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The City of Wallford

Started by Nikom, December 21, 2010, 03:21:37 AM

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Lisbon, December 1497

In the cold winter of 1497, five ships led by Pedro Alvares Cabral, left the docks of Belém, Lisbon, with the fate of finding an alternative route to India.

Three months after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, they arrived to a land until then unknown

Then established the first colony in the new land, they call it "Terra Nova"

It was time to explore the new continent. Explorers, accompanied by a small army went north, and found a nice place to creat another colony, called "Terra do Norte" . Near the forest, the mountain and a river, it was the perfect place

Later, due to the problems of the Empire, it would be handed to the oldest allies of Portugal, United Kingdom. They changed the name to Wallford. Here, a rare pic of Wallford (probably the end of the 19th century century)


Update table and map

(this map only represents the Wallford city limits, a new map will be realased inlcuding suburbs)

U1 - Downtown overview (page one)
U2 - Stadium (page one)
U3 - Happy New Year ! (page one)
U4 - Eastown page one
U5 - Kentish and Convention Center (page one)
U6 - Wallford International Airport (page two)
U7 - The Hills (page two)


Hope you enjoy my first post, it is the first time I have a try creating a Mayor's Diarie.  ;D
And I apologize for any errors in English  :P



Nothing better than an interesting beginning of a new Mayor Diary. I also like the use of Rise of Nations for the pictures. Good luck with your project :)
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Terring7 - I thought that would be nice to use Rise of Nations to do a little intro to my MD, i'm glad you like it. Thank you very much  :thumbsup:
Sciurus - Thank you!

Update 1

Wallford is located in the northwest of Jacksonville, a small country. It is the capital and most important city in the region of Conventry. The city had an economic growth, which subsequently led to the development of the city early in the twentieth century, because of the mines discovered near the city and the growth of the industry. However due to excessive extraction of minerals in mines, industries have been losing importance as the city. As we can see in this image of the late 60's

Only in the 90's the city regained life and importance, and currently is in a growth phase . The past and history gave way to modern skyscrapers and new apartment towers. Now I will show you some recent pics of Downtown Wallford  ;D

I hope you like it guys  :P


Very nice start indeed.  The first set of pics are really nice, the second set seem to be a big jump off the first but still very well done.  I feel like I have missed something in the middle there. ;) Anyways, I like the transit layout through the city, seems very realistic.   
Great work all around.  I look forward to your next update.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Great looking city! I'm curious to see where you take us with this. Cool building in the 3rd pic just above the Tram-in-Ave curve  :thumbsup:



rooker1 - Thanks for your reviews, it's good to have them to help in my MD. I always spent a lot of time making the transit layout realistic actual possible. Again, thank you   :thumbsup:
noahclem - Thank you very much, i hope you come to visit Wallford more times :P

Update 2

Today is Christmas day, and tomorrow is one of the most anticipated day for football fans : Boxing day . In Wallford, the local team will play against Foxwood in the City of Wallford Stadium
It's the perfect day for the families got together and watch a football game in the Stadium, one of the most popular sports in the country


The Stadium is located in the north part of the city

before and after the match, there's always place to have some fun in the bar's and pub's :D

for those who are interested..   :P

but wait...

it started to snow in Wallford

Merry Christmas my friends   :)
Diogo  :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Fantastic update, and very nice city, too!!!  :thumbsup:
Happy new year!!!


Really nice stadium. Did you make it yourself?

And a good alternation of those T-Shirts etc.

Aaron Graham

Lovely city, I love the time line thing, some day if I do a city to show to the public I would like to show like a time line to give my city some history. &apls
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Tomas Neto-Thank you very much  ;) Feliz Ano Novo  :P

peter007-Thanks  :thumbsup: The stadium was made by dmscopio it's Boleyn Ground, I only made some changes in the lot. You can find it here http://www.davidluart.com/download.php#web

Aaron Graham-Glad you enjoyed the intro and that you have gain some inspiration  :D

Update 3

I'll just do a little update related to the New Year. In the next week, i'm going to show the city more closely  :thumbsup:
All the city is ready for 2011.. 10,9,8,7,6

5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

I hope you enjoy it and have a nice 2011  :)

Albus of Garaway

Wonderful city! I especially like the latest update. The fireworks look great. By the way, your English is really great!



Beautiful creations  :)&apls
Happy new year :)
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Tomas Neto

Fantastic update again, my friend!!!   &apls
Linda demais sua cidade, e fico no aguardo das próximas atualizações!!!
Feliz ano novo, novamente!!!   :D


You got a quite nice and interesting city there, Nikom. I really liked this last update. W2W are well mixed with the other stuff such as skyscrapers. Eu gosto da atmosfera em imagens recentes. As fotos são muito bonitas à noite. desculpe pelo meu nível de Português não é muito forte ..

E Feliz ano nuevo ! &apls

Take care,
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Albus of Garaway-Thank you very much. It's good to know that my English is not so bad :P

Terring7-Thank you and happy new year  :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto-Thanks again. Espero que me acompanhes mais vezes, é por ter alguém com partilhar o meu português  :D  Feliz Ano Novo  :thumbsup:

art128–I always liked to mix skyscrapers with other W2W buildings. Thank you very much and don't worry about your Portuguese, is a difficult language and you were not bad.  $%Grinno$% Happy New Year!

Update 4

First of all, here is a map o Wallford (made in paint  :D). The red areas represent the past and today's updates

Today I will show you the Eastown, a neighborhood adjacent to Downtown.  In this neighborhood you can find some mixture of services, hotels, office towers, apartment towers, among other. In this neighborhood we found various types of architecture, including various art deco buildings

Wallford's Main Court, and NewsFeed HQ

Crawford Avenue

On the left, the Edisson Hotel, on the right, the Central Network Media Building

GLR goes under the highway  :P

WTA (Wallford Transit Authority) Control Center

Tomas Neto

Wow..., nice city again my friend!!! Great update!!!   :thumbsup:
Estou gostando muito da maneira como você desenvolve suas cidades!!! Realmente você possui uma visão bem apurada de urbanismo!!! Meus parabéns!!!  &apls &apls


Great work so far!  You've got a wonderful looking urban area! 


Looking good! And quite urban-esque! &apls :thumbsup:
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(is hard to go to second page  ()sad())
Replies @

Tomas Neto-Mais um vez obrigado pelos teus elogios, espero que gostes deste update  :)

Battlecat-Thank you, and i hope to see you here more times  ()stsfd()

serebii666-Thank you very much  ;D

Update 5

Kentish is a neighborhood located north of Downtown Wallford (north of 4th update) . Here we find one of the most important Convention Center of the country and the largest baseball stadium in the region. It is a quiet place, safe, with a acces to good public transportation, green spaces, which meant that in recent years many people have moved to this area of the city, as seen by the numerous condos and apartments.

The Duncham Stadium is the home ballpark of the Wallford Baseball, the city's National Baseball League - West Conference team, and seats 23,066 fans.

The WTA red line crosses the area, and has three stations : Convention Center, Kentish, and Clarence Street.

Crawford Avenue

The Wallford Convention Center (WCC) is a convention center, located northeast Downtown Wallford, and is one of the largest and most famous of the country. The WCC hosts annual events such as the Greater Wallford Auto Show, Working Expo, amog others. However, during this week-end something will happen that may interest you: Sim City World, a space dedicated to all fans of this amazing game. Be my guests, and visit Wallford  :P

Just chose an hotel  $%Grinno$%

I hope you enjoy it  :thumbsup: