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WIP - Arinsia

Started by feyss, June 17, 2012, 12:22:40 PM

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Great new picture  &apls  I like the choice of bats and the way you've organized the area  :thumbsup:


Thanks everybody for your comments.

I'm there with some new images  ;)

2. Reigans

Around 113 000 people live in this city, wich is located in a small hill since 15 centuries.

"Sint Janskerk"

Urbanization is a serious problem for the rural areas

A little mosaïc  :)

It is not a huge update but i hope you like it  ;)


Lovely update, Feyss! This city has a lot of charm ! You sure did a great job with the hilly area, something that is not easy to do in SC4. The way you've build the city is very elegant. The train tunnel is a great addition and I like it a lot.
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Very good update. I like how realistic the railroad is integrated into the town.
My name is Raphael.
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arthur and RickD > Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to see that you like my work  :)

3. KOOKART: A little walk in the old town

QuoteKookart is the capital city of the country since the Independence, in 1820. The city is a financial, industrial and cultural centre. Today, I will show you the old part of the city.

One of the best way to come in the city is to take the train to the Central Station. The old station was remplaced in 2002 by a new modern station. Here, you can take the bus, the metro and the tramway to go to every part of the city.

Now, we are going to the City Hall. He was build in 1874.

We continue to the boulevard.

It is market day on the Saint Peter Place. A station was build in 1934 next to the Saint Peter's church. The construction of this railway line made some scars on the old city.

The Vanackere Place, on of the most animated place of the city.

The Parliament.

Saint Joseph's church.

Now, we are going to the high town. The atmosphere is different than in other part of the city. We can only enter by the Saint Anna's Gate

The Cathedral of Our Lady.

Saint Jean's Gate, the second acces of the high town.

The station Kookart - Koninglaan, wich cut the street and the Congress Column.

2 more "global" views

I hope you like it  ;)


Impressive town. I like all those little details like the market next to the church and the parking bays.
My name is Raphael.
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Thats just a gorgeous European styled city - you have portrayed it perfectly :)


Excellent work! This is really looking good. Both overviews and close ups are impregnated with realism.
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The way the rail (in tunnels and on elevated structure) and tram is integrated into your city is amazing. I love the old gates of the high section of the city.
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As benedict said I love how the train is integrated into the city.
The city have a good feeling and there are some nice places, like the curch and rail station surroundings and the exit/ entrance to the RHW in the previous update. And I like your work on the slopes &apls

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I really like your CJ! Another reason why I like SC4D hahahaha, better CJs.


RickD > Thanks for your enthusiasm. I can't imagine an old city without a little market. I think it add more life in the city.  :D

nedalezz > Thanks a lot! i'm happy to see you like the european style of my city.   :)

art128 > Thank you! I'm not an huge fan of overviews, but i tried to do my best.   :)

benedict > A great thanks! I don't know why, but I like to play with railroad in my cities. There are a lot of possibilities. I'm also happy to see you like the high section of the town.  :thumbsup:

Kergelen > As I said to benedict, I really like to play with railroad and I like to integrate it in hilly cities.  ;D

Blakeway > Thank you also! It's also the reason why I like SC4D.  ;)

Here, just a little picture of my next city: Lijkenburg, wich is located in an island near to the capital city:


Great teaser!

Love how the old houses are just next to modern buildings and farms.
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Wow, these updates are just awesome  &apls  Really like the style of buildings and transport here. Keep it up!


You're off to a great start! I like the European atmosphere. To my Dutch ears, your new city Lijkenburg doesn't sound like a nice place to live. :D Anyway, well done!

-Matthijs :thumbsup:


Good stuff here, nice rail network, although I seem to miss a big railyard in that port - although it's not necessary if trucking is more popular there.



Hi Feyss,

I took a second look and fell off my chair. Amazing work!
Just show us more.  :thumbsup:

Paul 999

What a great city. Everything looks fine and well finished  :thumbsup:
I find the port the best part of the city, so big and it look so realistic. Very well built.


arthur > Thanks a lot for your comment. I like to mix different kind of buildings  :)

Schulmanator > Thanks a lot too.

noahclem > Thank you too. I'm happy to see you like buildings and transport system.  :)

mave94 > Thanks for your comment. I have some knowledge in dutch but i didn't know this word. So yes, I agree with you, it's a little strange and macabre  ;D

Swordmaster > Thanks too! Nice to see you like the networks. For the railyard, the port was to small and it was not my priority.  :)

FrankU > Thank you for your enthousiasm.  :)

Paul 999 Thank you too. It's nice you also like my port  :thumbsup:

4. Lijkenburg

QuoteLijkenburg is an insular city, wich is located not far of the capital. The population is around 50.000.

The old town, located on a little hill.


The marina.



The ring of Lijkenburg, which surround the town.


A global view of the harbour. According to the habitants, the industrial installations have ruined the idyllic aspect of the city.


The island's motorway and the Ring of Lijkenburg.


Herendaal, a small village in the rural part of the city.


Lijkenburg-Stad Station and Lijkenburg Station. The last one was the terminus of the line just before the authorities prolonged it to the other station.



Some pictures with the Ring of lijkenburg




A little mosaïc for the end.


I hope you like it  :)