever else it can find nearby. First it displayed one of my TIA lot textures and when I removed that from my plugins it used something else from my range.

Texture (one of two) made using screenshots of the RFR ones:

Unfortunate result:

Lotting was done in PIMX, partly because Xannepan's lots tend not to be saveable in regular LE. Since he's used to pretty exotic methods to achieve these effects for all I know it could be some strange problem unique to such lots.

Anyway, thanks for viewing my little update. I'll try to get something more polished and/or substantial before too long though I'll be very busy in the next week. Many thanks for all your kind comments--really appreciate it :)

EDIT: In case anyone thought they might have time and interest in figuring out what went wrong with my lot, here are the relevant files:


It's good to see you back playing SC4 again, Noah.  :thumbsup:  That airport is looking mighty sweet there!


Thanks--great to see you around!!

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Those are some cool layouts noahclem! The curved avenue which connects to the two roundabouts is super tight!

Thanks man, glad you like them! I do tend to put things a tightly together as I can--and then frequently regret it when that means a small change necessitates rebuilding big areas of roads and/or rails :D



It's great to see you back Noah!Was missing your great interchanges and rail layouts :thumbs:
Excellent work as usual!


Thanks Guglielmo--it's great to be back! Will try to get back into more regular posting :)



Airport looks great and exciting to learn you made new flexplieces!  :thumbsup:

As for the texture it appears there's a conflict somewhere as it shows fine on my end in an otherwise empty plugins folder.

Thanks Erik! To be clear, it was Willy that made the pieces, I just made the textures. Have to say I'm still having a lot of fun using your textures to make pretty old roads. Glad you were able to sort out the texture problem--now I just need to figure out what caused such strange behavior in my plugins. Haven't been in that area for a while but I think I'm about due to return there....

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Great to see you back ;D

Love you idea with the waterfalls.
Looks like you got yourself a TGI ID conflict.

Thanks Arne :) I'm sure you're right about the ID conflict; now I just need to figure out where the problem lies....



That city looks really promising! I like the airport, but I absolutely love the nuclear power plant... yes I might be sick, but I think it looks fantastic in that location. I hope you can solve your issues soon.  :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot! Glad you like the plant; I do too :D



Great to see you back, Noah!! Great update; I really like the nuclear plant.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting back to that project :)

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