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Single-Point Interchanges

Started by Haljackey, November 26, 2011, 01:19:01 PM

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Section 6:  Single-Point Interchanges

This guide is going to show you how to build Single-Point interchanges. The most popular form of these designs is the single-point diamond interchange, also known as a Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI for short).

These interchanges are very compact but move traffic efficiently, making them suitable for urban environments without enough room for larger interchanges. All traffic moments converge at a single 'point' of the interchange, usually the central point of the arterial road.

6.1: Elevated Single-Point Diamond Interchange
6.2: Ground Single-Point Diamond Interchange

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Section 6.1: Elevated Single-Point Diamond Interchange (Created by Swordmaster)

In this guide, we'll be making this:

1. We'll start by placing the SPUI pieces. They're found at the back of the Avenue/RHW interface tab ring:

2. In this tutorial we're dealing with a RHW-6C freeway, so leave one tile in between the pieces:

3. Connect them with an avenue:

4. Put four ground-to-elevated transitions in place, like this (beware of the correct direction):

5. The result should look like this. If you've got trouble getting the SPUI pieces to elevate properly, try to click around them to get them right. You can also bulldoze the constructor pieces by now.

6. Drag up your RHW-6C all the way through the SPUI. You might need to place a new starter piece at the other end, but if you drag far enough, it should be allright.

7. Put some MIS-to-RHW-4 transitions there.

8. Use D1 entrances and exits if you want to add accel/decel ramps. Otherwise, A1 pieces should suffice.

9. Add the RHW-8C-to-6C pieces for the accel/decel ramps. Again, if you've got your RHW network resorting to wrong widths somewhere, click around to fix it.

10. We're done with the RHW part now. The result so far:

11. Now comes the arterial part. Get a 15m hole raiser in place, like this, on both sides:

12. Next area is up to you, but I like to use smooth ramps while not having too much of a restrictive slope mod for the avenues. That's when I use El-rail to create slopes and put an avenue in place afterwards. All up to you, of course.

13. Get to the TULEP tab ring...

14. ... to find the on-slope piece at the very end:

15. Drag an avenue out of it, and put a transitional TULEP in place to close off the section:

16. Alternatively, you can use a TLA-5:

17. Done! Here's some nice SPUI you've got:


Section 6.2: Ground Single-Point Diamond Interchange (Created by Swordmaster)

In this guide, we'll be building this:

1. Plop the SPUI pieces found in the Avenue/RHW interface tab ring:

2. Plop four ground-to-elevated transition ramps (beware of the correct direction):

3. Use 15m hole raiser lots to get your elevated freeway in place. You'll need to use an earthen embankment for now, as there are no ERHW 2-lane exits yet.

4. Get RHW-4 on-slope pieces.

5. Plop four of them: two "TO ELEVATED" ones, and two "TO GROUND" ones. Like this:

6. Repeat this on the other side, and connect them by dragging RHW across the SPUI.

7. Put in RHW-6S A2 exits and entrances:

8. Drag out RHW from them, and add transition pieces at the end of the acceleration/deceleration ramps:

9. Don't forget the TULEP pieces on the arterial road:

10. Now, you're done!