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June 29, 2022, 09:04:15 AM

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Empire Bay: Green Meadows

Started by RickD, February 03, 2012, 03:59:14 PM

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Empire Bay - From Then to Now

This is the story of Empire Bay. It is an isolated region in northwestern Simnation, located between the wild Simlantic Ocean and the mighty Kinbasket Mountains. I invite you to witness this deserted wilderness develop into a bustling metropolis.


(click for full size, 1.7Mb)

Our story begins in the late 19th century. The region is almost uninhabited. The harsh climate with strong winters and short but hot summers and its remote location make it unattractive for permanent settling. The region offers untouched nature as far as the eye can see:


Dense forest,


wild ocean,


and high mountain peaks glowing in the orange light of the evening sun.


Steep Cliffs,


and small mountain creeks...


...forming spectacular waterfalls.

In the Middle Ages the region served as a retreat for King William Tygard I. and his followers after he was defeated by his arch rival, Lord Rupert of Courmore, in the great battle of Eruwan. The unlimited supply of wood in the region allowed him to build a mighty fleet of battleships. Eventually he reconquered his kingdom which is known as Simnation today. Some long forgotten and overgrown ruins still give evidence of his presence in the region.


Blackwater Watch once was an impressive stronghold. Its strategic location, surrounded by steep cliffs, overlooking Empire Bay and Blackwater Bay, made it almost impregnable. But even the mighty walls could not defy the power of nature. Not much is left but some walls and a few piles of rubble.


An old watchtower at Bleaker Point is overlooking the treacherous waters of Shipbreaker Bay which got its name for a reason: It may seem like a safe harbor during a winter storm but the underwater rocks were the doom for dozens of ships.

Next on Empire Bay:
Is the region really completely uninhabited?
Don't miss the second update to find out.
My name is Raphael.
Visit my MD: Empire Bay (My old MD: Santa Barbara County)


Table of Contents

2 - The Monastery
The only inhabitants in the region for hundreds of years is a group of monks.

3 - The First Settlement
The first settlers arrive in the region, attracted by the discovery of rich mineral deposits in the Kinbasket Mountains.

4 - Prospect Mine
The first mine opens in the region.

5 - From the Mine to the Harbor
A tour along the rail line that connects Prospect Mine to the nearest harbor.

6 - A Town Emerges
The settlement on Empire Bay is growing rapidly.

7 - Farmland and Forest
Parts of the region become farmland and logging operations start.

8 - More Power
A new power plant and a landfill are built.

9 - Making a FUSS About The Grid
Introducing the Grid system.

10 - Kolskegg Mine
A new mine opens.

11 - Expanding the Harbor
The harbor gets a large expansion with new bulk, grain, coal and navy docks.

12 - Three Seasons
Introducing a new terrain mod and seasonal flora.

13 - All Aboard!
A railway is built over the Kinbasket Mountains.

14 - Highway Planning
A first proposal is made for the future regionwide highway system.

15 - Night Shots, Lumber Dock and Jail
A lumber dock and a jail are being constructed.

16 - The Great Fire
Almost the whole town burns down in a catastrophic fire.

17 - From the Ashes
Several years after the great fire, the town has been rebuilt.

18 - The Waterfront
Showing the new waterfront after the great fire.

19 - Docklands
A closer look at the industrial docklands.

20 - Iron Island Penitentiary
Simnation's most feared prison.

21 - Industrialisation
The railway attracts more industrial development.

22 - Building Up
The construction of Empire Bay's first skyscraper.

23 - Sports and Education
The Empire Bay Institute of Geology is founded.

24 - Ajax Steel Works
A steel mill opens in Empire Bay.

25 - Street Map
A Google style street map of Empire Bay's central tile.

26 - Region View
A region shot shows the dramatic growth of Empire Bay.

27 - Teaser Time
A glimpse on the recent developments in Empire Bay.

28 - Grand Terminal
Empire Bay is getting a new main railroad station.

29 - Around the Station
The new rail station has kickstarted development in the area around it.

30 - Trams
Streetcars and Trolleys are the backbone of Empire Bay's public transit.

31 - The Kingsroad
Simnation Highway 23 is the first road connecting the region to Simnation.

