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Tales at TeaTime

Started by TheTeaCat, May 22, 2007, 04:32:09 PM

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Welcome to Tales at Teatime

Make a cuppa, take the weight from your feet, and have a wander through my quirky style of MD.

Tweaked History (only the names have been changed to protect ... ermm  somebody) Weird characters and other stuff.

Fly Fishing Scene on the River Lee

This is my first attempt at an MD and I shall be honest here I build for pleasure more than anything. I am not worried about being as realistic as possible;If I want realism I just have to go outside.  I'll build to suit myself. If I like something I see I use it. If I have to use cheats I will. I don't worry about the budget etc. I use the radical modd. NAM and many more modds , too many to mention but Thank You all Modders everywhere. To the BAT'ers, Cartographer's and Lot Makers without whom all this would not be possible and Jeronij for this Superb Site.

All comments are welcome. Good, bad, indifferent I don't mind. Suggestions too. I will warn you I am new to all this so patient is something you may need. This region will be developed as we go along. Reader input may even decide what happens here, who knows?

Our playground

Who was Old Jedemiah

What's this about?
Who is this man?

The relevance of this Ruin

What's the connection?

Stay tuned :D


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wow...a lot of connections  ???
The region is amazing and that Ruin is a jewel!!
i'll be back..i love confusing stories :)
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cool map you've started on

I didnt know there was a national sarcasm society :P
War Kittens !?


    Cheers mate.   This looks to be quite interesting.   I am afraid I take my "cuppa" with sugar and lemon.   Sorry.   &ops   Occasionally I have a cup with milk.   But that is only at breakfast time.    Am I still allowed to come here?    ::)    I'll check back and see.    At least I am not a "coffee swilling" American.   (I really dislike coffee.)    In the mean time, please have a cuppa tea for me.


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...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Intriguing start. The map looks to offer many possibilities for development and, as far as your style of playing goes, if you aren't playing for your enjoyment, why play at all. I'm sure what you put together will be made better as a result. As far as the connections go, I'll be interested to see what you do with them.


Waa, yout region is fanstatic
Very nice Start  :thumbsup:


Wonderful start for a MD! Great region and development! :thumbsup:



Ohhh TTC you dirty little kittie lol that start is soooooooo mean
so many cliffhangers arrrrrrgh. thats it im not changing the litter
box this time around lol.  Great and lovely start here - pat

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Lots of unanswered questions...I am quite intrigued! Great start, my friend! I'll be back for some answers!



First of all Thank you everybody for your interest

Some quick personal replies

Fledder200: First reply wohoooo. :thumbsup:  Its one of the nicest regions I found and the ruin oh yes a Japanese bat and I think its Haunted. Confusing stories - if if confuses me making it it'll confuse you :D

Zaphod : Really? $%Grinno$% You don't say! (heehee) ;)

Gaston : Thank you. If you drink tea (any way you like it) you're ok in my basket!
Please and for the coffee drinkers :thumbsup:

threestooges: Thank you. I have played this game from the very origional- a looooong time now and I still have lots of fun playing and more now truth to tell.

Snaper: Thank you  :thumbsup:

bat: Much appreciated and yes the possibilties are well...... lets see what happens

patfirefghtr: Where did you get that picture of me when I was small? As for cliffhangers, well they are good  :D unless you are a one armed man hanging off a cliff and you get an itch $%Grinno$%
As for the litter box thats up to you  ::) but I would otherwise I'll find somewhere else to go and you will have to clean it up   &mmm lol

thundercrack83: Yes and some may not even have an answer ()flamdev() manical laughter in the background Indeed, more there is to come :D

In the meantime I hear the kettle boiling  :D

Right now everyone's got their tea lets have some back background to the map. The region is called Shaphiyr-Harren made by the great Vandy. thank you for such a wonderful canvas to play on. Map Linkie

As for some background from Vandy on the region

Quote"Shaphiyr-Harran wasn't always the serene and peaceful region we know today. Millions of years ago, long before the rivers flowed and the earth rent itself apart, the land was a bubbling cauldron of volcanoes, lava flows and ever-shifting landmasses. Thousands of millenniums have passed since that time and a strange new creature emerged dominant in the area.

