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June 29, 2022, 09:34:27 AM

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Capporth City [5th OSITM Special 03 (30.06.13)]

Started by bat, May 08, 2007, 06:26:34 AM

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Welcome to Capporth City!

- one of the newest nations -

motto: "be peaceful, helpful and friendly"

-- Commentators - list (Part I | Page 1-4)-- 

in work

Legend: 111 --> Page 1 and total commentators (11); (1x), (2x)... --> number of the posts at this page; blue --> new posters;
underline --> most poster at this page (exception: "bat"); pt5 --> posters top 5 (exception: "bat") --> sorted alphabetical;
+/- --> this is when there are changes of the places (+ => one or more up; - => one or more down)

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Capporth City is my first and new city at Simtropolis and now at sc4devotion. I've decided to start a MD, because there are so many great Md's here at sc4devotion.

And now let's start whith the introduction of CC (short form of Capporth City, this shortcut will be use often!):

Capporth City is one of the newest nations, because the nation was founded on the 26th May 2001. On the 26th October there were the first inhabitants of CC.
On the 26. December 2002 Capporth City becomes a nation. There will be an official parade on the 24th until the 28th May every year to celebrate the "birthday" of the nation.
The 3-AC Code is NCC (Nation of Capporth City).
The national colors are gray and yellow.

O.K. that are some facts about CC, now let's jump to the flag and seal:

On the first animation of this Md you can see the national flag and official seal 06/07 of CC.

On the second and third animation you can see the region (without development).

first made with SC4TF

second made with RegionCensus

!At the two banners you can see the boroughs of Capporth City.!

Thanks for visiting this MD and for leaving a comment! I hope, I see you at the first update again.


Hey, bat! The animation looks great! I can't wait to see how you develop the region!


Bat, you're now an animation gurus :)

Great job

New Horizons Productions
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-bat-  It's so great to see Capporth City here on SC4D!  I know there'll be lots of good things to come.

Good luck!


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Wow! That is some advanced presentations you have done. Bravo! &apls

BlackwaterEmil's inn
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♦ Emilin ♦ Ennedi ♦ Heblem ♦ jplumbley ♦ moganite ♦ M4346 ♦
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One more for the FX Team, congrats, you made it in  $%Grinno$% Can't wait to see how you will develop that region.


Great animations shown Bat!  &apls Looking forward to the updates
Check my MD:               


Shadow Assassin

Nice to see you over here with your CJ, at last. Though, I don't really like the animations -- your work's top-notch, but it just takes ages to load.
New Horizons Productions
Berethor ♦ beskhu3epnm ♦ blade2k5 ♦ dedgren ♦ dmscopio ♦ Ennedi
emilin ♦ Heblem ♦ jplumbley ♦ moganite ♦ M4346 ♦ papab2000
Shadow Assassin ♦ Tarkus ♦ wouanagaine
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Thanks for the lot of comments, here are the Personal Replies:

and here's a region overview (Preview for Update 1)

Again a thanks for visiting my MD and for leaving comments.
The next update will be on Saturday - I hope, I will see you then again.

Take Care!


FX stands for Special Effects ;) Like the ones you used to answer our replies. :thumbsup: Great addition to your MD.


That reply box you made is very creative, bat! Excellent job! The region shot of your city looks pretty good, so far, too. Can't wait to see more!


That's some awesome work, bat.  I'm eager to see the region up close and personal.  :thumbsup:
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


Very original way of replying Bat: up one karma  ;)
Check my MD:               


This is a great visual style of presentation you have. Well done mate  &apls  &apls  &apls
I like it (just wish i knew how to do it myself &mmm). I eagerly await the next installment. It will be interesting to see how this region develops :thumbsup:

Sticking the kettle on for you  :thumbsup:

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Welcome to the first Update of Capporth City

and now to the slideshow (& Personal Replies in one animation):

Special Thanks to geoffhaw for creating the flag lots!

This was the first Update of CC, Thanks for visiting this MD and for leaving a comment!
Take Care!

Edit: Changed the animation (05.01.08) -- to the newest "version"


Yet another great animation. Very nice Bat! And very kind to dedicate this to Geoffhaw for his great work on your flag :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


Your animation skills are great, bat! And the pictures in the animation look fantastic, too! I love the flag of CC! Keep up the good work!

Shadow Assassin

Nice work, bat. These lots are lovely. And of course, your animations are top-notch! ;D
New Horizons Productions
Berethor ♦ beskhu3epnm ♦ blade2k5 ♦ dedgren ♦ dmscopio ♦ Ennedi
emilin ♦ Heblem ♦ jplumbley ♦ moganite ♦ M4346 ♦ papab2000
Shadow Assassin ♦ Tarkus ♦ wouanagaine
See my uploads on the LEX!