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Bipin's BAT Boutique

Started by Bipin, November 20, 2011, 01:24:35 PM

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Wow.   &apls Thank you so much everyone for helping squash the bugs my houses seem to be infested with! I'll take a look at mattb325's houses, stats-wise, and try to make mine similar. They're classics, after all. I will of course re-release the Diaspra at some point with revised lot statistics. Thanks again for the help!   :bnn:


Hi, I'm a big fan of all the released content and I was wondering if there was any news on some of the things teased earlier in this thread (which I can't help teasing myself by re-reading) but as far as I can tell not released, in no particular order I'm thinking of:

The FLUPS with the wonderful texture
The overpasses, also with the spectacular weathered texture
The overhanging retaining walls for underneath highways

I appreciate these things take time but it would be tragic if these were to have evaporated, they deserve to be in every picture of SC4! If these projects are dead, I need closure :) If they are still in a pipeline somewhere, however distant; that would make me very happy.

Thanks and very sorry to have bumped this thread if that's not the done thing.