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Republik Monareich - Update nr 18 - Dannenberger Kreuz - 18 March 2012!!!

Started by oczomajster, January 15, 2011, 02:54:43 PM

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System: Federal Republic
- official: German
- used: English, Danish
Capital: Altona

Flag and emblem of Monareich:








UPDATE 1 - Kreis Keissel

1. Windfarms next to the highway A34

2. Highway Junction Benrath

3. Industrial area near the highway A34

4. Mosaic

Sorry for any mistakes! I'm writing with translator!


Bardzo miły początek co zapowiada się obiecująco MD. Bardzo ładne prace!

A very nice start to what looks to be a promising MD. Very nice work !

Ethan :)


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I see your MD in Simcity Polska and is very great ! Good start here, well done and keep up the good work !

See you  ;)

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I love the mosaic - it's so serene and... realistic!




Presentation skills are brilliant. Look forward to more from you.


Very nice! I'll keep reading.
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Hey, why haven't you said anythig, that you are posting here?  ;) Good work with interchanges.
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Great start! You do a really nice job with rural scenes and transportation networks  :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Wow..., great start, awesome update my friend!!! Really fantastic mosaic, and nice rural city too!!!  &apls &apls


Great start! You have a very nice rural area there; I especially like the diagonals in the upper left corner  :thumbsup:


Thanks all for your replies! :)

UPDATE 2 - Keissel Stadt - City of Keissel

5. City of Keissel

Best regards! :)

Sorry for any mistakes! I'm writing with translator!


Very good! I see you use many of the mods I also use but you're clearly better in city-building. Great job  &apls
Can I see more of the ranch on the right, next to the rails? That's a great use of rural stuff in an urban area.


 Great start and very nice looking city. 
Your farming areas from the first post look awesome and very well laid out.  I too would like to see more of that ranch.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Tomas Neto

Fantastic update again, my friend!!!  &apls &apls


Not only is your mosaic beautiful, but the farms are beautifully made as well!   ;D

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@Ninevah, rooker1: here's a picture for you :)

6. The Stock-farmer

Thanks to all for your replies! :)

UPDATE 3 - A few photos from the provinces and the capital city - Altona

7. The next stock-farmer

8. The bike tour through the forest

9. And now we are moving to the capital :) Lindaudamm intersection on the city ring

10. S-Bahn station - Reeperbahn ;)

11. St. Oscar's Tunnel - The tunnel which connects the two districts: Lindenthal and Lövenich

12. Museum Square (Museumsplatz)

13. City district - Leipzow

14. And finally - the mosaic :) From the St. Sebastian's church to the Freedom Square
I hope you like it :)

Sorry for any mistakes! I'm writing with translator!


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