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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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# Welcome to "Windows on the world", this is already my new project, as you know, usually
I do several different regions, with different styles and located throughout the world, some
are recreations of real cities, some are born of my imagination, Now, all these regions will be
here, all will be arranged and located in a World Map, also each region will have its own list
of updates for a better order and greater accessibility.

# The style of the cities will be varied, from Asian cities to the great cities of the centre of
Europe, also will be present the American cities and even some historic city. A lot of times the
updates will be mixed, that means we will can see images of differents regions at the same time
but always following an order. Not all regions will be large cities with many buildings and High Rises,
we will see some typical rural zones from Spain & France or great metropolis from Japan.
This project is not a project for a short time, possible we will see just one or two regions for year.

# The regions will be placed on this world map to see its exact location, to find the region you
are looking only have to look for their shield on a map. The regions are ordered by continent
with each region name, their shield appear to find it easily on the map.

- Index of regions by Continents:


- • Asia • -

~ Saitama Prefecture
- Japan ||

- • The Americas • -

~ Belport
- State of Alaska - USA ||

- • Europe • -

~ Bassen
-  The Netherlands ||

~ Hooidollen -  Nederland & Deutschland ||



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• Index of Updates || Saitama Prefecture - Japan


• Index of Updates || Bassen - The Netherlands


• Index of Updates || Hooidollen - Nederland & Deutschland


• Index of Updates || Belport - State of Alaska - USA


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Great to see you starting a new MD Kelis! I look forward to being amazed!  :thumbsup:


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Nice to see you opening a new MD, Jonathan! I was waiting for that so long time. :) Can't wait to see the next updates you have in mind.
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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# First update ~ Montelbaanstoren -Bassen ||

• It was built in 1512 and was part of a great wall of defense during the middle age. The Montelbaanstoren  served as a point  surveillance of goods transiting through the channels. Today it is popularly known as the clock tower and the medieval tower of Bassen •

• This tower is on the banks of the canals and from the top of the tower can be seen almost the entire center of Bassen. Its architecture is admirable and its use is steeped in history. Not only was used for military purposes, was also a meeting point for merchants •

• The beautiful clock that shows in the upper Montelbaanstoren was added in 1606. But not everything went well from the beginning. The clock did not work well and bells sounded at any time confusing to citizens •

• Currently the tower no longer serves to monitor merchants or alert to potential enemies. It is a famous landmark of the city •

|#| R E P L I E S |#|

noahclem: Really thanks for your kind comment mate. I hope you like the first update  :thumbsup:

RickD - I hope, I want to do a great MD for all of you, Thanks Rick !

art128 - Hi Arthur, now here you got the first Update, I hope you like it. Gracias amigo  :thumbsup:


# Jonathan.

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Finally, new work from you I was so happy about your photos.  :) Your pictures with the channels are great and awesome!  &apls  &apls  &apls  :thumbsup:


Thanks for your comment Dantes ! I'm happy to be here once again with my new MD. Thanks friend  :thumbsup:


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Wow, this ist imagasin! All of the picture looks great and awesome! I want more! And that fast! ;D


I'm glad to see you finally starting this MD here!! I was wondering when it would be. :thumbsup:

That's a great an fascinating project. It's a pleasure to see your always amazing pictures.

I love this channel crossing. &apls

But I wonder why you don't mix your previous MD (Yokushawa and Berlin) with this new project? I think these two regions are wonderful too and may be part of this new project without problems.  Just a suggestion   ;)

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that's one fantastic updtae, Joanthan! This area looks beautiful! :)
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Like all the City Journals you started before, AMAZING.  :thumbsup:
Can't wait for more.  :P



Great idea to travel the world.  :thumbsup:

I like the small "Grachten" and the typical dutch feeling! Nice place for the Montelbaanstoren ;)

Keep it on my friend &apls

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Amazing first update, kelis !  &apls
The medieval clock tower of Bassen is really a beautiful and charming place!


Beautiful  canals and wonderful boats and yachts  in them, everything is so realistic and aesthetic. Pity that the bridges are so low and how traffic will pass under them. You should try to do some similar  LOT's lotki for Oppies channels  - they are my favorite.

- Ivo :thumbsup:


Great update Kelis! Your Dutch style cities are outstanding and you do such an awesome job with LE  &apls  Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next update  :thumbsup:

Ol.S / Benoit

New MD by Kelis again ? What a great news ! :)

Amazing first apdate, and as always, everything looks perfect in your pictures.
MD : Click on picture



# Second update ~ Interesting parts of Bassen ||

• In this Update we will see some interesting parts of the city. I will make many updates like this in the future, it is a good way to show you the city. The pictures that today we will see were taken in the center of the Bassen, as you can see, the city offer many interesting zones and now we will know them •

• In this shot you can see the headquarters of a major bank located in Bassen •

• Here you can see the Bassen Central Station, one of its most distinctive landmarks •

• In these pictures you can see one of the most famous canals in the city •

• The so-called "Bassen kathedraal" is a great pride for the people of Bassen •


|#| R E P L I E S |#|

Offline DerChrischi -
Here you got mote  ;D Thanks for your comment mate.

Kergelen - Really thanks for your kind comment my friend, Glad you like it  :) Well, with this MD I want to create a new regions, Start from zero, You know ? but in the future sure you will see another Japanese region and also is possible another Berlin recreation, more good and more realistic than the other. Thanks !!

art128 - Thanks my friend, glad you like it ! Are you in Japan ?  :thumbsup:

Getron - Thanks my friend ! I want to create this MD for everybody but specially for the Dutch, for that reason your comment always will be special to me  :) Thanks my friend !

Framly - Hi Framly, nice to see you for here  ;D I created this zone inspired in the Montelbaanstoren located in Amsterdam. It is also located near of the " Grachten "  :)
thanks my friend.

Yan077 - Charming, I think it is a great word to describe this place. Thanks for your kind comment my friend and I hope to see you from here once again  :thumbsup:

ivo_su - Hi ivo, Yes I know, the bridges are so low but I love these channels, these channels are my favorite and they looks more realistics, like the channels from Holland. The oppies channels are good but I prefer these for mi city  :thumbsup:

noahclem - Thanks for your comment my friend, glad you like it  :)

Ol.S / Benoit - Good news ? That sounds good  ;D I hope you like the new update, Thanks !


# Thanks for the comments my friends, You are very kind  :thumbsup:

# Jonathan.

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I realy like yout new MD. It's so realistic.  &apls