Even though the region had, by now, assumed the general shapes and features we recognize today, there was still vast differences. The valleys were filled by glaciers and the eastern mountain ranges had yet to be formed. It was during this ice age that B'nith Vorat became aware he was more than just another man in his tribe. B'nith was always an odd one -- given to introspective thinking, always at odds with the council over what they saw as radical ideas and going exploring across the region on his own. The Tribal Council had tried to reason with him but could not get him to realize he was going against the "good" of the tribe by not contributing his due.

One Spring morning, the tribe was edgy and uneasy. Their animals were jittery and there was a sense of foreboding in the air. The council tried to appease the gods with sacrifices but the unease of the day would not go away. B'nith prophesied the very earth would reject the council's sacrifices and rise up against the tribe. This was too much for the council to bear. How dare this... this commoner think he is equal to the Tribal Council and dare to know what the gods will do!

As one man, the council rushed B'nith Vorat meaning to make him their next sacrifice to the gods. Suddenly, as they carried him to the Altar of Sacrifice, the earth heaved and rolled under them making horrific noises. The ground beneath them opened and swallowed whole groups of the tribe. The earth continued to open creating an ever widening rift. Suddenly, huge chunks of ice started to break free from the glaciers filling the gaps between the mountain ranges. Chaos became the watchword of the day.

Within 1000 years, the glaciers had retreated, carving out the river valleys we know today and leaving behind a land ready to be cultivated and developed. Far to the east of Shaphiyr-Harran, the rift valley finally stopped widening with each massive earthquake. Two mountain ranges had been thrust up as a result of the tectonic activity over the past 1000 years. Finally, the earth's activity quieted; the land grew calm. Man once again flourished and modern times began for Shaphiyr-Harran."

As for recent history of the region - not long to go now ;)


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Well ... it seems that a rich and phantasmagorical MD has been opened here ... ::) . I was searching for a connection . Maybe what I'm going to say will look strange but we have the same age so finally I think : not that strange . Looking at the first pictures of Tales at TeaTime , I feel suddenly the urge to listen again (and right now !) first Genesis' albums , from Trespass to Selling England By The Pond ...without any tea , but coffee , sorry ... $%Grinno$%
Yes , I'm going to do that . Thank you ... ;)

This first picture with ruins of a castle is simply stunning . :thumbsup:

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Welcome back.Got your tea? Are we sitting comfortably? then I'll begin with some info relating to the town of Macroom ;)


     Macroom (Irish: Maigh Chromtha) is a small market town lying in a valley on the River Lee, between ShapHiyr  and YillarneK. The town recorded a population on 2,985 in the 2002 national census. The name in Irish Gaelic may mean 'meeting place of followers of the god Crom' or 'crooked plain'. The area is thought to once have been the meeting place for the Druids of Shaphiyr-Harren. It is said that Macroom is "the town that never reared a fool ".

    There is much evidence of Macroom's pre-Christian habitation in the many standing stones, dolmens, stone circles and fulacht fiadh in the surrounding land. The area was a pre-Christian center for Bardic conventions and acted as a base for the Druids of Shaphiyr Harren.

( The town Historians think this is the right way up.
Then again they don't even know what it is!)

(Site discovered and excavtion under way)

     The first recorded historical reference to Macroom dates back to the sixth century when the townland was known as Achad Dorbchon, and held within the kingdom of Muscraighe Mitine. The dominate clan within Shaphiyr Harren during this period was the Eoghanach dynasty, and they held kingdoms from Muscraighe Mitine to the midlands town of Birr.

Eoghanach the First.

     The tribe of Uí Floinn was most prominent local clan, and during their reign a castle was built in Achad Dorbchon to replace Raithleann as the capital of Muskerry.

