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August 16, 2022, 10:13:42 PM

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Started by Dantes, March 11, 2011, 05:32:15 AM

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Very good update. I really enjoy watching your pictures and reading your updates. I have to start to do more updates, as you and your region.

About the train conection, I will tell you when my region is ready okay ?

Good job my friend, keep your amazing job  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Beautiful update, as always!!  ;)


Great work improving the transit in the area, though I kind of liked the old roundabout ;)   Train station area turned out really nice and I like the green spaces. Interesting models!


Beautiful update once again, really love the new developments. :)

I will publish the overpass in time... :)
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At first a joke:

I love corner teeth! (yeah, my bad english °Ö°)

@kelis:Hello my friend,
You can with my region do what you want. You can only do not build high-speed railway line (HSRP). My region is too small for high-speed trains. If you have the USB flash drive, you're welcome to modify the region and publish images. Have fun!
@romualdillo:Thank you much Mr.Spain!
@noahclem: Thank you for your comment. I always look forward to a comment from you. You may roundabout? I like them sometimes. I like the Pacman building of Simtropolis. I'm using a traditional and strict grid as a blueprint. Roundabout therefore there is not often in my region. Sorry.
@art128: *hug-hug-hug-hug-bro-hug-hug-hug* °w° Thank youuuuu!

Machiya W2W Nr. 10 (!)

Today I present to you a nwe bigger update. I have been working since March 2011. At this region. I still have two city maps revise, then the region is completed. So at least for the time being the project is completed.
I will not be there for a while.
This can be six months or even a year.~
It is a personal issue.
I'm sorry if I do not want to talk about it.

I want the joy you have when watching my pictures.

1. Old overview

2. New overview

3. My problem was the great avenue through the district. The Avenue Association a turnoff to the town center. In the beginning I had a roundabout. Later, an increased crossing. Both did not look good.

4.Further south there was a transport hub between metro, road and tram.

5.This also looks ugly. Far too imperialist style. How are visitors from the sumo stadium to the public transport when the avenue bother?

6.Ultimately, the city government has combined with the prefectural government requested an expert valuation. Most do not use the bridge between the great avenue and the city center! The avenue is through traffic especially. The government has decided to build a long tunnel. New construction areas have emerged. The city center was radically redesigned without too tight to have between the river and alley.



9.Riverside water edge was built. Do you remember the street with many pubs? Here you will find the nightlife street on the waterfront.


11.It's a kelisastic picture!

12.One of my best railway images!


14.This is an important transport hub. Tens of thousands of commuters use daily this place to change. I like the simple design. A hyper modern interchange station would not fit here.

15. Thank you art-kun! *hug*

16. More Railway pictures!


18.The cars have a height difference of 30 meters from the bridge to the crossroads!

19.Many bridges!

20.This is the central library of Totori.Das building fits perfectly with the traditional Machiya!


22.Ideal connection to public transport.

23.I see where near the health center is the nearest pharmacy, you also?

24.Tunnel Entrance A

25. Waterfront Fun & Pub Street

26.I have several years ago the dream had to build this one. Now it has been possible.



29.Admission until 21 years allowed in the middle house!










Thank you for looking. I am very pleased with the comments and I would also appreciate negative criticism.


Fantastic work!! So many things to see and to comment!!! I love your work with bridges and overpasses, everything looks so realistic and busy!!  :bnn: And the riverbanks are great!!


The small street in the riverbanks with the pubs is excellent, I like it a lot.

Good idea to make that avenue into a tunnel. It feels less invasive now.

I absolutely love picture number 12. One of your best picture ever. :)
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A bit to grid for my taste- but it still looks nice- I tend to steer clear from grid in residential areas, giving it that look of a modern city- Even here in the US city designs are now less  grid like. Anyway looking great either way.
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Very good pictures imo. I especially like #9 (and the subsequent pictures) with the waterfront promenade (great design and MMP work), #12 with the overpass, and #14 with the transit hub.


