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Paradise Falls 2

Started by jacqulina, May 12, 2007, 03:57:27 PM

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Hi everyone i have lost PF 1 due to data loss on my second hard drive,but here is the return to paradise falls.i hope you all like it,i will be doing it from a blank map as allways,hand terraforming.here goes then.


thankyou for visiting


I was really sorry to hear that PF1 had been lost...but glad that you started again...this is looking (as always) exceptional...Glad to see one of the most inspiring MD's make it to Devotion, it makes a lovely addition to the site (and it's nice to be able to comment on it again  :thumbsup: ).

btw...an idea would be to get a USB flash drive (£15 for a 1GB one in Tesco) and copy the PF2 region to it every time you finish playing..that way you have a hardware independent backup that is very unlikely to corrupt.  The region would probably never exceed the 1GB mark.
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Haha, Jackie is here. Finally, we going to have some great falls around now. Nice to see you here my friend, I'm sure by the looks, that PF2 will be as good as the previous one, maybe even better :thumbsup:


hi lee,it was sad but here i go again at least it didnt deter me from starting again,im quite enjoying it lol,thankyou for popping in and im happy you are likeing my work still maybe this one will be a tiny bit better.im happy that you are commenting,and yes i think i will invest in a usb flash drive to back up my region each time.thankyou for the idea my friend.
hi sylvio hows you,thankyou so much yes you know there will be falls lol,thanks for popping in my friend.


Well, as sad as I am to hear the news about you losing the first Paradise Falls, I'm also happy to see that you're starting your magnificent work over again, and now I get to follow along from the beginning! The terraforming looks beautiful so far! I'll be waiting eagerly to see more development!


Glad to see you here at last, Jacky :thumbsup: I look forward to following the development of this new PF.
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Hi jacqulina ,

I can't imagine how it must be a terrible moment to lose so much work ...  ::) I hope you will really get the (only) solution to avoid this , proposed by callagrafx (I use a USB external drive for backups and have had to use these backups already twice ...) . Your CJ was one of those I followed from time to time but regularly ... I'm not talkative at Simtrop , you'll see how I'm more here . ;)
It's a great new to have your MD at SC4Devotion ... with your patience and tenacity you finally created a wonderful landscape and many of your pictures about little scenes are true jewels .Sure you'll give us some others here and soon . ()flower()

Already a great start ... even a feat for hand terraforming .   :thumbsup: &apls

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It's great to see you here, too!

Great start! :thumbsup: Looking forward to more!


Yipee Jackys md is here :D :D :D

Sorry to hear about your loss. But Its great that you have started again. I'm sticking the kettle on for you because thats some wikked terraforming and I'm sure you need a break :D

Cant wait for the next installment so hurry up ;)

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Sorry to hear about PF1 - like Badsim I was a lurker at ST.

As others have commented your hand-terraforming skills are amazing and always an inspiration.  :)

Looking forward to watching the development of PF2.


Great and bad news in the same post  ::)

Glad to see you here Jacky, and impatiently waiting to see some waterfalls..... ;D
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  I loved the original and I hope this one is as good. Sorry to hear about losing the first one. Good luck with this one  &apls
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I was sorry to hear that you lost Paradise Falls, but I'm happy to see that hasn't dampened your spirits  :)  Glad to see that you've started again... you know that I'll be following this eagerly.
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This is really some beautiful terraforming.


Great to see you working magic here. I love what you've done so far in the terraforming phase. Look forward to some beautiful images.

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omg jacky im sooo glad you are here at devotion! paradise falls 2 is looking very good!


Good to see this one around over here too. Sad to here about PF1, but I think you will blow us all away with this next version. Waiting for more. :thumbsup:

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hi everyone its time for update two i am happy you liked update one,and thankyou so much for the welcome.there are before and after pics but i hope i got them in the right order i got a little confused lol.sorry i just noticed some have gone in the wrong way round

THUNDERCRACK83  thankyou it was sad losing PF 1 but i am enjoying working on two,and here is more.

BARBYW  hi barby yes thankyou i am finally here i think with one it would have been too much for me lol i would have i think got confused lol,i hope you enjoy 2 as much as 1

BADSIM  yes my friend i have invested in one now,thankyou very much for the wonderfull comment,i hope you will enjoy as i build PF 2.

BAT  thankyou so much and here is more.

THE TEACAT  thankyou so much my friend i sure did need a break lol,thanks for the tea you make such a great cuppa.

COPPERALIS  thankyou im glad you find my work inspirational,and thankyou for the great comment.

JERONIJ  yes my friend good and bad news but it didnt deter me,thats the main thing,i hope you like the waterfalls.

SOCOMSEAL45  thankyou so much i hope you enjoy this one as much as the original PF my friend,thanks for the good luck wishes.

MEINHOSEN  hi my friend no i am glad it didnt dampen my spirits too,and im enjoying doing this one too,thank you so much for your wonderfull comment,i hope you enjoy this one too.

KWAKELAAR  thankyou so much my friend.

GLEPET  thankyou so much my friend i am glad you like it so far.

SEAHAWK FAN121  hi my friend thankyou so much for your wonderfull comment

EMILIN  hi my friend thankyou so much i hope everyone will like this one too.

thankyou for visiting.i hope you like


I do like! I love the waterfalls. Is that effect available to us? I hope your not going to ruin the natural beauty you've created by plopping roads and buildings. It would be a shame.  ;) Your close ups of the underwater fauna are wonderful. Nice work! &apls


Jacky!! this is amazing !!! i truely love the pic's!!
don't spoil us to much now :)
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