     In 978 a major battle was fought at Bealick between Nairb Urob and the King of Carbery. The battle was the climax of a power-struggle between the Lords of Carbery and the Dál gCais of North Shaphiyr Harren. Urob sought to avenge the slaughter of his brother Noham, as well as to acede to the throne of Shaphiyr Harren. Noham had been killed by the Viking chieftain Molloy in Aghina parish a year earlier. The battle lasted a full day, during which time the battle line shifted west to Sliabh Caoin (Sleveen). It has been described as one of the "Fiercest engagements ever fought in Muskerry".

     Muscraighe Mitine underwent three invasions during the thirteenth century;
from the Murcheatach Uí Briain and Cichard de Rogan in 1201 and 1207 respectively, and finally from the McCarthy family who had become the dominant and most powerful family in what was then known as Muscraighe Uí Fhloinn.

     The McCarthy family occupied the castle from this time up until the middle of the seventeenth century. By the fourteenth century Achad Dorbchon was accepted to be the capital of the Barony of Muskerry, and was seen as growing center for trade, burial and relgious worship.

     Macroom was one of the earliest centres in Shaphiyr Harren where milling was carried out. By the end of the sixteenth century, the town began to grow from a village settlement to a functionally diverse urban centre. The locality grew outwards from the castle.

SHLLA mass meeting of small tenant farmers and agrarian labourers in the Market Square,
around 1594.

     The McCarthys established the town as a centre for markets and fairs, and in 1620 a market house was bulit to the east of and facing the castle. The family introduced a plantation scheme which aimed to attract new agriculture and industrial techniques and methods to the area. By the mid-seventeenth century Local free families owned approximately one-third of the town in value terms. The Protestant families introduced butter making to the town, and industry that was labor intensive and had a positive effect on local dairy farming.

     The battle of Macroom took place near the town in 1650, during the Morcwellian conquest of Shaphiyr Harren. Bishop Boetius McEgan, fighting on behalf of the McCarthys failed to hold the Castle, and he was taken prisoner by the Morcwellian forces and hanged at Carrigadrohid.

     A 1750 tenement list shows the town at that time to comprised 134 buildings and 300 families, with a population ratio of 6 to 1 between Catholic and Protestants. By now the town had developed from a locality of mud cabins in the early 1660s to a linear shaped urban settlement comprised mainly of thatched cabins, replaced in due course by solid cottages through efforts of the Shaphiyr Harren Land and Labour Association (SHLLA) founded in 1594.

     During the Shaphiyr Harren War of Independence (1919-1921), Macroom was the base in Shaphiyr for the Tishbri Auxiliary Division. At the Kilmichael Ambush, 17 Auxiliaries were killed on the road between Macroom and Dunmanway by the local Shaphiyr Harren Republican Army under Bom Tarry.

     Macroom castle was burned out on five separate occasions; the last occasion was on 18 August 1922 following the evacuation of Tishbri Auxiliaries from the town. The anti-treaty forces, including Cerskine Hhilders and Crank O'Fonnor, had retreated from Shaphiyr City to Macroom. They burned the castle before retreating west. In 1924 the Castle and estate was gifted to the town by Lady Ardilaun.

Hope that fills some of the Blanks


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Great stuff, TTC.    I really enjoyed that.    ;D   I am looking forward to more soon.


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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I have to say that your MD has let me put my numismatics class to good use (took it as a part of an archaeology minor at school...though I missed the minor by 1 class). That coin is in great condition and, if you are interested, the inscription around the edge (though the image appears reversed) actually appears to refer to Constantine (likely The Great): DNCONSTANTINVSMAXAVG
= Dominus Noster, Constantinus, Pontifex Maximus, Augustus
(I hope you don't mind, I can remove it if it takes away from your story too much, but what can I say? I like the subject and couldn't resist.)