32 - Crosstown Skyway
Is an urban elevated freeway the solution to Empire Bay's traffic problems?

33 - Scraping the Sky
Skyscrapers are coming to Empire Bay.

34 - Region View
Filling in the shoreline.

35 - Fun by the Sea
Empire Island's West coast has developed into a recreational area.

36 - South Coast Tour
Ericsson Airfield, Blackwater Power Station, and more docks.

37 - Green Meadows
A middle class suburb across Blackwater Bay.
My name is Raphael.
Visit my MD: Empire Bay (My old MD: Santa Barbara County)


I was the "last one" in Santa Barbara, soo..i'm the "first one" at Empire Bay!

Very promising pictures! I like your landscape :thumbsup:

Viel Glück und Spass für das neue Projekt :thumbsup:

-klick-1st Anniversary Video-klick-
Part of SFBT and RFR Team


Your new work begins. $%#Ninj2  I am very impressed by the scenery.  :o An exciting region.   :) I wish you much fun.  :thumbsup:

(the waterfall is spectacular  :o  :o  :o )


Raphael, it's great to see your new effort up and going--and to an auspicious start! :thumbsup:  I really like what you've done with the CP trees and RRP flora--you've certainly created a lush landscape there.

And it's great to see someone else use the Kinbasket Lake map, too.  It's fun and challenging terrain, to say the least, and I'm very interested in seeing how you develop it. 



Great start for his new journal, good luck to you. Fantastic waterfall!


I like it. The stage is set for many interesting things to come. I really like what you've done with the trees and meadows. The only thing that stuck out to me was the rock mod. It's a good color and all, but on large bits on uninterrupted cliff it seems a bit repetitive. Perhaps add a few plop rocks or a bit of variation to the terrain to try to break it up, but in pictures like 1.3 it's interesting in that the trees are dense, the waves/rollers in the water are dense and the rock texture follows suit. It's a nice composition in that sense, but given the update, it doesn't seem like that was the concept you were after. Pictures like 1.4 on the other hand really show off the rock mod nicely. Great feel to that one. The barren chilly feel comes across quite well in the early morning/later evening light.

Also, as for 1.6, it's interesting there are rapids only along that one little part and nowhere else. Was this perhaps the source of a mill from the former kingdom, or just a quirk of nature?


Wow, great pics...
I too like the waterfall, but also the remains of the buildings as William Tygard I was king. It´s hard to believe nobody came her since then. The winters may cold and long, but the land looks good for people who like a life without the restrictions of the feudalistic era (a lot of dense forests to hide a little village).
And a perfect place for the tower You did find, from here You can make a light and wait till ships and load comes for free. Maybe a good place for wreckers...  $%Grinno$%

I´m intrigued...
Greetz, Carl


Yeah!!! Been waiting for your fresh start...
Awesome intro, will look foward to know what's coming up next
You can call me Matt


Great start. I like the landscapes and the water fall. &apls


Excellent start Raphael  &apls &apls

The area sounds a bit Nordic and I'm curious what your take on that kind of area will be. So far I'm really enjoying the natural scenes you've created especially the sunny mountain.

I'd join in suggesting a different rock mod--personally I love Ennedi's HD ones on the LEX but I know there's other great ones available as well. Another thing is the trees--they look great now but I'm wondering if they're seasonal (snow-covered in winter). That would be great for the region's long, cold winters. Girafe's various seasonally snow-covered coniferous trees have been a godsend for me.

Have fun continuing I'll be following excitedly  :thumbsup:


Amazing Map. I'm curious about your new towns and how they fit into this beautiful landscape.


Nice start, Raphael!

Everything is looking really nice. You chose a nice map, and by far the forest are wonderful.

Can't wait to see more.

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Great start of your new MD! :)
Looking forward to more from this nice region... ;)


This is unacceptable! (seriously, it's awesome!)
Visit cheeseSC4! A very good (slightly small) site!


Great start! I can't wait to see where you take this.  :thumbsup:



A lovely start, Raphael.  Great pics, crisp graphics and... I'm a pushover for waterfalls.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Very nice start, I like the photoshopping effects. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more. :)

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Promising start!

The region you have chose is really nice as the nature picture. I like the "Widows Peak" picture :thumbsup:

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Great start! I'm eager to see how this develops further.
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