Very nice work! :thumbsup:
Even if I'm not Japanese-style, I look at like this and find one there or any other very good ideas.


Always love your railway work here! nice work on the whole city in overal! :D


Dantes loved this update here and I honestly cant find anything negative to say at all

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@romualdillo:Many thanks. I am glad if you like my ideas and design.
@art128:Thank you very much for the compliment. I like pictures with train like. I hope my Otōto-chan it's well. Do you get the USB from kelis-sama ? *ninja-hug*
@titanicbuff:Thank you for your constructive criticism. I'm trying to historically accurate and very traditional build. But I hope that my region somewhat reflects the cultural atmosphere.
@11241036: Hello Mr. Longnumber! Thank you for your comment! *hug*
@Fasan: *thehehe* Thank you much!
@Kisa Atsuko:Many thanks! It pleases me that you're always excited about my railway network. *hug*
@Pat:Thaaaank yoouuuuu!


I had a while back sick. In addition, I traveled a lot. Soon I will again show a few pictures. Please excuse my absence.

Thank you for looking. I am very pleased with the comments and I would also appreciate negative criticism.



Oh that's a nice overview!!  &apls

Also liked the waterfront pub street a lot, great idea and very nice MMP detailing!  :thumbsup:
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Wonderful overview! Can't wait to see some new pictures.
Great to know you're feeling better. Hope you had a good time traveling.
I didn't receive the USB from Kelis yet. Few days ago he asked for my address so I think I should receive it during the upcoming week if he posted it.
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@romualdillo: Thank you! *hug*
@vortext:Thank you! *hug-too*
@art128: I wish you much joy with the USB flash drive. I hope you are well. *so-many-hugs-to-my-Otōto-chan-thehe*

Testing and just an Idea

Hello there,
I do not know if this counts as an update. I did a little experiment with mods. I noticed fongendes: There are at elevated railway over road no Puzzileteil for high-railway-through-road-curve road link.

While I was experimenting with mods I noticed something. There are four skins for passenger transport. There are railway skin, elevated railway skin, monorail skin and tram skin.

Why Tram and elevated railway same skin have to share? If you are using on the elevated train longer trains, these trains also appear at tram. It is the same transport network.
Monorail is hardly used by players. I see very rarely Simcity Players use the monorail. There have been attempts to change the Monorail skin. There are now by Moonlight a mod which also alters the monorail track. The only thing missing are more stations to elevated station/monorailstations. There are but a few of them.

Source: -> Moonlight Monorail railway skin Mod & Stations
Do not forget, one day art128 publish this station (I hope : )

We just need someone modded the stations of elevated railway to monorail stations.
If you have changed the might tram and Shinkansen ride alongside regional rail transport.

Bad I can only work with Loteditor and Leprop.

Now, there are railroad pictures. This is just been an experiment. I have no monorail track permanently in my region. My goal is to focus the railway. This route has 13000 commuters daily. I desperately needed more stations. Best of JR. I think the modern railstations form a good contrast to the traditional buildings.



3. I like it.



6. Once of my best pictures ever!

7. Overview

Thank you for looking. I am very pleased with the comments and I would also appreciate negative criticism.


Nice to see you back working on your region, your fantastic and very realistic region ! It's nice to see the shinkansen going through your region, we have to make some connections...

Greetings my friend  ;)

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Your experiments with the Shinkansen is really nice. There are quite some nice elevated japanese stations. EN has some more and there's one named Kouka station as well. There's also this one which is nice.

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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You can never have too many different rail stations.  In my limited experience, the station in every city is different.  Never seen 2 exactly alike.

Well done, though your first picture...not sure that U-turn is exactly safe.  ;D  A train will definitely have to slow considerably to safely navigate those 2 turns.

Pretty sure I wouldn't want to live next to the tracks either.  I sleep too lightly. But I know that every major city in the world builds apartments right next to (or even under) the elevated rail.  Which is why I prefer to live in a small town.  We don't even have railroad tracks through here anymore.  $%Grinno$%

Overall a good update and your experiment was interesting.