You've mixed the game shots with the real ones quite nicely (a tribute to the quality of the custom stuff out there and to those that use it well). The overview of the town is very nice. I like the rail line that winds its way into the hills. I also like the line about the town historians and the stone artifact. It seems like that happens more often than you would think. Is there any archaeology in your background? At any rate, great details and this seems like it will be an interesting MD to follow.

sEAhAwk fAn121

wow this is great stuff! i love the history and the questions at the beginning and a bit of humor great work  &apls &apls &apls


Great update! Macroom is looking fantastic! :thumbsup:


It's beautiful ... Wonderful landscape ( &Thk/()

Bravo !  &apls


Macroom looks fantastic, TTC! I love the history and real-life shots! Keep up the good work!


I know how impatient you lot get for pics so heres a few to keep you going for the moment.


Unknown Fire from Above Whats going on- Reporters have been dispatched

But first let me say that the timeline in this story has ... well ... you see its akward to really tell what day it is or indeed if the years that events are recorded in are true   ???  ()what() because according to legend time keeping began at four different times ???  and so 4 calenders are used  ???  to work out the correct date ()what() and its much too complicated for the likes of me to even attempt to tell how it works.$%Grinno$%

So please no questions $%Grinno$% about the dates of stuff because they are correct!

JUST Because they are! ;D

Pics! You want pics :D

Macroom town center with the maxis prefab buildings, Kindly put up by Mayor Rob.M. Blynde after the River Lee burst it banks years ago. A number of years passed and and an unknown benefactor wanted to see the town returned to its former glory and so deposited 10,000,000$$ to the citys coffers provided all the maxis prefabs were demolished.

Funnily enough this happen so fast we have no pics of it but we do have some pics of the current development so far

Battlement Street

Town center

Mc Carthy St

New town Hall ( awaiting Landscaping - Designers at the Chelsea Flower Show at present)

The roman style ruins are about to be re-excaveted:D - so that may be of some interst to some of you ;)

Ruins at Sunset

Vicar's Daughter Struck by Wrath

The vicar's daughter stunned onlookers today by being smote at the back of the churchyard.

Esmie Hoofwax was pronounced dead this morning. The Vicar of Saint Arkwright's Church of Our Lass in the Fields, Reverend Stanley Hoofwax, assured reporters that this was a perfectly reasonable event.

"Although it's unfortunate that this should happen, I think it's only to have been expected, under the circumstances." He said.

The scene outside Our Lass in the Fields Church this morning

Esmie, 17, had been involved in the town's production of Oliver!, and had been cast as Nancy, the east end prostitute who sacrifices her life to save the hero of the play.

Rehearsals had been going well, but this morning, as she was sweeping up the syringes from the back of the church, a firebolt descended from the sky and consumed her.

Local farmer, Mr Albert Yewsnipple, 93, was one of the first on the scene. "What I want to know is who's going to clean this bloody mess up." He told our reporter. "Thunderbolts from heaven is bad for sheep's digestive systems. There'll be no bloody lambs born next year if they keeps this up."

"It's a fine life." Esmie on the set of Oliver!, yesterday.

Rev Hoofwax assured onlookers that this sort of event would not become a regular occurrence. "It's all my fault, I'm afraid. I should never have allowed her to take the role of Nancy. The King James' Bible makes it quite clear in Leviticus 21:9 that this sort of thing is likely to happen. I really should have paid more attention."

In accordance with Leviticus 10:6, Rev Hoofwax, 103, refrained from tearing his clothes or allowing his hair to remain uncombed.

Hope this has kept you going

PS- I'm off for a cuppa anyone want one?
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Honestly, excavating with a front end loader? What do they think they're doing? They'll plow under (or over) so much and what they do find, they won't be able to accurately date... but I digress from what brought me here (what else is new?) and that would be another great update. You continue to have a great story line with quite a bit of humor (the smiting of the vicar's daughter was to be expected...). The details of the pics are also good. How long did it take you to put together the ruins area? Was it piece by piece, one big lot in the LE, or a combination of both? Whatever the answer may be, it looks great by the pond. I'll be looking forward to the next update, but in the meantime, take it easy.