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June 29, 2022, 09:01:16 AM

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Started by Dantes, March 11, 2011, 05:32:15 AM

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Welcome to my MD. I am looking forward to visitors and hope you will have great pleasure in Totori.

Flag of Totori Prefecture

The region Totori has about 101 000 inhabitants. Totori is located south of Honshū on the island. "Totori" is a word made up of "Tottori Prefecture" and the movie "Totoro". "Tottori" is the birthplace of Jirō Taniguchi, a famous mangaka. "Totoro" is an anime movie for kids and very well known and popular.
My MD is a tribute to Taniguchis books and the childishness of "Totoro".

The region has a large urban center and has small villages in the mountains and along the coastal suburban area.


Chapter One: First pictures Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind In the rice fields. Improvement of rice fields. Old craft districts. Small Shinto monastery Bathing culture in Japan. Part 1: Onsen A region view. Another story Refugee Camp Cemetery: remembering and mourning

Chapter 2: Railway tour Train ride Yonago City Station A new teaser Totori Loop Line:Sendai Main Station our starting point Totori Loop Line:Yonago City / Industrial Station and Town Totori Loop Line: Saihaku Totori Loop Line: Hizu Village

Chapter 3: Pictures from Totori I. Totori at night TEASER: Port of Shizumacho Port of Shizumacho nuclear power plant Impressions from Koyama Village

Chapter 5: Pictures to Taniguchi Totori-A tribute to Jirō Taniguchi Sama To tell the art of Jirō Taniguchi Manga: Aruku hito / L'Homme qui marche / The Walking Man Comics worth reading by Taniguchi

Chapter 5: Pictures from Totori II. The castle of Prince Citlermoto Along the river Along the river 2 Along the river 3 City Council has moved ! Notice and TEASER

Chapter 6: Seasons in Totori TEASER: Seasons in Totori NEW TEASER Prince Citlermotos winter castle Spring in the Monastery Spring in the City Country life in summer It is summer in the city! In the city it will fall Autumn time in the country Rice cultivation throughout the year

Chapter 7: Pictures from Totori III. Picture shot at night Instant noodles. Everyone likes to Nissin. First Advent: The last special OSITM update

Chapter 8: Old Japan Kamakura era. The beginning. The first settlement of the coast First peasant agriculture Citlermoto toll calls! A new road brings new work The craftsmen are coming! The village continues to grow. Officials and travelers (Year 1515/ sengoku-jidai) New roads and more pubs (1530) New houses and religion (1575) Church and Trade(1580) Fire and Creation (1585/Azuchi-Momoyama) Dawn of the modern time (1600/Edo) New district and the theater (1630/Edo) A temple for the burgeoning city (1650/Edo) Foreign ships (1700/Edo) Meiji Restoration (1898/Meiji) Military buildup (1907/Meiji) Military buildup Part 2 (1922/Taishō) Citlermoto City rise to the city (1924/Taishō) Sitlermoto Castle Square and trams (1930/Shōwa) 1945 The big boom (1955/Shōwa) Previously ...(1975/Shōwa) Today  :) (2011/Heisei) Today-industrial park (2011/Heisei)

Chapter 9: ? ? ?

Region Overview:


Dante's small images from the Region Totori

(Picture bye me; PS by Lord_Lucifer)

Welcome to my little issue. My name is Dantes and here are pictures from my fictional region Totori. I speak very bad English and please Sorry if I do not understand everything you write to me.

I look forward to tips and comments and hope you get the pictures.

A small village in the mountains.

Thank you for watching !


Welcome on SC4D my friend!

Great to see you here! &apls

Good Luck for your Totori..


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I really like what I'm seeing here. Nice landscaping and general use of custom lots.  :thumbsup:



Welcome to the world of Mayor Diaries, where everything is possible :) . Very interesting start, i like what i see :thumbsup:
"The wisest men follow their own direction" Euripides
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Very good  :thumbsup:
Your style of building is very similar to mine  :) I'll be watching this
Good luck!
Nemo sobrius saltaret

Tomas Neto

Nice start, really great work!!! The night shot is awesome!!!  :thumbsup:



@Framly:Hi Framly, Thanks! Without your help I would not dare to do so.
@TiFlo:Thank you! I'm building something unusual and sometimes like trying to tackle problems differently. I love Uki because of its peculiarities in his works.
@Peter007:Thank you 007  :satisfied: What does "keep on"?
@Terring7:Terring  :o I love your science fiction ! Thank you for looking at my pictures.
@Biriali: Stalker !  :D No,No, Thank you. I hope I bring some great ideas and I hope you like what you see.
@Tomas Neto: You come from Brazil? SC4D is really great, so many people from so far away and all like Simcity. Thank you for watching.

My favorite anime movie:

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

My favorite anime movie is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I always love to read the comics about it. I hope you find pleasure in this great film work.
In order to understand the two images I linked a short movie trailer.

If you want to have a great experience-click this link when look at the pictures.



This is really a great start! keep up the good work. Waiting for seeing more.  &apls


H I S T O R I S C H E S   B E R L I N


Wow nice update.
How do you call those men which are gliding in the air?

And you made a very nice trailer


My name is Raphael.
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@Reikhardt:Thank you, I give myself trouble to build something with recognition.
@peterycristi:Boah, Hallo peterycristi und Herr Berlin. danke fürs reinschauen.
@peter007:The aircraft is called the "Moeve" and the person on top of maincharacter princess Nausicaa. Thank you for watching !
@RickD:Thank you. I give myself much trouble and there will be a varied area. Totori offers a varied landscape.

In the rice fields.

With music it is beautiful:



Good works  :thumbsup:
May be You can show us  Your pictures 800x600 ?


Good work on the farms!
You have given me some ideas for my own cities  &idea
Nemo sobrius saltaret



@peter007:Thank you Secret agent 007 Tell me do you have a city journal?
@Silur: Hello thanks for viewing the pictures. I want to avoid the viewer long load times. Please click on the pictures if you like it and they get bigger. Many, many thanks for watch and comment.
@Biriali:Hello. I am very pleased that you like the design ideas and you take over for me that is the highest praise.

Improvement of rice fields.

This looks much better than the naked rice fields.

I loved the Works by Moonlight (new canals )

Thank you for watching ! I am very pleased with the response.



Niece landscape  :thumbsup: but, are those canals' availaible? Where can they be found?



Nice update. I like the canals, never seen them before.

Oh and I have a BATting room instead of a MD.
Link can be found in my signature.


"The wisest men follow their own direction" Euripides
The Choice is Ours
Simtropolis Moderator here. Can I help? Oh, and you can call me Elias (my real name) if you wish.